Sparkle, Then Reflect - December Astrology Podcast

Astrologer Anne Nordhaus-Bike with radio hosts Anna Zapotosky & Raven of Anna & Raven show - December horoscopes podcast

We're back!

Check out the latest lighthearted (yet right on point) astrology podcast from my December visit with Anna & Raven.

It's filled with December astrology's details, from Sagittarius season 2022 facts and fun to the why of winter Solstice (and the one thing you must do on this special power day).

Check Out The Podcast Now

See why December's about sparkle first, then reflect later in the month. Hear the podcast now using this handy podcast player:

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Learn More About Sagittarius

Also, December is a great time to tune in to Sagittarius. Check out these posts and resources now to align yourself with the always exploring Archer:

Get More About Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice arrives December 21 this year.

See my blog post, Winter Solstice Will Make You Feel Peaceful, for details on what this Solstice means and how to make the most of this deeply introspective time. The post includes many links to other Solstice articles - as well as my beautiful 10-minute Winter Solstice video.

Learn More About YOUR Astrology

See where you have Sagittarius and Capricorn in your birth chart with a free birth chart.

Then learn more about your astrology and what these signs, in their specific houses in your birth chart, mean for YOU by ordering an astrology report.

Here's more on what an astrology report can do for you:

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