New Moon Today: Complete 2022 New Moon List Is Up

Photos of Moon in dark night sky showing eight different Moon phases - new Moon phase 2022 dates and times

Right on the heels of entering the new calendar year, we have the first new Moon for 2022.

Yet another chance for a fresh start!

New Moons = New Beginnings

The new Moon phase arrived at 12:33 p.m. U.S. central time today, January 2. This phase is your best time each month for new beginnings.

As with every new Moon, we will have a couple of weeks that favor new initiatives, particularly in anything related to Capricorn themes because this new Moon arrived in this zodiac sign.

With the year starting out in slow motion, what a great opportunity to have a second "restart" on the second day of the year. You may find this period excellent for renewing commitment to reckoning with the past, coming up with a new way to improve or fix something, or reworking strategic plans in any area of life (especially business or career).

Your New Moon Calendar: Dates, Times, Zodiac Signs

To help you take advantage of every new Moon opportunity throughout 2022, I've created a complete new Moon calendar that provides:

  • All new Moon dates
  • Exact times each new Moon begins
  • The zodiac sign where each new Moon happens - with links to learn more about each sign so you can tailor your new beginnings to each sign's themes throughout this year
  • Details on the two new Moons that will arrive with "let's move ahead, warp speed!" solar eclipses

Use the calendar to plan ahead for starting all your most important projects this year.

Get Your Complete 2022 New Moon Calendar

See the New Moon Schedule 2022 now. Mark your calendar with all the new Moon dates so you have a heads up for starting anything new.

I wish you happy, healthy, wondrous new beginnings.

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