The Sagittarius Meditation

How Can I Be Truly Free?

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During Sagittarius time, we feel strong impulses to "eat, drink, and be merry." Let some of that impulse support your pursuit of spiritual food and drink as well

Each astrological sign is associated with a phrase, and for Sagittarius that phrase is "I see." This sight can be used negatively by seeing a world to be judged or controlled by a self-appointed guru. As its best, though, this urge becomes inner sight that views life through the lens of the soul and understands how free we really are.

Sagittarius Meditation

Imagine yourself as a tiny, dark box. Heavy chains encase you, held tight with a lock. Suddenly, you allow a new and inspiring thought to rest within your mind, and the lock opens and slips off. Allow another beautiful thought, and the chains slide away. Now, your dawning inner freedom inspires you to release an outworn belief, and suddenly the lid of your box bursts open in an explosion that blows the lid away and destroys it. Next, you begin to release all judgment, and the sides of the box begin to fall until your true Self stands revealed. You are not the box, you are not the chains, you are not the lock–you are Light and you are Soul. In that moment, you understand you are truly free because you have freed your mind. And then you understand that your potential is infinite: already, you are vast, but in time you will come to know you are unlimited.

Think Big On The Inner Plane

Now is the time to think big on the inner plane. You are bigger than you know, and you are precious. The world needs you and your capacity for good will, generosity of spirit, and soaring optimism. If you will open to this potential, in time you will come to see why Sagittarius's ruler, the mythological Jupiter who rules the realm of the gods, is associated with benevolence, abundance, and good fortune.

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2 comments on “The Sagittarius Meditation”

  1. Anne,

    Thank you for this Sagittarius meditation. It speaks to issues I am currently addressing in my life. My intention is to stop pretending to be less than I am as I grow into embracing the responsibilities that accompany my power. Thank you, as always, for sharing insight that I need when your words arrive in my email box.

    1. Carol, thank you for writing! I'm happy to hear this meditation is making a difference in your life. Congratulations on your recent insights, and I wish you wonderful expansions into the real, more powerful you! Blessings always!

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