Learn Astrology: Step By Step Guide

Your 'Astrology Made Simple' Guide To Learning Astrology

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In just 20 slides, with 20 steps, get a complete guide to learn astrology. It's astrology made simple, yet high impact (and just the right amount of detail), to give you what you need in a fast, fun way.

Learn astrology the easy way, with a step by step guide.

When Chicago Tribune reporter Bianca Sanchez interviewed me about how to learn astrology, we spoke at length about what beginners need to succeed with astrology.

I was thrilled to share my personal recommendations for a step by step guide to astrology instruction.

20 Steps, 20 Slides

Bianca did a great job distilling our conversation into a simple article that reads like a slide show.

In 20 slides, with beautiful and inspiring images plus explanatory text, you'll get the 20 steps you need to follow to get started on learning astrology.

What's Included

You'll find all the major astrology concepts you need to know about - plus a wealth of detail presented in concise, bite size pieces.

Here's a recap of the major topics included:

  • Basic astronomy and history of astrology
  • Your Sun sign (also known as your "sign")
  • Zodiac sign symbols - and why drawing them helps
  • The four elements
  • Which signs in which elements
  • The three modalities or "modes"
  • Your birth chart
  • The houses
  • Your ascendant sign (or "rising sign")
  • Moon signs
  • Power places: midheaven, nadir (or "imum coeli")
  • Planets
  • Power days every year
  • Retrograde planets
  • Branching out, applying what you learn

Highly Recommended

I highly recommend this article, which captures the essence of all these important topics in a simple yet deep way. It's an outstanding starting place for anyone interested in astrology.

If you're new to astrology, check it out now. (And if you're more experienced, check it out, too - you'll likely find tidbits to intrigue and inform you further!)

See The 'Beginner's Guide To Astrology'

You can see this wonderful Beginner's Guide To Astrology now on the Tribune website:


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