Hug Often, Love Well - Why You MUST "Get Physical" Right Now

Come to your senses - it's Taurus time

Pink Taurus Bull watercolor with text: Taurus, hug often, love well
The time has come to honor the physical self. Become a Taurus for a while: hug often and love well to express the best of this earthy, peaceful sign. If you "get physical," even by walking, gardening, or other physical activity, you have the chance to sense both natural and spiritual wonders.

Happy Taurus time!

THE most sensual, physically luxurious time of every year.

Whatever your zodiac sign, you're part of this "I love being in a physical body!" adventure - because you have Taurus someplace in your chart. (Plus, you have a human body.)

Taurus Time 2022: Your Special Date With (Spiritual) Destiny

I'm excited to tell you that this year's Taurus fest is even more special than usual.

This time is one of THE most important periods in all of 2022: your special date with your spiritual destiny.

Yes, it's THAT big. The crux of matter is: we have to get physical, right now, in order to get to all the spiritual goodies waiting for us.

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That's where we'll get the breakthroughs, the kinds that change the world by changing our values, shifting our perspective, and helping us "feel it in our guts" when we're on the right track toward that promised land of love, beauty, and compassion.

Our mandate: hug often (Taurus LOVES physical connection) and love well (this sign's ruled by loving Venus, after all). After a couple of years of so much virtual interaction, it's time to get physical again and experience life through our bodies and senses rather than just our minds and devices.

What's Happening In The Sky Right Now: Planetary Pileup

Check out this astro chart I created for the exact moment the Sun goes into Taurus this year.

Notice anything unusual?

Astrologer Anne astro birth chart for Sun's entry into Taurus 2022

That's right: there's a planetary pileup in one part of this chart. All those planets and points are in one area of the sky, telling us "pay attention!"

Now, do you see how many things are in Taurus right now? Besides the Sun, there's Uranus, Mercury, and the North Node. That's a huge message saying "pay attention to Taurus!"

And now, check out the other area with a big cluster of things in it: all the planets sitting nearby in Pisces: Mars, Venus, Neptune, and Jupiter. That's a LOT of Pisces mojo.

It's super powerful because the planet Venus, which oversees all things Taurus, is there. So there's a special connection between Taurus and Pisces right now (and all the planets in both signs). Here's now it works, in astrology:

  • Everything in Taurus points to Venus. Always. Because Venus is in charge of this sign.
  • Whatever sign Venus is in tells us how (and where and with whom) we need to work Taurus energy (which is coming from whatever planets are in Taurus).
  • When Venus is in Pisces, this planet is even more powerful because it's exalted - meaning it loves to be in that sign. (That's one of the reasons Pisces people may feel drawn to the arts.)
  • Also, when Venus is in Pisces, it's pointing us directly to Neptune, because that planet is the ruler of Pisces.

Astrologer Anne astro chart April 2022 Taurus ingress - pink arrows pointing to Venus and Neptune in Pisces
  • Also, every single planet in Pisces (all four of them!) also is pointing straight at Neptune - putting a huge badge or crown on Neptune and saying, "You're in charge!"
  • What's even more remarkable about RIGHT NOW, and for almost all the rest of April: every planet in the sky ultimately ends up pointing to Neptune as well.

That means that everything we experience in sensual, earthy Taurus eventually leads us into the mysterious, spiritual, and artistic realms of Neptune and Pisces.

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What This Taurus-Pisces Time Means For You

This Taurus-Pisces connection period affects everyone because all of us have all the zodiac signs in our birth charts. To find out how it affects you personally, check your birth chart to see where you have Taurus and Pisces. (To get your chart, go to our free birth chart page now.)

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Get Physical To Go Spiritual

Remember all that "doing" you did while the Sun was in Aries earlier this season?

Well now it's time to enjoy more "being."

That is, being in your body, being in nature, and realizing your place in the world, the solar system, and the spiritual realms.

We still need to carry on with activities, but now we need to embody them. That means consciously experiencing what it's like to use muscles and bones to move around, make a meal, enjoy a hobby, create art, play a sport, hold hands with a loved one, hug a stranger (who could become a new pal), or simply stroll through a beautiful garden.

Become "Prayer In Motion"

As we go about our days, conscious awareness is the key to turning everyday experiences into spiritual enlightenment. It's the process of being present and taking our time that helps us realize how everyday life is "prayer in motion," our connection to the cosmic.

