Leo Time: Shining Through The Explosions

Purple Leo the Lion watercolor with fireworks in background, text: Leo Time: Shining Through Explosions

Welcome to Leo time of year!

This year's time of the Lion could be one for the history books - and no matter what your Sun sign is, YOU are part of this Leo adventure.

About Leo Zodiac Sign: Fiery Fun

Whatever your sign, you have Leo in your birth chart.

The Sun rules Leo, so when Sol moves through this zodiac sign, it lights up that part of your chart with extra special energy that trumpets, "I LOVE being here! I love life!" Here's where you shine - and even show off.

If you're a Leo, the Sun rejoices when it returns home to your star sign. For you personally, the Sun "meets itself" when it reaches the same degree it occupied when you were born, bringing your annual solar return. This day recharges you with solar energies to power your unique ability to shine on for the coming year.

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Leo is warm and heartfelt because it's a fire sign that rules the human heart. Lion energy also is creative, often in an innocent, childlike way that warms the hearts of everyone who experiences anything made in the Lion's spirit.

Although Leo treasures its dignity and authority, it loves to kick up its heels and have fun. Picture adults of all ages bringing out the children within themselves, grabbing attention (and a spotlight) for the sheer joy of performing and basking in applause and accolades.

That's Leo.

Fixed Sign Vibe Complicates 2022 Leo Time

In addition to all these virtues, Leo is a fixed sign, meaning it prefers stability, loyalty, and having control.

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That fixed nature also can drive it to try fixing everything from other people to a broken love affair to an art project gone awry. Note that the three other fixed signs - Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius - share these tendencies, expressing them in different elements: earth for Taurus, water for Scorpio, and air for Aquarius.

This fixed sign vibe is complicating Leo time in 2022.

Several other planets are in Leo and other fixed signs right now. All of them are applying pressure to all things fixed and all things Leo, making it hard to carry on in any form of "business as usual."

Here's what's in play:

  1. At 3:07 p.m. (U.S. central time) on July 22, 2022, the Sun enters Leo. It joins the cosmic messenger, Mercury, which entered Leo on July 19.
  2. Opposite Leo, in Aquarius, sits Saturn, the sternest, coldest planet of the bunch. Saturn occupied Aquarius from March 21 through July 1, 2020 and then returned December 16, 2020, remaining there through March 7, 2023, and forcing us to grow and get real about Aquarian themes such as technology, humanitarian ideals, groups and networking, and futuristic visions.
  3. Representing the other two fixed signs, Scorpio and Taurus, we have the Moon's North and South Nodes. The North Node slipped into Taurus this past January; its opposite point, the South Node, entered Scorpio at the same time. They'll stay in these signs until July 17, 2023. The South Node reminds us of past experiences, preferences, and skills developed long ago and helps us draw on this databank while letting go of what we must release in order to evolve. As for the North Node, it drives us forward into the future, demanding that we engage with the energies of whatever sign it occupies in order to step into a higher version of ourselves.
  4. Adding to this evolutionary pressure, we've had Uranus in Taurus since 2018. This planet rules Aquarius, amplifying what Saturn is teaching us from its post in Aquarius. Uranus brings electrical energy that sparks sudden changes, and that makes it uncomfortable, edgy, and potentially explosive in "let's relax and stay the same" Taurus.
  5. The stakes rose higher on July 5, when warrior and all-around hothead Mars barged into Taurus. Mars will keep up its noisy, driving force here until August 20 - and like Uranus, it's really uncomfortable in Taurus's placid gardens and fixed finery.

Grand Cross, Grand Square Pattern In Fixed Signs: Nowhere To Hide

When planets activate all four zodiac signs of a single mode (whether cardinal, fixed, or mutable), they create a "plus sign" pattern among themselves. It's a "nowhere to hide" pattern that can bring stress and force action and confrontation.

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When planets and points are at or around the same degrees in those four signs, they distill these energies, forming what's called a grand cross ("plus sign") or grand square pattern.

