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New Moon Schedule 2021

New Moons are your best times to make fresh starts throughout the year. We get a new Moon each month - now get your complete 2021 new Moon schedule with dates, times, zodiac signs - plus details on both 2021 solar eclipses.

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New Moon Schedule 2020

The new Moon each month is your best time to start something new. 2020 brings 13 new Moons, and three will stand out as extra powerful opportunities. See why new Moons are special, how to use them, in this 2020 new Moon schedule.

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Full Moon In Leo 2021

Full Moons can bring high drama, but when they're in Leo the drama quotient can go way over the top. It doesn't have to be that way: Leo full Moons can open our hearts and give us emotional breakthroughs. Find out more and see how to use Leo to your best advantage.

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Full Moon Schedule 2021

Full Moons are powerful, and they can be stressful (especially during an eclipse). See why and get your 2021 full Moon schedule with exact dates, times. Includes details on eclipses, eclipse visibility worldwide.

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Balsamic Moon Phase Dates 2021

While it's not nearly as well known as its famous sister Moon phases (the new and full Moons), the balsamic Moon is equally important. See why and get all balsamic Moon dates, times here.

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Balsamic Moon Phase - Time To Rest, Reflect

Moon phases have major impact: just ask anyone working an emergency room about the full Moon, and you'll hear they're stressful and busy. Did you know there's another, little known Moon phase you can use to actually cut stress?

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Balsamic Moon Phase Dates 2020

Do you find it hard to meditate? A little known monthly Moon phase can help you get started, stick with it. Called the balsamic Moon phase, it lasts three and a half days and is naturally calming. Get 2020 balsamic Moon dates here.

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Full Moon And Eclipse Schedule 2020

The Moon's a major player in 2020. Besides monthly full Moons, we'll see twice as many lunar eclipses than usual. See what this means, get full Moon schedule-including all eclipses! Mark your calendar for these "power days."

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Full Moon Schedule 2019

At the full Moon, we feel the same power that controls the tides as waves of emotion. These energies bring situations to a head, often dramatically. Plan ahead: mark your calendar with the complete full Moon schedule for 2019.

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Leo Horoscope Podcast

Did you know every zodiac sign needs to know about Leo? (Especially whenever the Sun moves through this fiery, fixed sign.) Find out why and get the latest astrology and horoscopes for ALL signs in this podcast.

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Join Me July 16: Great Aquarian Leap Online Event

See how to make YOUR leap into the new Age Of Aquarius. Join me for a free online astrology zoom event July 16, hosted by Asheville Friends Of Astrology.

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Houses In Astrology Podcast

All about "houses astro"! The 12 houses of astrology are one of the building blocks of ancient wisdom, chart interpretation. Get the inside track on the houses: what are astrology houses, the 12 houses meaning in astrology, and signs in houses in this podcast. Includes "how to" for creating a simple chart - and a closing meditation!

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Nurturing Your 12 Houses: Live Astrology May 26

Did you know astrology is one of your best tools for nurturing yourself? Taking care of your 12 houses in your birth chart gives you an insider's hack for nurturing health, creating wellness. Learn how at my next Facebook Live event.

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Our Aquarian Destiny

For decades, we've been building up to the new Age Of Aquarius, and in 2021 life changes forever as we finally arrive. Board the rocket ship to YOUR Age Of Aquarius destiny: the time is now! See why February 2021 is changing our lives forever from seeds planted in February 1962.

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Horoscope 2021 - Year Ahead Forecast

We made it! The dark (DARK!) tunnel we moved through in 2020 is over. Step into the light of the Age Of Aquarius with your 2021 horoscope: complete year ahead forecast. Aquarius helps us remember our dearest, most idealistic hopes and dreams - and gives us whatever genius we need to make them come true. Let's make it so!

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