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Perspective from the stars from Anne Nordhaus-Bike, the award winning "Astrologer Anne."

I write about current astrology, everyday life, and how to bring the wisdom of the stars into daily living. Come here to get my unique point of view and for all my important news - including advance notice about media appearances.

Mercury Retrograde - Live Readings June 26

Astrologer Anne returns to Ji Suk Yi's acclaimed show on WGN Radio this Friday, June 26, to update listeners on Mercury retrograde and take calls to give live readings. Get links for listening and full details now!

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Why June 2020 Is Making History

June 2020 is a turning point: see the Mercury retrograde, Venus retrograde, and eclipse astrology and event timelines for details on why we're making history around the world.

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Next Eclipses 2020

The 2020 lunar eclipses and solar eclipse in June and July are huge times for change - worldwide. Get exact dates, times, plus complete details on how they'll affect you.

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Graduation Gifts - Astrology Reports

Get the perfect gift for your graduate with an astrology report, Sun sign book, or astrology reading. It's easy and quick: order online and help your graduate find success and happiness in a the right job, career, and company!

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Venus Retrograde In Gemini 2020

Venus retrograde in Gemini is one of 2020's biggest stories. Just as powerful as Mercury retrograde, with pitfalls in love and money. See how to avoid Venus retrograde challenges and make the slowdowns work for you.

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Astrology, Live Readings - WGN Radio Fri., May 1

Get the latest astrology (especially the upcoming Venus retrograde and how it will affect you - plus live readings - Fri., May 1, when Anne returns to WGN Radio with details about current astrology and Venus retrograde in Gemini. Stream it live—or tune in WGN in Chicago. Call or text for chance for a personal reading.

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Lilac Time

Lilac time is on the way, but with staying at home the norm these days, a trip to see them won't be possible. So I'm enjoying lilacs virtually by reminiscing about past nature adventures to gaze at lilacs and drink in their scent.

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Fast And Easy

In challenging times, we need astrology more than ever. My new fast and easy astrology horoscope website makes it fun - and fast - to get what you need.

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Coronavirus Stages Of Grief

Constant shocks from the coronavirus's changes are creating massive loss, especially the loss of how life used to be, and creating profound grief. Get the facts about the stages of grief so you can find relief, start healing.

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Coronavirus Help

The coronavirus is turning life on earth upside down. Astrology predicted 2020 would bring this level of disruption - and the challenges and uncertainty we would face. Facts can help overcome fear: get the "cosmic" facts now.

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2020 Astrology - Live On WGN Radio Fri., Dec. 27

Get the latest astrology - and live readings - Fri., Dec. 27, when Anne returns to WGN Radio with details about 2020 astrology. Stream it live—or tune in WGN in Chicago. Call or text for chance for a personal reading.

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Black Friday Astrology - Live On WGN Radio, Fri., Nov. 29

Shop with the stars! Get live Black Friday horoscope readings Fri., Nov. 29, when Anne returns to WGN Radio, talking how to shop smart. Stream it live—or tune in WGN in Chicago. Call, text for chance for a personal reading.

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Horoscope Changes - 2019

We're taking a break from monthly horoscopes for a while. Until then, check out our other astrology services: get a fully custom reading - choose from 3 options. Or get your free birth chart or a personalized astrology report!

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Get Live Readings, Astrology Update Thurs. March 14

Get live horoscope readings Thurs., March 14, when Anne returns to WGN Radio with details on the Mercury retrograde in Pisces. Stream it live—or tune in WGN Radio in Chicago. Call or text for a chance to get a personal reading.

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8 Things I Learned While Forest Bathing

When I went on a "forest bathing" walk during Pisces time, I enjoyed learning about this nature relaxation experience from Japan. The big surprise was how much I learned about myself, especially my inner self and perspective.

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