Taurus is the gatekeeper to this special form of spirituality because it's a master of slowing down, keeping a steady pace, and enjoying earthy pleasures.

With all the Taurus planets pointing to Pisces, a highly spiritual sign dedicated to helping us know the unity of all life as we work here on Earth to return to our source, now is a magical time for heightening our ability to make every moment conscious and spiritual - no matter how mundane or simple it may seem.

Take The Taurus Doorway

In this way, Taurus is now the doorway from beautiful earthy manifestations such as nature and art into Pisces's ethereal wonders including universal love, beautiful thoughts and dreams, idealism, and compassion.

With Taurus's steady grounding, we can experience both these signs, combine their gifts in new ways, and help bring humanity forward into greater soul expression in everyday life, on the physical plane.

And isn't that wonderful? Magical, even?

How Long Does This Magical Time Last?

So how long does this magical time of physical-spiritual "in sync" last?

The first act in this cosmic, planetary play continues until the end of April, when Mercury leaves Taurus for Gemini (where it LOVES to be). In May, you may find yourself talking or writing about what you experienced in the second half of April. Your body language might change to reflect your adventures under the Taurus-Pisces vibes, becoming more fluid, graceful, and streamlined.

Act two happens April 30. It's a short yet powerful moment: we'll see a new Moon with solar eclipse in Taurus that day as well as Venus's meeting with Jupiter - both in Pisces. It's a pivotal time when the two gift givers of our solar system, Venus and Jupiter, join forces at the time the Moon is darkest and most mysterious to help press the reset button and start again somehow in a more soulful way. Expect gentle insights and pay attention to your muse in the day leading up to April 30. Then take what you sense into your meditations to adjust, edit, or pivot as necessary.

Act three begins May 2, when Venus leaves Pisces for Aries. This planet will be pointing back to Mars (still in Pisces), and Jupiter will up the ante when it joins Venus in Aries on May 10. Their messages of love, both earthly and cosmic, will inspire and trigger Mars in Pisces to get you on track creatively and spiritually. Heed all hunches and go on artistic adventures. Also, prepare for a deep dose of "soul reality" when we undergo a full Moon with total lunar eclipse in Scorpio May 15; if something needs to transform or end, you'll realize what, and how. Then this act ends May 24, when Mars goes home to its favorite sign, Aries.

But wait! There's a fourth act. We'll get more Taurus support May 23, when Mercury goes into this earthy sign. Then Venus joins Mercury in Taurus, one of Venus's two home signs, on May 28 until the third week of June. So you'll have extra time and plenty of support to do all those Taurus things you want and need to do.

Taurus-Pisces Calendar Summary

Here's your Taurus-Pisces calendar summary for reference throughout this remarkable opportunity portal for 2022:

  • Act 1: now through April 29. Do all your Taurus-ing with a Pisces perspective and goal.
  • Act 2: April 30. New Moon in Taurus with solar eclipse and benefactors Venus and Jupiter merge in Pisces. A super powerful day and opportunity to start a beautiful new chapter in anything Taurus (or Pisces) related.
  • Act 3: May 2 - 24. Venus and Jupiter move into Aries and increase desire and drive to achieve all your Pisces dreams. Become a spiritual warrior, a selfless do-er. Watch for revelations around the May 15 full Moon eclipse.
  • Act 4: May 23 - June 22. Mercury and then Venus in Taurus help us make sense of our Taurus-Pisces experiences, smarten up practical matters, and stabilize relationships and values.

You can track the planetary positions throughout this period with the Current Planetary Positions chart - it updates in real time every time you refresh your browser.

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Hug Often, Love Well

I wish you a happy Taurus time, with plenty of enjoyment and new spiritual influxes courtesy of Pisces.

During this time of changes and new opportunities, remember to get physical. Enjoy being in your body and enjoy time in nature.

Most of all: hug often, love well. Consider writing this mandate down and posting it wherever you need reminders. It sounds simple, and it is, yet we all need a nudge now and then to let ourselves enjoy life's simple joys.

After all, their very simplicity also makes them utterly profound and potentially life changing.

For more help, tune deeply into Taurus energies now:

  1. See the Taurus Time article
  2. Use the Taurus Guided Meditation throughout this period

To revisit Pisces, check out the Pisces Time article and Pisces Guided Meditation, too!

Love and LOTS of lovely Taurus (and Pisces!) hugs to you.

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