Mercury Retrograde Podcast

Astrologer Anne Nordhaus-Bike with Anna Zap and Raven for Anna & Raven Show on Mercury retrograde
Mercury retrograde - what does it mean? How does it affect you? Find out in this special podcast from my latest visit with Anna and Raven!

Mercury retrograde is one thing, but in Aquarius? It's like regular Mercury retrograde, but potentially even wilder, with more of the unexpected.

You can find out more in my latest podcast, which will help you through the twists and turns every Mercury retrograde brings (no matter what sign it's in).

Astrology On Anna & Raven Show

Radio hosts Anna and Raven welcomed me back to their fun, fast paced morning show - now nationally syndicated - to talk all things Mercury retrograde.

Always a blast to be back with them, as their "on call" astro expert on what's in the stars.

Mercury Retrograde

Should you change banks during a Mercury retrograde?

Well, probably not - find out why in this podcast!

You'll also find out what you can do instead during this time of backward loops and communication mishaps. There's actually an underlying logic to Mercury retrograde, and if you tune in to it you can surf its (sometimes wild) waves and land safely on the shore once it ends.

Hear The Podcast Now

Give the podcast a listen. It's super "short and sweet," and you'll get the scoop on exactly what Mercury retrograde is and why it affects us so powerfully.

You'll also find out which zodiac signs it affects most. Super helpful to know that, especially if you're one of those signs (or work with or live with one of them!).

Get exactly what you need to know about Mercury retrograde in this "short and sweet" podcast - includes details on which zodiac signs feel Mercury retrograde most!

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