How To Relieve Stress - Use Astrology To Meditate At Right Time

How to relieve stress

Modern life comes with many challenges that can cause stress.

Did you know that astrology can help you understand how to relieve stress?

Meditate—But At The Right Time

Studies show that meditation can make a big difference in relieving stress.

Your meditation can be as simple as sitting quietly for a few minutes and breathing deeply or going for a walk and focusing your mind on the beauty around you to clear your head.

You also can study meditation and try different approaches to see what works best for you.

Whatever you choose, the key to success in how to relieve stress is knowing when to meditate to get the most benefits. Astrology can tell you what time is best.

Plan Your Life With Astrology: When To Meditate

You can plan your life with astrology by building in necessary time every month to pause and meditate so you can slow down and reflect. In fact, the planets help us do this each month.

Astrology tells us there are a few "power times" every month when we have natural energies available that support meditation. If you make a point to meditate at these times, you can get in sync more easily—and do more good for yourself and others.

Try meditating at the following times each month and see what a difference it can make in your results.

Full Moon

The day of the full Moon (and the day before and day after) brings a natural time to pause and meditate.

High energies, insights, and “aha” moments during the full Moon period require us to slow down to process sudden news—and sometimes major changes. Because full Moon energy is so dramatic, it can feel stressful even when it's beneficial.

The full Moon brings peak energies that affect anything liquid, from tides to the many fluids in our bodies. According to astrology and guidance from the ancient sages, it also serves as a "cosmic clock" alerting us that natural energies and spiritual forces are most available to support our constructive work to help ourselves and others.

With such strong power available, the full Moon gives us the best time of the month for intentional spiritual work through meditation and visualization. When you meditate, decide what you most want to manifest, charge it with powerful emotions such as compassion, love, and joy, and release your vision so it can begin to materialize.

In addition, the full Moon in the night sky gives us one of nature's most beautiful and wondrous displays. On full Moon night and the evenings around that date, take time to go outdoors and gaze up at the glorious full Moon. Its beauty will inspire you, and even support your health. Did you know that ancient sages recommended Moon gazing to help balance body and emotions? Its soothing, cooling nature calms a hot body or temper and turns the mind toward higher thoughts and aspirations.

So do take advantage of this natural time to pause. Meditate at the full Moon (and the day before and day after) and focus on visualizing happy developments in your life and for everyone else you know. And go outside in the evening, even for a moment: simply looking up at the full Moon will help you feel better when life feels unbalanced or stressful.

Waning Moon

The two weeks after the monthly full Moon give us a time when nature gradually eases back. At this period, the Moon is waning, meaning the portion that’s lit in the night sky grows smaller and smaller as each day passes.

By this part of the lunar cycle, we’ve already burst forth with new plans at the new Moon, seen them through growth for two weeks, and reached a high point at the full Moon.

Now it’s time to slow down, review, adjust, and prepare for the next new Moon.

You can tune in to this natural easing energy simply by looking up at the night sky in the two weeks after the full Moon. Notice how the Moon changes from night to night as the lit portion gets smaller.

And you will find this waning period brings a great time to ease back so you can pause and reflect at some point each day through meditation. If you allow yourself to let up on the pressure, and perhaps meditate more often than usual, you will renew your energy and be rested and ready for the next lunar cycle that starts with the next new Moon.

Balsamic Moon Phase

The best time to pause each month arrives during the three days before the new Moon.

This period is called the balsamic Moon phase, and it's the final part of the monthly lunar cycle. At this phase, the Moon shines little to no light because it has become a tiny sliver in the sky.

During this time, we’re meant to rest, reflect, and take care of ourselves. That makes this the perfect time for meditation.

Although modern life brings challenges and continual demands on our time and attention, making time for rest is vital to our well being.

When you slow down and pause at the balsamic Moon, you actually can increase your efficiency and ability to manage your life and be productive.

Just as nature rests at night in the cool of the evening, so must we rest each day to maintain health. The balsamic Moon gives an extra dose of rest each month, when we can catch up on sleep, reflect in our meditations on the weeks just past, and dream--either during sleep or in daydreams.

All these calming, soothing activities help rest our bodies, minds, and emotions--and even our very souls. Without that rest, we show signs of stress and may get sick, but with proper rest we're refreshed and ready when the Moon starts its new cycle right after the balsamic Moon phase.

So take advantage of nature's intelligence and monthly timing: rest when nature gives us built in support for slowing down. Look back at the past month, see what you want to release, and decide what went well and can carry forward at the new Moon.

You can find out more about the balsamic Moon in my article on the Balsamic Moon Phase - Time To Rest, Reflect.

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Start Relieving Stress Now: Mark Your Calendar

Now that you know the best times of the month for meditation, you can start relieving stress right now.

You can get the current dates—including exact start and end times—in my Balsamic Moon Phase Dates calendar. Check for this month's dates now.

Then mark your calendar with the best dates to meditate according to astrology. Meditate at these special times and feel yourself come into better balance and harmony with natural energies.

I wish you peace and rest at these special times and wonderful insights in your meditations.

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2 comments on “How To Relieve Stress - Use Astrology To Meditate At Right Time”

  1. Thank you for sharing your insight about the balsamic moon. I can’t wait to find out how the waning moon that has just begun will affect my reflective cycles.

    1. Oh, you are very welcome! I love the balsamic Moon, which reminds us all to simply stop and rest a while before plunging forward. Enjoy this powerfully introspective time each month!

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