Virgo Horoscope 2022

Starry tan sky for Virgo 2022 horoscope - love, money, and destiny

Virgo! Welcome to 2022! This new year comes packed with some excellent opportunities and exciting energies.

Ready to get to it?

Let’s start with one of your favorite activities: analyzing. Pause a moment now to revisit your 2021 horoscope to see where you stand in relation to your new cosmic mandate.

Knowing you, you’ve made some great progress on stepping into your new role in the Age Of Aquarius. Give yourself a big round of applause, Virgo (and try not to be too modest or embarrassed by all the attention, even if it comes from you).

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Now let’s look at what’s in store for 2022.

Although you do like to be efficient and stay in motion, the first part of 2022 will challenge you to do the opposite. Here’s why:

  • Mercury, your ruling planet, will go retrograde January 14 through February 3. Even before it reverses course, it will be moving so slowly you may face challenges in staying organized and efficient in your daily routine. Surrender to this process, slow down, and let Mercury do its “looking back” thing. Take note: this retrograde starts in Aquarius, your sixth house of health and work, and later slides back into Capricorn, your fifth house of children, creativity, romance, and pleasures. All are up for review, so take this time for pondering.
  • It will take Mercury a couple of weeks to get back up to speed after its retrograde, so ease into changes after February 3, based on insights gained during the retrograde.
  • Venus, playing a starring role during the period 2018 through 2025, has been retrograde since December 19, 2021, a factor that continues through January 29. Thanks to Venus’s retrograde, this planet remains in your Capricorn house for four months (November 5, 2021 through March 6, 2022) instead of its usual three to four weeks, further emphasizing self-expression and contact with little ones (including your inner child).

During this slowed down period, watch what happens on January 18. On this day, Uranus will end several months of backward motion by turning direct in Taurus, your ninth house of international people, places, and things (especially experienced through travel) as well as big media (such as broadcasting), publishing, religion, higher education, and philosophy.

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Uranus rules the new Age Of Aquarius, a sign that oversees your sixth house of work and wellness (and pets) in a quirky, unpredictable style. So when this planet changes direction, that spells news for these parts of your life.

Also on January 18, the North Node, associated with our collective destiny and evolving into the future (instead of languishing in past achievements or getting stuck in skills already mastered), leaves Gemini after a year and a half for Taurus, where it will bring changes to this same international ninth house. With both the North Node and Uranus in this area, you have a cosmic push to contribute to humanity’s upward evolution into the Age Of Aquarius through people and places encountered through ninth house adventures.

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So on the 18th, get out for a walk in nature and make time to meditate and write in your diary or journal. Fresh breakthroughs are possible, with special guidance toward the next step in your destiny.

If you don’t already do so, start a habit of tracking the planets so you know which houses in your birth chart feel their effects (and where you’re called to focus attention). With Virgo ruled by Mercury, you’re well served by keeping a close watch on this quick little planet (especially when and where it’s retrograde).

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Note that this year brings not the usual three Mercury retrogrades but four. Big news for your work and financial world: the first three start in the three air signs and then slip back into the three earth signs. In your solar chart, the air houses (sixth, tenth, and second houses) represent your work zones, while the earth houses (fifth, ninth, and first houses) represent self-expression and pleasures. Use 2022’s Mercury retrogrades to get clear on how your uniqueness and talents feed not only career happiness but financial success.

On December 29, 2022, the last Mercury retrograde for the year begins and happens exclusively in Capricorn, bringing you full circle to whatever you experience during the January Mercury and Venus retrogrades. Mark your calendar for the end of the year so you can review the complete story arc.

As you track Mercury’s moves, keep an eye on Venus. The North Node and Uranus in Taurus in your ninth house are pointing directly toward the love planet because Venus rules Taurus. Wherever you find Venus, there will you find the area of life in which your destiny is playing out.

As 2022 begins, that’s Capricorn, your fifth house of creativity and children. Get your artistic juices flowing, Virgo: the world needs your ingenuity and attention to detail in creating beauty. Also, remember that Venus brings blessings not only related to love but to money - and values. As you bring your personal value equation into spiritual harmony, you can increase the love, pleasure, and potential rewards flowing into your life.

Here are a few more important dates to watch in 2022:

  • Mercury, your ruling planet, will grow in power during its stay in Gemini (your career house) April 29 through May 22 and June 13 through July 5. A retrograde here will help you make sense of any major career and home changes in the past couple years.
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  • May 10, Jupiter blows into Aries, your eighth house of shared energies (money, sex) and mystical experiences. Jupiter blesses you here through October 28 and again December 20 through May 16, 2023, so use these periods to resolve financials related to a business partnership or joint venture, child support or alimony, or an inheritance or mortgage.
  • Mercury energizes Virgo with a longer than usual stay in two acts: August 4 through 25 and September 23 through October 10. Focus on improving your personal style, character, and personality and direct your considerable smarts to a pet project or health initiative.
  • The Sun in Virgo August 22 through September 22 will revitalize you and put you in the limelight. Use your annual new Moon in Virgo on August 27 to set a new goal related to anything deeply meaningful to you personally.
  • Mars in Taurus, your ninth house of long journeys and philosophy, will rev up your desire to travel or learn from July 5 through August 20. You may feel an almost karmic urge in these areas, so heed hunches and open to new connections and adventures.
  • With the North Node’s shift to Taurus, you’ll start experiencing the solar and lunar eclipses in your third and ninth houses of travel, education, and communication. Full Moon lunar eclipses on May 15-16 and November 18 may bring closure or end projects or associations, while new Moon solar eclipses April 30 and October 25 may open paths to more soul satisfying experiences.

The stars in 2022 hold so much promise and potential for you, Virgo!

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I wish you wonders and mental marvels all through this year, Virgo! Enjoy the ride and happy new year to you!

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