Mercury Retrograde In Gemini: Ultra Powerful!

Mercury retrograde blue and red graphic with playful text and light blue Mercury symbol
Mercury heads back into retrograde again, this time in a powerful way because it's in Gemini for part of this retrograde. The playful typeface in this image hints at how to make your retrograde a great one: tap Gemini's love of fun and playfulness and enjoy exploring your mind and thoughts.

Have you been feeling your life slow down lately? Has your thinking seemed a little fuzzy?

If so, you're right on schedule: the messenger planet, Mercury, is retrograde once again. This retrograde lasts from May 10 through June 3.

Ultra Powerful Retrograde

This retrograde is more powerful than any we've seen since 2015 and 2008. That's because Mercury started this retrograde in Gemini, one of the two signs it rules, and will be in the sign of the Twins until May 22. It will return to Gemini for a forward run from June 13 through July 5 - so it's spending plenty of extra time in Twins territory.

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When Mercury moves through Gemini, its energies become ultra powerful, just as any planet occupying a sign it rules becomes empowered because it is emphasized or "dignified" according to astrology.

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The last time we saw Mercury retrograde in Gemini was in May and June 2015. Before that, we had a Mercury retrograde in Gemini in May and June 2008. In both cases, Mercury spent the entire retrograde in Gemini, so think back to those periods for clues on what's happening in your life now and any patterns you need to realize, adjust, or discontinue.

The great news this year: because Mercury's spending part of this retrograde in Taurus, we'll have some practical ideas for getting tangible results from any insights gained throughout the retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde Timetable

Here is a Mercury retrograde timetable listing the key dates to know about this Mercury retrograde:

  • May 10: Mercury retrograde began in Gemini.
  • May 22: Mercury dips back into Taurus to help clean up any Taurus business needing improvements.
  • June 3: Mercury ends its retrograde, still in Taurus.
  • June 13: Mercury leaves Taurus for Gemini, giving us a fresh opportunity to act on everything we learned during its retrograde movement through this sign in May.

More Gemini Planets Amp Up The Energy

We'll see even more Gemini energy in play during the retrograde, however:

  • The Sun joins Mercury in Gemini May 20 and remains there until June 21. The Sun always "shines a light" on the sign it occupies, pushing us to make the most of that sign's energies. In this case, we succeed when we become aware of Gemini's highest potential and do our best to live up to it.
  • The Moon moves into Gemini during the retrograde, on May 29, and remains there until very late on May 31, when it heads into the sign it rules, Cancer. The Moon rouses our emotions, memories, and need for security; in Gemini, it gives us an opportunity to fuse feeling with thought and to balance the water and air elements within ourselves.
  • We get the annual new Moon in Gemini on May 30. Usually, that's a signal for fresh starts, but Mercury remains retrograde until June 3. So use the first few days after the new Moon for sensing new paths forward and then as of June 5 you can begin implementing and acting on all that you learned during the retrograde. Stay grounded: Mercury will still be in Taurus until mid-June.
  • Mars alert: we'll have an exceptional Gemini experience later this year, when Mars enters Gemini August 20. The warrior planet will spend a whopping seven months - until March 25, 2023 - in Gemini, pushing us to evolve in this area of our lives. (This long sojourn includes a Mars retrograde, giving us chances to reflect and really, really get things right.) Keep in mind that Mars increases our drive and energy, pushing us to take action. In Gemini, that action tends to be mental and verbal, making the later part of this year a good time to clear the air about old issues, as long as we take the time to "think twice" before speaking or acting.

With all this Gemini energy, now is a good time to revisit this mutable air sign, wherever it sits in your birth chart. Also, this is a great time to get a report, which will tell you all about your chart (including where you have Gemini - and every other zodiac sign - and what that means). See my guide to How To Choose An Astrology Report to decide what's best for you.

Like the fun typeface in the Mercury Retrograde graphic above, Gemini brings a youthful, playful energy to life. With Mercury retrograde in this sign, what a wonderful time to rejuvenate our thinking and have fun with how versatile and creative our minds and thoughts can be.

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Neptune Adds Compassion

During part of this Mercury retrograde, when Mercury dips back into Taurus, it will form a helpful alignment with Neptune in Pisces. Like Mercury in Gemini, Neptune in the sign of the Fish is strong because that's the sign it rules.

So these two planets will help us overcome any inner tension between logic and intuition, between left brain and right brain. They'll also help us see how to turn our dreams and ideals into real things that uplift others and our world.

One way to approach this planetary opportunity is to let compassion lead us by being gentle with ourselves as we work out a good balance in our own lives. With Mercury retrograde, we'll already feel impulses to turn within, and with Neptune nearby, we can tap spiritual powers and messages from our dreams to help us.

Also, with Mercury in Taurus for the second part of its retrograde, time in nature, reveling in life in a physical body, and taking good care of all things physical will help create calm and can spark revelations within our thoughts and emotions. See my article, Hug Often, Love Well - Why You MUST "Get Physical" Right Now, for more ideas.

Once the Mercury retrograde ends, we'll have new inspirations on how to extend our ideals into physical manifestation.

How To Have A Great Mercury Retrograde In Gemini

With all the emphasis on Gemini, we have a wonderful opportunity unlike any we've seen in seven years. Take this Mercury retrograde in Gemini (and Taurus!) time to look at:

  • How you think
  • What you think
  • How your mind and thoughts influence your life

The new Moon in Gemini will help us remember on all planes and let in nurturing thoughts along with the hard, logical ones. The Sun in Gemini will help us align our minds with our hearts.

Tune in to this impulse now - and throughout the entire month of Gemini - with these articles:

Wishing you an insightful, "heart and mind united" Mercury retrograde this time around.

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