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Vocational Guidance Report

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The Vocational Guidance Report makes getting ahead in your career much easier.

This vocational report uses astrology to analyze your personality and potential - and help pinpoint your true calling. With that, you're on your way to identifying your perfect career - and ideal job.

The Vocational Guidance Report sums up strengths and challenges in your birth chart and personal astrology, giving you accurate, timely career counseling.

The Vocational Guidance Report is a report you'll return to again and again throughout your professional life, making it an outstanding investment in your future. It's indispensable for career happiness.

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What You'll Find In The Vocational Guidance Report

This report guides you toward your best vocation by analyzing your personal characteristics such as strengths and challenges, untapped potential, karma, and creativity. It also examines your ability to earn income and work within an employment setting.

Here's what the Vocational Guidance Report provides:

  • 7 chapters covering all the main astrology factors and aspects that affect vocation, career, and daily work life.
  • Key personal points in your birth chart to help you understand yourself - especially your individuality, personality, mentality, and emotional needs.
  • Top factors affecting your personal points to reveal hidden talents, challenges, and karma - as well as your strengths.
  • Jupiter and Saturn analysis to indicate how you balance expansion and contraction, which is vital in business, and provide clues about your ability to both give and receive.
  • Financial analysis to point toward possible sources of income that could coincide with your vocation.
  • Astrological factors revealing opportunities for self-expression through hobbies and creativity.
  • A vocational summary recommending career choices to consider, along with guidance about success and possible social recognition in your field.
  • A summary of your talents based on the principal astrological influences related to your unique abilities and recommendations for using the information to identify your career direction.
  • A complete list of all the positions for all the planets at the exact moment you were born. You’ll refer to this list again and again throughout your professional life to refresh your memory about your personal astrology, especially as your career progresses over your lifetime.
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How The Vocational Guidance Report Can Help You

Get the career of your dreams! Astrology can help you reach for the stars - and reach your goals. 

Besides a natal report (which tells you about the potential in your chart), getting ahead in your career requires a report that focuses solely on your vocation. The Vocational Guidance Report helps you identify your true vocation and analyzes your strengths and potential to help clarify your mission in life. It's indispensable for career happiness.

Birth Time Not Needed – But Helpful If You Have It

You can benefit from this report even if you don’t know your birth time. But if you do have your birth time, you’ll be able to get a bit more information.

If you don’t already have your birth time, see the suggestions in How Can I Find Out My Birth Time?

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See A Sample Report Now

You can see a sample of this report now. Visit our online astrology report and chart service and see the Specialized Natal Reports section; see the Vocational Guidance Report and click the pink “View Sample” button to see a sample report.

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Create The Career Of Your Dreams!

The Vocational Guidance Report is your ticket to a better work life.

With its guidance, you can start creating the career of your dreams.

Plus, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing your personal astrology better so you understand who you are and why you’re here in this lifetime.

You'll also enjoy the gift of living up to your birth chart's best features and your soul's longings through work, career, and service to others.

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Start Living Your True Purpose

Let the Vocational Guidance Report help you dig deeper into your personal astrology.

As you refer to it over the months and years ahead, you’ll find yourself coming into greater alignment with your true purpose in life - and see ways to fulfill that purpose through a happy, fulfilling career.

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Make Astrology Work For You

An astrology report is the fastest, easiest way into your personal astrology. 
It's the key to getting the life you want! 
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