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Check out my blue eyebrows, have some laughs, and see why every day really can be a good day in my latest podcast!

Every day is a good day.

Can it really be that simple?

Yes, it can - if you put life in perspective and use a dash of astrology to guide your path.

That's the message in my latest podcast, recorded during a visit with James Lowe of KJAG Radio's The Mic online magazine.

Podcast-Why Every Day Can Be Good

It was great meeting James and spending time with him the other day to talk about astrology. He's a seasoned interviewer who asked so many good questions and raised topics of interest to everyone.

Why every day can be good came up, and we discussed how simple it is to make that happen when you have a balanced take on life and a little help from the stars.

Also, after talking about my start in astrology, we chatted about why the stars, horoscopes, and all things astro have become such a popular subject these days. We also went into detail about Mercury retrograde, a subject he sees his friends struggle with sometimes.

We wrapped up with a review of the latest astrology (including eclipses) in October and November and a few thoughts on James's zodiac sign (he's a Scorpio) and what's cool about Scorpio.

"The world of astrology is pretty amazing," James said afterward.

I agree!

Hear The Podcast Now!

Join in the fun and check out the podcast now.

You can hear it on The Mic website at:


Happy listening, happy stars!

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