Aries Horoscope 2022

Starry red sky for Aries 2022 horoscope - love, money, and destiny

Aries! Happy new year and welcome to 2022!

You have a big year of new opportunities in store, with some celestial guidance to help keep you on track toward your soul’s deepest longings (and your life’s truest direction).

Before we look at 2022, take a moment to reflect on last year. How did you do with beginning your new Age Of Aquarius mandate from the cosmic? Check your 2021 horoscope for a quick reminder of last year's potentials - and how well you used them to your advantage.

I hope you had some fun charging into new challenges in this new age: both the 2,600 year Aquarian Age and the current 200 year “air age” we’re all in now, after the big Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius last December.

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With the air element, it’s all about communication and the thoughts you allow to occupy your mind and guide your steps. For you personally, Aries, Aquarius energy involves friendships and networking - all the people who make your life feel connected and part of a larger purpose. These are the people who help you laugh and have fun as well as the ones who open opportunities for you in your career. (And yes, you really do need to loosen up a bit more on your tendency to go it alone because Aquarius demands we all blend our uniqueness with other people, knowing we’re part of a big family.)

In 2022, you may find it easier to figure out that paradox between the individual and the group. You’ll also have support to get clear on the connections between love and money (they’re both powerful energies) as well as your ultimate destiny for the rest of this lifetime.

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Much of your focus at the start of this new era revolves around career as well as the concept of “right livelihood.” Although you generally like to push ahead and may be tempted to come out swinging at work after the holidays, for the first several weeks of 2022 it’s a good idea to bide your time, Aries. Here’s why:

  • Uranus, the major player in the Age Of Aquarius because it rules the sign Aquarius, remains in Taurus in your second house of earning, work, possessions, and values. Wherever Uranus is tells you where you need to work on your cosmic mission, but as 2022 begins this planet is still retrograde after months of apparent reverse motion. Uranus’s retrograde doesn’t end until January 18.
  • Also on January 18, you may feel a significant shift because the North Node, the celestial factor indicating our future destiny, will leave Gemini for Taurus, where it will stay for a year and a half. Watch this date and the days around it to see if you feel greater urgency around work and career that better fit your values; journal about insights but wait to take action because any planet or point in Taurus points to Venus (because Venus rules this sign), which is in slow motion as 2022 begins.
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  • At the start of every calendar year, the Sun occupies Capricorn, the zodiac sign that oversees your career house up at the very top of your chart. This serious, “do the hard work before you play” sign wants to get to work, and with Pluto here since 2008, you have a soul’s calling to get Capricorn - and your career - just right in terms of your celestial potential and true calling. Not so fast, though: this year, Venus is in Capricorn, too, and is retrograde. This planet’s retrograde runs from December 19, 2021, through January 29, 2022.
  • As if that wasn’t enough, you have another signal telling you to slow down: Mercury, the communication and tech planet, goes retrograde January 14 in Aquarius but will dip back into Capricorn and stay retrograde until February 3.

Keep in mind that even after planets stop being retrograde, it takes a while for them to get back up to their usual speed. So give yourself a break, Aries, and wait until after the first week of February to start or launch anything new, especially when it comes to business and career.

Instead, use this period to embrace all things “re” by revisiting old projects, cleaning up loose ends, contacting former clients, circling back to dormant accounts, or talking with former mentors or bosses if you’re looking to change jobs or careers.

Also, use this period to seek clarity about your purpose and the type of work that will fulfill that and make you happy. With Jupiter in Pisces (the sign overseeing your most inward and spiritual house) until May 10 and then again from October 28 through December 20 this year, make a point of increasing meditation and spiritual pursuits or beginning a spiritual practice if you don’t already meditate.

Your soul is longing for you to get this right, Aries, and if you do, you have the chance to leave a lasting legacy not only for your heirs but for your community and possibly even your country or the world. Yes, it could be that big, so bring the best part of yourself to this inner work.

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Next, create a new habit of watching where the planets are, especially Venus. This planet is your key to getting both love (and all relationships) as well as money (and your values) straight and on the high road. The sign Venus occupies at any given moment will tell you where in your chart your cosmic destiny is playing out.

Also keep watch on your own planet, Mars, which will tell you where the action is - meaning where you feel driven to get up and get going. For example, at the start of 2022, Venus is in Capricorn (your tenth house of career), while Mars is in Sagittarius (your ninth house of long journeys, big media such as publishing and broadcasting, higher education, the courts, and all things international).

Here are a few more dates to watch as you step more fully into your destiny, Aries:

  • Venus and Mars will meet in Capricorn on February 16, a perfect time to “walk your talk” when it comes to career and values. This pair will join together again March 6, this time in Aquarius: use this opportunity to join forces with friends or your network. Also, passion may spark a new relationship if you’re looking for love.
  • The Sun in Taurus from April 19 through May 20 will put a spotlight on your work life, especially what and how you earn. Use its light to see your way forward to improvements.
  • With the North Node in Taurus, we’ll see eclipses occur in the signs Taurus and Scorpio - the signs governing your two money houses. The new Moon in Taurus April 30 includes a solar eclipse, opening new chapters for you in work and values; by the total lunar eclipse happening at the full Moon in Taurus on November 8, whatever seeds you plant on or after April 30 will reach fruition, and you may see something end so you can move forward.
  • Meanwhile, the total lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 15-16 may bring closure to finances involving other people, such as matters related to insurance, child support, inheritance, a joint venture, or a licensing deal or earnings arrangement for a business partnership. If a door closes at this time, know that the new Moon with solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 25 will give you a great chance at a new opportunity with potential for better financial advantages.
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  • Keep watching the current planet positions and plan ahead for one of the biggest stories of 2022 for all Aries people: your planet, Mars, will barrel through Gemini from August 20 through March 25, 2023. That’s seven months, Aries, instead of the usual several weeks in any given zodiac sign. Mars doesn’t retrograde often, but it will during those months, from October 30 until January 12, 2023, which will account for its super long assignment in Gemini, your house of all forms of communication as well as siblings and short trips. You may need to backtrack in these areas. Also, apply the same “re” approach you would for a Mercury retrograde period and instead focus on past people, projects, and actions.
  • The other big news for you, Aries: Jupiter’s big blast of energy and blessings when this planet graces your zodiac sign May 10 through October 28 and again December 20 through May 16, 2023. Jupiter, the biggest planet in our solar system, cycles through the zodiac over 12 years, and this year you’re “it” (in a GREAT way). Typically, Jupiter, which can expand and upgrade everything it touches, stays in a given sign continuously before shifting to the next, but lately we’ve been experiencing its presence in chunks. You’ll have these two periods to make the most of its energy and optimism, so do plan ahead and keep your thoughts and visualizations firmly on the positive and what you DO want.

With a bit of foresight, Aries, you can navigate 2022’s tricky timing and retrogrades and come out on top.

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What power and potential await you, Aries. I wish you wonderful progress toward harmonious relationships and work that feeds your soul while filling your bank account. Dream big, pause a little at the start of the year, and then go get ‘em!

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