Taurus Guided Meditation

What Am I?

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During Taurus time, we feel intuitive impulses to respect our bodies and embrace the home we have upon Earth.

Each astrological sign is associated with a phrase, and for Taurus that phrase is "I have."

This energy may be expressed negatively via overspending, accumulating clutter, or even hoarding in order to feel secure. At its best, though, Taurus inspires us to achieve inner security and value spiritual progress so we do not feel the need to amass material riches beyond our true needs.

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Taurus Meditation

See yourself as the human body you are on the material plane. Feel the miracle of your physical self and how it communicates elegantly with your mind, emotions, and spirit. Now extend your consciousness beyond your body to nature and feel how alive every stone really is, how much life pulses in the soil, plants, and animals. Now extend your mind to Earth herself and imagine that you are she. Feel the heat of molten material at your core, the hardness of rocky mantle that encases that core, and the thin crust that serves as your skin. On that rich surface, feel the waters of oceans, the airs of winds, and the heat of sunlight. Feel the plants grow from your nourishing crust, and feel the footsteps of animals and humans living upon you. In that moment, know that you are material and yet spiritual and that you have all you need to live abundantly on both these planes.

Consider What You Truly Need And Value

Now is the time to consider what you truly need and what you really value. Already, you have received great gifts in the form of a human body and a human soul, and each day you enjoy nature's beauty as well as her bounty. You also have valuable resources in the relationships you have nurtured and the love you have accepted and shared. If you will take up the task of extending your love to all beings and all creation, you will come to understand why Taurus's ruler, the beautiful Venus who helps us attract and be attracted by others, is said to sweeten all that she touches.

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