The Virgo Meditation

How Can I Serve If I Am Not Perfect?

Virgo meditation - Virgo watercolor painting by Anne Nordhaus-Bike-all-rights-reserved

During Virgo time, we feel intuitive impulses to assist others and serve the higher good while helping ourselves improve and evolve toward the perfection Virgo so ardently seeks.

Each astrological sign is associated with a phrase, and for Virgo that phrase is “I analyze.” This energy may be expressed negatively by living in our heads, getting stuck in chronic worry or unproductive research, or forgetting the larger picture or purpose. At its best, though, Virgo gives us the ability to understand what is pure and noble so we can appreciate order, recognize quality, and choose the good as we work to make our lives match the highest model of perfection that our minds can conceive.

Virgo Meditation

Imagine that you are perfection. You exist within Divine Intelligence as a beautiful idea, but you lack physical form. Now imagine that you leave the spiritual, etheric realm and make your way down, down, down to the earthly realm. Here you find yourself encased in a physical body that requires regular sleep, food, and laborious maintenance and lives in constant vulnerability to damage from your own excesses and from outer threats including weather, animal predators, and other humans. The deepest part of you remembers your essential purity and spirituality, yet the world you live in appears to reward only the basest motives and pursuits. Through the power of your quick mind, however, you recall your origin as a beautiful idea, and you begin to understand your true purpose: rather than escaping your earthly prison, you must work to appreciate it, redeem it, and spiritualize it. Your independence and essential purity allow you to move your mind from false pleasures to contemplate higher, more noble pursuits. In the process, you find yourself feeling lighter and less chained to the earth, and you begin to work in earnest to embrace the Good. Over time, your efforts bear fruit, and your harvest is abundant. With it, you not only feed yourself but begin to help others so that they, too, may recognize their purity and take part in spiritualizing the earthly realm.

Embrace Your Essential Purity

Now is the time to embrace your essential purity. You already have the gift of a discerning mind that allows you to see subtle details and determine the best among many options. You also have the ability to work patiently in humble ways to adjust yourself and your environment to more closely match the ideal you know as perfection. If you will take up the task of seeing clearly and choosing wisely, you will come to see why Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, was the only resident of Olympus who traveled freely to the heavens, the earth, and the underworld.

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One comment on “The Virgo Meditation”

  1. Omg! This hit me deep. And i thought it was just me who could remember my original state of purity. I just didnt know what it was or what to call it. I basically refered to it as a "White Space with no sound. Not cold or hot. Just peaceful"

    Wow...really helpful article.
    Im utterly satisfied!!

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