When that happens, it's as if you have four people seated at a round table, each jockeying for attention or dominance and pushing each other's buttons. In astrology, this setup creates challenging geometric relationships (or aspects) among the planets involved:

  1. Planets opposite each other at this cosmic round table are in opposition. They can see each other and tend to "face off" in disagreements. Their different points of view are out in the open.
  2. Planets next to each other are separated by 90 degrees, a difficult relationship in astrology called a square. In these cases, the planets can't see each other easily - unless they make a major effort. Picture having to move your chair or turn your body completely to see what's sitting right next to you. So their energies tend to be experienced inwardly and then erupt if the pressure gets too high.

If we're not aware of this "plus sign" setup, emotional (or even physical) explosions can result. On the other hand, airing differences at the cosmic round table can bring exuberant debate and fireworks that light up the sky and clear the air - releasing tension and creating a better climate for cooperation.

These uncomfortable energies are the drivers that push us to evolve, both within ourselves and collectively in how we interact together. Planets opposite each other teach us how to see, interact with, and find common ground with others. Planets squaring each other help us feel what energies or situations are like for other people and bring "turning points" once we integrate the two planets, signs, and houses involved.

Energy Peaks July 31-August 1: Taurus Stellium

All these energies are set to peak over July 31 and August 1.

On those dates, we'll see a stellium (a grouping of planets) in the same degree of Taurus, when Uranus, Mars, and the North Node join up in 18+ degrees of Taurus:

  • On July 31, Uranus and the North Node make exact contact.
  • On August 1, Mars and the North Node align exactly, followed a few hours later by an exact pairing of Uranus and Mars.

Already, these energies are building toward this stellium. You may feel a sense of destiny or inevitability about what's happening in your life.

Both Mars and Uranus can feel impulsive and explosive, so slow down; Taurus will help you do that - and suggest ways to channel overheated energy. Also, keep your schedule light and flexible and put off major decisions or actions until after the smoke clears.

If your life remains fairly calm, others around you may be experiencing challenges and turning points (or even arguments). Stay out of the fray and keep focused on the peace that Taurus prizes.

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How This Leo Month Affects You

All the planetary patterns mentioned so far apply to everyone, all over planet Earth.

How this Leo month affects you personally depends on a few factors:

  1. If you're a Leo, this month has your name on it. (Also, you get to celebrate your birthday in between any emotional fireworks.)
  2. If you're any of the other fixed signs, you're up to bat this month, just like the Leos.
  3. If you're any other zodiac sign, you're definitely affected, and if you have one of more planets in fixed signs, you'll be addressing themes related to those planets (and their houses in your birth chart) all month. Where the energies play out depends on which houses in your birth chart have the four fixed signs.

Review your birth chart. If you need a copy, you can get a free birth chart right now from our online chart service.

More Ways To Tune In, Zero In On Your Role

For more ways to tune in to Leo and all the other fixed signs while zeroing in on your role during this massive month:

. Check out your horoscope for Uranus in Taurus for an idea of how the Taurus stellium on July 31 and August 1 may affect you. Be sure to read for both your Sun sign and your ascendant/rising sign (if you know it).
. See the Leo Time article.
. Review the Leo Guided Meditation.
. See the articles for the other fixed signs: Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

Stay In Your Heart, Embrace Your Inner Child

Whatever happens, however you experience this Leo month, remember to stay in your heart.

It's your "coeur" or core - the center of your being. It's also your most powerful point and the way you can overcome anything: through love.

As much as possible, bring all challenges into the shelter of your heart to apply lovingkindness. Steady yourself and your emotions, which will help you transmute any lower expressions of energies and direct them into more positive, constructive channels.

Take a time out out when you need it, and remember to take care of your inner child (and your outer self) with exquisite, loving, and tender good care. Along the way, find opportunities to have fun.

Simple fun like looking at sunsets. Laughing. Playing games and spending time with youngsters. Also, anything joyous and creative - especially if it involves will power and physical activity - will redirect all that Mars and Uranus power into something amazing. (Go on, amaze yourself - AND all of us!)

Keep Shining - And Turn Explosions Into Colorful Fireworks

Most important: keep shining. Leo wants us to share our light, which will go farthest in keeping us all centered in what matters most.

That's also our best chance of transmuting potential explosions into colorful, creative "fireworks of the heart." All the passion, power, and pressure in play can drive us toward some spectacular creative triumphs - and reignite our capacity for love and romance. Let the sunshine guide your way to what brings you the most joy.

Happy, joyous Leo time to you! Enjoy this ride and let's go forth into our better, happier, heart-centered future.

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