Leo Guided Meditation

What Do I Really Want?

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During Leo time, we feel intuitive impulses to focus on our inner, heartfelt lives.

Each astrological sign is associated with a phrase, and for Leo, that phrase is "I will."

This energy may be expressed negatively by imposing our will on others, misusing power and authority, or getting stuck in patterns or relationships we have outgrown. At its best, though, Leo gives us courage to follow our hearts and inspiration to use our will creatively in the arts, selflessly through noble acts of kindness and generosity, and spiritually through dramatic yet unconditional love.

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Leo Meditation

Imagine that you are the heart of all you see. In your nobility as a child of divinity, you know your heart is both small and intimate to house your personal love and devotion and yet spacious and limitless to enable creative expression of universal love that reaches forth to touch the heart of all outside yourself. In each moment, you feel your heart beating, nourishing your physical self constantly. At the same time, you feel your emotional heart pulsing with dramatic feelings and your intellectual heart beating out the rhythm of wisdom. Directing all this activity is your spiritual heart, which exists as an invisible spark or fire that radiates divine light and illuminates your life on all planes. This spiritual heart allows you to transcend space by extending your heart outward, so that you may feel the heart of everyone you meet and everything you see. In this way, you enjoy connection with all creation, and you open your heart to compassion for all who suffer, joy for all who achieve, and love for life in all its many forms. In this way, you fulfill your destiny as a Child of the Sun, a bearer of divine light, and in shining forth, you achieve your original Heart's Desire.

Embrace Your Light

Now is the time to embrace your light.

You have the gift of a human heart illuminated with spiritual light, and with each act of lovingkindness you increase this light.

If you will take up the task of making your heart the center of your life, you will come to understand why the Sun, the center of our planetary system and a mighty, perpetual fire that shines its light freely to all, long has served as a symbol of the Divine One, the great Intelligence that permeates all that is, has been, and will be.

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