March Astrology Podcast

How To Handle Pisces (And Aries!) Time Of Year: Guided Meditation

Host Elias Patras with Astrologer Anne Nordhaus-Bike for March astrology show, Pisces guided meditation
March astrology is some of the most important astrology of the entire year. Find out why - and enjoy a special Pisces guided meditation for everyone, of all zodiac signs, to help you cope with the Pisces time of year.

March astrology - it's that time when an old year is ending and the new arrives with the equinox.

It also brings some of the most important astrology of the entire year.

Find out why in the podcast from my Facebook Live visit with psychic medium and motivational speaker Elias Patras.

Pisces Time

Pisces time of year arrives around February 20.

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac, so when its time of year rolls around we know it's the end of the astrological year.

Pisces is a watery, dreamy, gentle sign that helps us remember the role of compassion in life. Highly sensitive, Pisces energy can inspire rare and wondrous works of art if we handle it well. The Pisces time of year requires plenty of rest and time for dreaming; if we don't give these to ourselves, we can become overloaded quickly and feel a need to escape from life's pressures.

Elias and I talk about Pisces and its beautiful potential in depth in the podcast. In addition, I offer a special guided meditation just for the Pisces time of year.

It's a perfect meditation for everyone - whatever your zodiac sign. All of us have Pisces somewhere in our charts, so we feel its vibrations every year and need to harmonize with its best possibilities.

Aries Time

After Pisces, Aries comes charging into our consciousness every year around March 21, on the equinox.

Aries and Pisces couldn't be more different: one is water and dreams, and the other is fire and action.

Aries time starts the new astrological year, so it has a burst of energy feeling, a sense of needing to get going and get on with all that's been in our dreams during the Pisces period.

It's a great time to start anything new.

Also: a perfect time for an astrology reading! Together, we can look at your prospects for the entire coming year and plot out your best opportunities for taking action (and the best times to rest, relax, or plan).

More Astrology: Q & A

Also during the podcast, you'll get answers to some of the most important questions about astrology and how it works.

Throughout the recording, you'll hear Elias and I take questions and interact with attendees during the Facebook Live event. It's a lively, fun conversation, with plenty of laughter along with simple yet serious astrology you'll be able to apply right away.

Hear The Podcast

Enjoy the podcast now using this player:

Wishing you beautiful dreams during Pisces time and the will and energy to manifest them during Aries time!

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