Restless? Why That's PERFECT Right Now!

Virgo zodiac symbol with brown haired Goddess and wheat stalks
Get moving! Now! With the Sun in restless, "always in motion" Virgo, it's the key to your success - and self-improvement - for the next month.

Happy Virgo time of year!

Whatever your sign, you have perfectionistic, "always in motion" Virgo in your chart. Now is your annual opportunity to get going to improve anything you wish.

Restless? Get Moving NOW!

The Sun enters Virgo this year on August 22 at 10:16 p.m. U.S. central time.

Virgo brings restless energy, and that's the perfect way to feel right now because it motivates us to get in motion and get serious about bringing heavenly ideals down to earth.

After all the fun and fire (and perhaps an explosion or two) during last month's Leo time, now we're ready to put life back on a steadier track. Also, now's the time to take action to manifest the creative visions and heartfelt desires that poured through us during the Lion's season.

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Do It The Virgo Way

Take some tips from the Goddess-Virgin to speed your way to success:

  1. Make a list (Virgo LOVES lists!) of the creative plans and inspired visions that lit you up last month under Leo's vibes.
  2. Choose your top priority, analyze what needs to happen to make it a reality, then jot down a step by step plan for yourself.
  3. Do something to move your plan forward every day this month - and be sure to check each item off your list as you complete it!
  4. Throughout the month, notice anything that's cumbersome or not working and figure out how to streamline or fix it. If you need to clear your work space or home to make it easier to implement your plans, do it immediately and get back to working on your plan.
  5. Make the experience JOYFUL by remembering balance and health every day. Virgo is the expert on aligning body, mind, and spirit to maintain optimal balance. Use this month's Virgo energies to perfect your alignment so whatever you're creating has the best chance of success.

Leverage The Virgo New Moon

One more tip: leverage the Virgo new Moon this month to take advantage of cosmic timing.

This year, the Moon will be new in Virgo on August 27 (at 3:17 a.m. U.S. central time). That means the Sun and Moon will come together in the sky, giving you your annual double dose of Virgo power.

For about 10 to 12 days, starting at the new Moon each month, we have cosmic support for beginning anything new. The strength decreases gradually over that period, so time your fresh starts for any time after the new Moon arrives (the closer the better) and before the full Moon on September 10.

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Tune In To Virgo - Every Day

Every day this month, tune in to Virgo for inspiration. Use these two helpful Virgo articles to tune in to your inner Goddess-Virgin who loves making your life better in every way:

  1. The Virgo Time article
  2. The Virgo Guided Meditation

Both will help you activate the Virgo part of your birth chart, clean up what's holding you back, and improve alignment on all planes.

Bookmark the article and the meditation and return to them throughout this month for best results.

Happy (Positively Restless!) Virgo Time!

So embrace feeling restless this next month. That sense will spur you on to take care of all the details, fixes, and self-improvements you need to turn dreams into plans into reality.

Let's get up and get going!

Happy Virgo time!

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