Full Moon And Eclipse Schedule 2020

Full Moons in 2020

The full Moon is a major player in 2020.

Just like every year, we'll experience the awe inspiring beauty of a full Moon every month.

But the Moon's powers will increase this year, putting a big emphasis on emotions and overcoming past obstacles so we can thrive in the future.

More Lunar Eclipses: Making 2020's Full Moons More Powerful

Unlike other years, several of 2020's full Moons will be extra powerful and could bring turning points in our lives and in the world.

That's because four of this year's full Moons will coincide with lunar eclipses. In a typical year, we see just two lunar eclipses (and two solar ones), but in 2020, we'll have six eclipses: four lunar and two solar. That's a LOT of power and a big push for change.

Also, the month of October will bring us a "blue Moon" because it will come with two full Moons: one on October 1 and the other on October 31. The second of these will be the blue Moon, and it will make October an unusually high energy month.

About Lunar Eclipses

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth aligns exactly between the Sun and the Moon, blocking the light of the Sun from reaching some or all of the Moon for a period of time.

There are three types of lunar eclipses: penumbral (also called appulse), partial, and total.

This year, all four lunar eclipses will be penumbral ones. In this type of eclipse, the Moon moves through the Earth's penumbra (the outer part of the Earth's shadow, which doesn't completely block solar rays). During a penumbral eclipse, the Moon appears to dim but remains visible, reflecting the Sun's light.

Even though this year's eclipses won't be total ones, we'll still feel their potent force and mandate for dealing with the past so we can move into a better future.

How Will The 2020 Lunar Eclipses Affect Us?

Every full Moon is powerful.

It's common for people to feel more emotional during a full Moon. These high emotions can begin several days before the full Moon, building in intensity and then cresting at the time of the full Moon.

When the full Moon includes an eclipse, it's even more powerful than usual.

So the full Moons that have eclipses may feel much more intense than a typical full Moon. Also, eclipses tend to bring important changes.

Keep in mind that an eclipse will have a stronger effect on you personally if it occurs in a zodiac sign that's especially highlighted in your chart (your Sun sign, for example) or if it happens at the same degree (or within a couple of degrees) of the zodiac as a planet in your birth chart.

How To Handle Full Moons And Lunar Eclipses

It's a good idea to avoid overloading your schedule around a full Moon. Give yourself extra time to manage what might come up for you - or for someone else in your life or at your job.

Lunar eclipses tend to help us reckon with the past by bringing up karmic energies that require balancing. If that's the case for you, it's best to address the situation promptly.

Lunar eclipses also help us make progress by ending situations we've outgrown or closing particular chapters of our lives so we can move on and tackle goals and situations more appropriate to our level of spiritual development. If you experience this type of change, a spiritual point of view and accepting the inevitable will help you move through it with grace.

In these ways, eclipses allow us to evolve. If something (or someone) passes out of your life, a new opportunity generally arises to take you in an interesting new direction.

So allow yourself to flow with whatever happens, much as the tides ebb and flow according to the Moon's influence.

Make Time To Meditate

It's also very helpful to spend time in meditation and prayer during a full Moon period - including the days leading up to the full Moon. Energies will build during the week before the full Moon arrives, and spiritual activity can help you balance and make sense of them.

The day of a full Moon as well as the day before and the day after offer especially powerful opportunities for spiritual efforts.

So make time to meditate at this time each month - especially in the months that have eclipses.

2020 Full Moon Dates

Here are the full Moon dates for 2020. The lunar eclipse full Moons are shown in bold face. NOTE: The dates here reflect timing based on U.S. central time.

CancerJanuary 10 (penumbral eclipse)
LeoFebruary 9
VirgoMarch 9
LibraApril 7
ScorpioMay 7
SagittariusJune 5 (penumbral eclipse)
CapricornJuly 4 (penumbral eclipse)
AquariusAugust 3
PiscesSeptember 2
AriesOctober 1
TaurusOctober 31
GeminiNovember 30 (penumbral eclipse)
CancerDecember 29

Notice that 2020 will bring two full Moons during October, making it a power packed month.

More Moon Phases

You can find out about other Moon phases in these articles:

Take good care at full Moon time each month, as these times can feel not just exhilarating but stressful. Even if your own life feels fairly balanced, others around you may be under extra pressure.

Build in extra rest if you can and stay aware because you can learn so much at these times and have "aha!" moments that help you make progress.

I wish you excellent insights and clear skies for viewing each full Moon!

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2 comments on “Full Moon And Eclipse Schedule 2020”

  1. I study astrology and I think that the lunar eclipse falling on the birthday of the USA seems to indicate dark times, however this reading shows that the American experiment could have a rebirth. Americans might decide to become a family again, to ignore that which divided us, and to work toward a more inclusive future. I will be rooting for that.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Emma. Yes, it will be revealing to see what aspects of the national character become highlighted. As you say, may constructive, more kind developments occur.

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