Astrologer Anne On Anna & Raven Show: 2022 Forecast

Get a breakdown of what the stars say will happen in 2022 - and the specific date when things will open up to move forward. Hear my latest podcast from the Anna & Raven Show now!

I'm excited to let you know that the hosts of the Anna & Raven Show just invited me back to talk astrology for their listeners - and that the podcast for the show is up!

Use the media player above to hear the podcast immediately.

What The Stars Say For 2022

It's always a pleasure to be back with Anna and Raven, talking about the stars for listeners.

We chatted about what the stars say for 2022, including why this year will help lead us out of the past couple of years of challenges.

The thing to keep in mind, though, is that 2022 is starting out really slowly. (Check out the podcast at the top of this post to find out why!) Also, you'll hear about the big dates coming up that will help us sense a shift in the tides - and the dates when the slowdown will lift.

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Does The Moon's Pull Affect Us? YES!

Also, at the start of my segment, we talked about a recent study confirming that the Sun's and Moon's gravitational pull affects those of us on planet Earth.

We focused especially on the full Moon, when this effect becomes highly powerful - and pretty obvious, based on stories we all hear from people working in emergency departments, law enforcement, and other high intensity environments.

You'll also hear what's our best bet for what to do during a full Moon.

The Anna & Raven Show

The Anna & Raven Show features Anna Zapatosky ("Anna Zap") and (the mysteriously single named) Raven. The show airs on radio station Star 99.9 WEZN-FM, based in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and serving Fairfield County and southern Connecticut; it's also syndicated on several other stations.

Star 99.9 is part of Connoisseur Media, which operates 13 radio stations and various digital brands in 4 markets.

Together, Anna Raven guide listeners "through the wild world of parenting, relationships, and pop culture."

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