Equinox To The Rescue-Get Your Life In Balance Now

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Turn the corner into a new season! Get stylish, get more rest, and get out and have fun!

Happy Equinox!

The September Equinox arrives as soon as we enter Libra every year - welcome to Libra time!

It's one of the four "power days," when we turn a corner into a new season along with a new zodiac sign.

Whatever your sign, you have relationship savvy, harmony loving Libra in your chart. Now is your chance to leverage the Equinox's super powers for this entire month to get your life back into balance. Excellent!

Overextended? Figure Out How To Be Fair To YOU

The Sun enters Libra this year on September 22 at 8:04 p.m. U.S. central time.

Libra offers the perfect follow up to Virgo's ever restless energy. After a month of nonstop thinking, doing, improving, and perfecting (all in the midst of a Mercury retrograde - IN Libra and Virgo!), it's time to calm down and get back to balance.

In Libra season, that means taking a good look at how your Virgo activities may have overextended your energy and your schedule. Now that we're in Libra, a sign that prizes fairness, it's time to pull back and figure out how to be fair to yourself in terms of how you spend time and attention.

That means giving YOU priority: your pleasures, your relationships (especially the one with yourself), and your (always necessary) beauty sleep and rest.

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Rebalancing: Do It Libra Style!

To get your life back in balance, take your cue from always tasteful and fashionable Libra and "do" this sign "Libra style." That means:

  • Give yourself kudos for all you accomplished during Virgo time last month - as well as some well deserved rewards. (Even a sweet treat or two - Libras often have a sweet tooth, so go ahead and enjoy "all things in moderation.")
  • Take time off to enjoy activities you love - anything related to the arts, socializing, or "Zen"-ing out to get calm is perfect for Libra time.
  • Sleep in or nap whenever possible to recharge. Libra requires serious amounts of rest to stay fabulous and socially adept.
  • Treat yourself to pampering - massages, manicures, makeovers - whatever helps you feel pleasure and look great.
  • Get in touch with people you love and fill your calendar with fun outings. Contact with people from the past is favored, with Mercury retrograde until October 2.

Love That Libra New Moon

Renew feelings of love and harmony at this year's new Moon in Libra, which arrives September 25.

Although Mercury will still be retrograde at that time, plan ahead to make the most of the period from October 3 - 8, when the retrograde will be over and we'll still have "new beginnings" energies for starting anything new.

Then see what sparkles (or fireworks) or comes to a climax on October 9, when the full Moon in Libra's opposite sign, fiery Aries, arrives.

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Tune In To Libra Daily For Loving Support

Throughout this astro month, tune in to Libra daily. This sign can give you the loving support and clear headed insight you need. Check out these Libra articles to align your inner Scales - and rebalance your life on all planes:

  1. The Libra Time article
  2. The Libra Guided Meditation

They'll help you tap the beautiful Libra part of your birth chart, remember your highest ideals about peace and harmony, and show you how to restore fairness throughout your life.

Bookmark the article and the meditation and return to them throughout this month for best results.

Happy Equinox! Happy Libra Time!

Enjoy kicking back a bit this month, along with a bit of indulgence and plenty of social time.

Libra's leadership qualities will keep you on track for tasks that need doing, even as you calm down and focus on what gives your life the greatest pleasure.

Let's get out and have fun (whenever we're not napping!)!

Happy Libra time!

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