Pisces Guided Meditation

All Is One, And One Is All

Pisces meditation watercolor painting by Anne Nordhaus-Bike-all-rights-reserved

During Pisces time, we feel strong impulses to pay attention to our intuition and experience what lies beyond material reality.

Each astrological sign is associated with a phrase, and for Pisces that phrase is "I believe." At its best, this energy manifests as a powerful belief in the truth of the unseen, in the power of dreams and higher consciousness, and in the value of unity on all planes of existence.

Pisces Meditation

Imagine yourself as a water lily. Your roots are your feet, and they anchor you in soft mud at the bottom of a pond. From your roots, long tendrils rise like legs through the water toward the light shining above the pond. On the surface, your reach extends sideways through your large green leaves; like hands, they rest upon the water and ripple gently when the air breezes by. From the water lily that you are, a flower grows and one day opens its face to the Sun. In your being, you are all of these elements: the earth of the mud, the water of the pond, the air of the breeze, and the fire of the Sun. Yet you are, simultaneously, a unity. As you realize this paradox, you find yourself expanding in consciousness, moving beyond the illusion of separation from other beings to feel your connection with all existence, everywhere in the universe. And then you feel and know the hidden truth that "all is one, and one is all."

Open Yourself To Your Inner, Spiritual Life

Now is the time to open yourself to your inner, spiritual life. You already have gifts of intuition and psychic connection with all life; as you accept, develop, and apply these gifts, you will be able to transcend obstacles and extend compassionate assistance to others. If you will take up this task, you will come to know why Pisces's ruler, Neptune, the mythical god who rules the vast oceans, often is called the Great Dissolver.

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