Astrology 2020: Turning Point

Cosmic sky - October 2020 Astrology
2020's astrology is reaching its turning point during October.

If you're feeling even more stressed this month, read on to see why - and see ways to navigate October's seemingly constant demands.

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October's intense astrology comes after months of other astro happenings that set the stage for this time in history.

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October 2020 Astrology

October 2020 astrology has been filled with pressure, forcing us through a super narrow gate so we'll make those final, necessary changes before we begin a major new chapter.

Here's a recap of just how power packed October 2020 has been so far:

  • We started the month with a bang October 1 with a full Moon in "me first!" Aries sitting opposite the Sun in "let's cooperate!" Libra. You may have seen revelations in close relationships, from marriage to business partnerships, and from competitors. Neither Aries nor Libra was at its best in this full Moon, with Aries's ruling planet, Mars, retrograde (and frustrated) in its own sign and Libra's ruler, Venus, in Leo having a private mutual admiration session with the Sun in Libra. Together, they called into question everything from personal fulfillment to how we relate to others to essential values.
  • On October 4, powerful Pluto ended its retrograde in Capricorn, renewing its intense pressure on us to let go of structures and institutions that have outlived their usefulness. Aiding and abetting Pluto are Jupiter and Saturn, which ended their own retrogrades in Capricorn in late September. These three are pushing us to mature and get serious about making any changes we've put off. The time is NOW.
  • Meanwhile, the Sun in justice loving Libra and Mars in impulsive Aries have made difficult angles to each other (October 13) and to the heavy hitting planets in Capricorn (October 9, 11, 15, 18, and 19). No matter how you tried to keep the peace or get on with getting things done, you may have faced opposition, roadblocks, or intense inner conflict.
  • On October 13, Mercury went retrograde in Scorpio, adding to the slowdowns already in play from Mars's massive retrograde in its home sign, Aries. Neither Scorpio nor Aries is known for restraint, and with planets retrograde in these signs, you may have felt blocked, angry, and frustrated at not being able to get much done.
  • Uranus, the change artist, joined the fray from Taurus, staring down Mercury in Scorpio October 7 and 19. You may have had sudden changes or revelations about money or relationships.
  • A new Moon in Libra on October 16 offered a new start, but with Mercury and Mars both retrograde, it may have felt hard to get motivated and even harder to make anything happen. With Libra's ruling planet, Venus, in Virgo, your inner critic may have gone into overdrive or you may have felt like you were spinning your wheels or stuck in mental analysis.

More To Come In Late October

There's more pressurized astrology to come in late October.

So if you haven't already made the changes you must make, you may get another push or two to help you down the path you really need to take at this time in your life (and in human evolution).
  • October 22, the Sun leaves Libra for Scorpio, which will intensify just about everything and activate all the Capricorn planets already demanding change.
  • October 27, Mercury will retrograde from Scorpio into Libra, and Venus will move forward from Virgo into Libra. They'll converge in this sign from opposite ends of Libra, and because Venus rules Libra, she'll be in charge now, expecting not only peace but justice.
  • As if all these shifts aren't enough, on October 31, just in time for Halloween, we'll have a second full Moon in October, sending us out of this history making month with the same kind of bang with which we entered it. The Sun will be in intense Scorpio, with the Moon opposite in usually placid Taurus. Yet "anything could happen" Uranus will compound the drama, sitting nearly on top of the Moon and almost exactly opposite the Sun. Happy Halloween, indeed!

How To Manage This Life Changing Time

At a time like this, in a year like we've had, how do you manage this latest challenge? How do you make the most of this life changing time?

The principles of our culture's ubiquitous 12 step programs can help. If you've ever known anyone in recovery from addiction, you know how important it is to make true and lasting change - from the heart - to maintain serenity and move on to a happier life.

Here are some ideas on how to manage this current life changing season, based on the slogans and steps that have helped so many others conquer obstacles. 

Easy Does It - Nurture Your Moon

With two full Moons in October, this month's astrology carries super high energy and makes us even more sensitive than usual. 

Remember that "easy does it" really does the trick. Go easy on yourself and on others and keep your schedule as flexible and light as you can.

If you're out of balance, think back to what happened around the October 1 full Moon for clues on what you need to change to take better care of yourself. Also, go carefully in the week leading up to the Halloween full Moon and the days right afterward.

First Things First - Take Care Of Yourself

No matter how much life and other people try to demand from you or impose upon your life, put yourself first right now. That means prioritizing your own needs.

The Moon and all the planets in Capricorn will help you by making it obvious what's lacking or what's in excess. Restore balance by remembering to love yourself and treat your body, mind, and emotions with respect. Only when the body receives proper care can you have the mental and emotional strength to do the difficult work we're all called upon to do this month (and all this year).

Do That Searching Moral Inventory - Be Honest With Yourself, About Yourself

Alcoholics Anonymous's fourth step counsels participants to make "a searching and fearless moral inventory."

If you've never looked closely at yourself or questioned your opinions, beliefs, and actions, now is your big chance.

Sit in front of a mirror and think about your life. Write down where you've fallen short of your ideals or followed mistaken or outmoded life paths. Even if you're not ready to share this information with others, simply writing down your shortcomings will empower you immediately to begin transforming them into beautiful new qualities.

Make Amends - Repair Past Mistakes

If any of your thoughts, emotions, and actions have hurt others in any way, think about how you can make amends.

Both October's full Moons suggest relationships need major attention now, and you'll be in sync with planetary power and benefit from its inspiration if you work on improving interactions with others.

Also, this year's many retrogrades as well as the continuing emphasis on Capricorn energies indicate your timing is perfect for going back to the past. Revisit, even if only in your mind, the people, places, and things that cause you to wince or avoid personal honesty about your role in difficult situations or choices.

Use your creative power to figure out how to make amends for any errors. If any of your concerns involve people now deceased, turn to meditation and other spiritual techniques to ask forgiveness or to forgive others who hurt you in the past. Then "let go and let God."

Get Ready To Begin Welcoming In The New

No matter how big your personal to do list becomes, remember that life involves joy and fun.

Give yourself a break - and take breaks each day for an activity that pleases you and makes you smile. (Try one of my astro guided meditations - especially for Scorpio and Libra, because these two signs are key for all of us right now.)

In doing so, you'll prepare yourself to begin welcoming in the new. It's coming - and soon. Although we still have some bumps to navigate in 2020, glimmers of a vastly new future may begin appearing for you. You'll recognize them if you watch for what sparks joy in your heart.

Be Open To What You Least Expect

With so much Uranus influence in play this month and coming our way in 2021, we'll all benefit from being open to what we least expect.

After all, that's what Uranus delivers: the thing you never thought could happen, the "out of the blue" shift.

That change, whatever it may be, can be wonderful. Uranus's cosmic job is to free us from what's outworn its usefulness or kept us stuck. Opening to let that happen will make the end of this year more hopeful - and potentially more fun.

So get ready for a wild ride of finishing your personal homework and preparing for warp drive in the near future!

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