Why Scorpio is EVERYONE'S Secret Weapon (And What To Do With It)

Scorpio zodiac symbol-red and black scorpion with overlay text: Scorpio: why it's everyone's secret weapon
Doesn't matter what your sign is: Scorpio is YOUR ticket to personal power - see why in this post all about the mysterious Scorpion.

The Sun sneaks into its fave "private time" place today when it enters powerful Scorpio.

Did you know: Scorpio is EVERYONE'S secret weapon, no matter what their zodiac sign is?

Scorpio: Secrets! Power!

Scorpio loves secrets.

This sign understands them, knows how to keep information confidential, and revels in that ability.

And let's face it: secrecy goes hand in hand with superpowers. (Every superheroine and superhero needs a secret lair to return to after every big adventure and triumph.)

Secrets are a form of knowledge, and knowledge means power. (And Scorpio LOVES power - and control.)

The sensitive information you already know could be other people's tender truths. It's also your own deep, dark secrets - even the inner truths you may not realize yet.

Scorpio also helps give you your sixth sense or intuition, that gut reaction that keeps you alert and able to size up situations and people so you can protect yourself and others under your care. Now THAT'S power…superpower!

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So What's Your Superpower?

Wherever you have Scorpio in your birth chart tells you where you have:

  • This ability to gain special knowledge (secrets!) and
  • The opportunity - and obligation - to learn discretion in using that information wisely.

If you know what house in your chart has Scorpio, you can find out more about what that means for your personal Scorpionic superpower in my Houses In Astrology Podcast.

How To Wield Your Power Well

Every year, when the Sun moves through the watery, tenacious sign Scorpio, we have our big chance to learn how to do power well.

Because what's the point of having a superpower - your special "secret weapon" - if you don't know what to do with it or don't have enough skill to pick it up and aim it toward some fabulous, lofty goal?

So use this time from now until the Sun leaves Scorpio on November 22 to really DO Scorpio. That means going deep, getting real about your inner life, and perhaps working secretly, behind the scenes, to improve yourself or work on a business idea or special project you'll reveal down the road.

How To Do Scorpio

To make the most of Scorpio's potential, it helps to have a spiritual practice that takes you deep within. That's where we come face to face with truth and experience the reality of the soul (Scorpio's highest purpose).

So start by learning to meditate (or refocusing on your inner life if you already meditate).

Pay attention to emotions, especially passion and desire. Both fuel our love lives - as well as our soul's desire to evolve and transform ourselves and our world. Journal to make sense of feelings, explore them in meditation, and consult a therapist if you need extra help to channel powerful emotions into worthy actions.

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Tune In To Scorpio Daily

Use these two helpful Scorpio articles to tune in to your inner Scorpion (who is your personal power master, the guardian of your superpowers):

  1. The Scorpio Time article
  2. The Scorpio Guided Meditation

Both will help you make the most of the Scorpio part of your personality.

Go back to the article and the meditation throughout this month for best results.

I wish you an intuition-filled, superpower-y Scorpio time!

P.S. Find out where you have Scorpio: get your free birth chart now.

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