Full Moon In Leo 2021

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A full Moon in Leo can bring high drama - as well as breakthroughs. Open your heart, experience the passion and drama, then leverage them to break through to the good that awaits you.

How's the drama factor in your life these days?

2021's first full Moon comes just after midday January 28 in the U.S. central time zone, and already the days leading up to this cresting energy have brought plenty of high energy and dramatic shifts.

This full Moon arrives in dramatic Leo. Buckle up, take the ride, and travel into a better feeling time and place once the dust settles.

Full Moons: It's Breakthrough Time

Although the days around a full Moon can feel over the top, their dramatic, passionate energies help us see what fuels us and make changes if necessary. New information comes to light, helping us overcome and move on if necessary. 
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Full Moon In Leo: Right To The Heart Of Aquarian Age

This first full Moon is coming in fiery, determined Leo - bringing us right into the heart of the new Aquarian Age.

That's because the Moon is sitting exactly opposite the Sun in Aquarius, where we have several other planets raising the stakes on getting going on the new age. Also, Leo rules the heart and reminds us that all the changes we need to make to lift ourselves into the Age Of Aquarius need to come from the deepest, most caring parts of our hearts.

Full Moon Phase: Best For Insights, Revelations

The full Moon phase is your best time each month to open to insights - and even revelations.

Energies build, becoming uncomfortable even, and then crest at the time the Moon reaches full. While undergoing this monthly process, new information comes to light, things reach conclusion, and situations no longer useful may end so we can move on.

Mark Your Calendar!

To help you through this current (potentially drama filled) full Moon - and all the rest to follow in 2021, I've created a detailed full Moon calendar so you can plan ahead.

Calendar Tells Dates, Times, Zodiac Signs

The full Moon schedule 2021 tells you everything you need to know to make every full Moon phase this year work for you.

Schedule Includes Eclipses: Warp Speed!

You'll also find details on the eclipses coming in 2021.

Lunar eclipses always comes at full Moons, and they're highly charged full Moons that can move you forward fast, especially if you need to let go of an old, unproductive situation.

Get Your Complete Full Moon Calendar For 2021

See the complete 2021 full Moon calendar now.

Mark your calendar with all the high power full Moon dates so you can plan ahead.

I wish you full Moon breakthroughs that touch your heart and help make your dearest dreams come true!

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