Aries Horoscope 2021

A Cosmic Love Letter To Aries

Aries Horoscope 2021 - red starry sky for Aries and A Cosmic Love Letter

Aries! Happy 2021!

Oh, Aries, what a time you've been having!

I'm here to tell you that lighter, brighter times are on the way. You may be feeling them already.

Take a moment to look back over 2020. Do it now and really see how the year played out for you. You had some misses, but you had many more hits, and you need to honor both. You worked hard on many fronts, and now you'll start to see some payoff for your dedication.

One of the toughest things you had to deal with was having so many planets up at the top of your chart, pushing you to excel in your career. As 2021 begins, you have some final emphasis there, perhaps bringing a project, work contract, or even your entire career (if you're nearing retirement) to a close.

You had to step up and become a serious, mature leader who wields power wisely, and now you've done that. Along the way, you probably earned recognition in the form of an award or kudos from people in high places. Well done.

One of the challenges you faced last year was learning how to bide your time. Mars, your zodiac sign's ruling planet, went retrograde for most of September through November, stopping you in your tracks and making it hard to get much done.

Mars retrogrades the least often of the planets (every two years), so when it happens, you really feel it. And I imagine you don't like it much because you really prefer to just go - GO! To get on with the business of life, do tasks immediately, and move on to the next thing calling to you.

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Last year, you had the perfect opportunity to "get it" about Mars retrograde because Mars was marching through your sign not just for its usual two month stay but for six months (because he was backtracking and then had to turn around and retrace steps). That's a lot of Mars, a lot of Aries, and a lot of time for you to have some experiences, rethink and learn from them, and then do things smarter and better the next time around. That's the power of slowing down, stopping, and starting again at the right time, in the best way (not just the fastest way).

While all this was going on, you may have felt at odds over your job or career versus your personal goals and desires. You've had to figure out how to balance your uniqueness and desire to be in charge or go your own way with the needs of your business (or your employer).

In 2021, you'll have an easier time meshing you and your personality with your work and public life. Also, you may have some fabulous brainstorms about how to merge the two and turn them into potentially lucrative inventions, systems, or businesses that help your bottom line while helping other people.

Get started on making new connections and creating new friendships. The people coming into your life now are the key to your best future - and our collective future. Sign on for group experiences: professional organizations, spiritual groups, self-improvement classes. Participate online and then get out and be together in person as soon as that's possible. Most of all, have fun and dream big - Big - BIG! Together, you and your new pals can change the world - as long as you dedicate your work to serving others (and remember to have fun and friendship along the way).

With all the hard work on your public life and job in recent years, your personal relationships may need some tender loving care. Romance your partner, spend time with your children, and stay connected to extended family - especially sibs, parents, and anyone who serves as your tribe's "elder." Be as good a friend to all of them as you hope to be with your business associates and make this the year you start telling them to their faces: "I love you."

If you have business partners or an agent or close advisor, renew your ties and celebrate what these individuals bring to your life and work. You need them, and they need to know how much you value them.

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With the equinox on March 20, we'll enter YOUR time of the year, Aries. Birthday time will come, and you'll start a new annual cycle of you. Mark your calendar to use the month prior to clean up and clear out old business so you can start fresh. Use the equinox after that, September 22, for a midyear check on how you're doing with new goals.

You'll have a new Moon in Aries April 11, so target that day (or the days after) to initiate something super exciting and special because the energies will support you. (Make sure there's a sense of service or altruism in your goal, which will be the key to your success from now on.)

You'll have a full Moon in Aries on October 20, giving you another midyear check in point, so mark your calendar.

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For all your new doings with new people, both professionally and personally, target February 11 (or the week to 10 days after) to initiate contact or join groups and organizations. That's the new Moon in Aquarius, your 11th house of all things that happen in groups and for the greater good. The tricky thing about this new Moon: Mercury will be retrograde in Aquarius at the same time (from January 30 through February 21), so use the new Moon to do "everything old is new again." Meaning approach people from your past or get back to anyone from the old days who contacts you at this time. Together you can rejoin forces and head into new territory. How fun!

You'll have an outstanding opportunity to see the fruits of your networking and joint projects six months later, when we see not one but two full Moons in Aquarius: July 23 and August 22. See what happens, pay attention to truths that come out, and adjust accordingly.

What a wonderful year you have ahead, Aries!

The pressure comes off, opportunities start to come your way, and you're back in the driver's seat (where you love to be).

Go get 'em!

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