2023 Year Ahead Forecast

Astrologer Anne Nordhaus-Bike with radio hosts Anna and Raven - text: 2023 Horoscope, Year Of Action

Welcome to 2023!

2023: Year Of Action

This is our year.

2023 is the "year of action," and everyone's going to benefit from some great stars that will help us all get going on exciting new plans.

I just shared the wonderful details about 2023 with listeners on the Anna & Raven Show.

Now, you can tune in to get the dates inspiration you need in the 2023 Year Of Action podcast.

Hear The Podcast

Use this player to hear the podcast now:

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Learn More About Astrology

If one of your new year's resolutions is to learn more about yourself by learning more about astrology, then head over to the Learn Astrology section now.

It's filled with everything from astrology basics like how to get your birth chart to the essentials you need to wield astrology more skilfully. You'll find links to key tools such as the current planets chart (updates in real time!), Mercury retrograde dates and tips, and information on the Age of Aquarius and meditation.

You'll also find links to inspiring videos, helpful FAQs, and a section of all the astro posts and articles on this site.

Happy 2023!

I wish you a happy 2023, filled with passion, fun, and countless new beginnings.

Enjoy this powerful Year of Action!

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3 comments on “2023 Year Ahead Forecast”

  1. As always you cease to amaze me.
    As for me life goes on. Our Gods is in control. All up to the person.
    Love you dear one.

    1. Oh, Irene! Thank you so much!! Yes, "let go and let God" - and as always I wish you well, in every possible way. Love you so much. 💙

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