November Stars - Go Deep, Then Go Party!

Astrologer Anne with radio hosts Anna and Raven for November horoscope forecast and podcast

Welcome to November!

It's Scorpio time to go deep.

Find out why - and when you can come back up for air (and a party or two!) in this month's podcast from my November Stars visit with Anna and Raven.

(And learn why Thanksgiving is so many people's favorite holiday - the truth is in the stars!)

Time For Truth

Put on your favorite detective hat and dig for answers on your quest to get to the truth. That's our job for the first three weeks of November, every year. We learn new things about ourselves, and if we play it right, we end up empowering ourselves by daring to look the facts in the face.

Then Go Have Some Fun

After that, it's party time. When the Sun leaves Scorpio every year, it heads into fiery, festive Sagittarius and gives us the green light for fun.

Think of it as your reward for doing the hard work of looking within, telling the truth to yourself. (And helping others do the same.)

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