Jupiter In Capricorn Horoscope

Jupiter in Capricorn graphic for 2019-2020 with planet and sign symbols
Jupiter does most things in a big way, like its royal namesake, the king of the gods in ancient Rome. Capricorn takes a more ambitious and practical approach, giving a strong affinity with earth colors such as green and brown. Shown here are Jupiter's symbol in royal purple and Capricorn's symbol in forest green, against an earthy tan background.

Jupiter in Capricorn, 2019 - 2020

Jupiter in Capricorn is bringing us all into a time of destiny.

This planetary placement will give us a big contrast from the past year, when Jupiter moved through its home sign, Sagittarius. From Sagittarius's optimism and adventure, we're moving into a period of practicality that will demand patience and playing the long game. If we step up and do the work, we'll reap lasting rewards.

This cycle will last a little more than 12 months, giving us a time to take all our adventures, big dreams, and visionary thinking and ground them into some kind of form or foundation where they can take root, grow, and provide value.

Here’s your guide to the Jupiter in Capricorn cycle, which covers:

Bookmark this page so you can return here for guidance throughout Jupiter travels through Capricorn. If your birth chart has Jupiter in Capricorn, return to this article periodically for ongoing inspiration.

NOTE: To check in on the previous cycle, Jupiter in Sagittarius, to see how well you used its opportunities and energies, see my Jupiter In Sagittarius article now.

Jupiter In Capricorn Dates

Jupiter takes about 13 months to move through each sign of the zodiac.

The last time Jupiter toured Capricorn was December 18, 2007, through January 5, 2009. Think back to what was happening in your life then.

Look back at the earlier periods in the 1980s and 1990s; if you weren't born yet, find out what was happening in your family at that time.

You can use what you learn to decide how you want to use the current Jupiter in Capricorn opportunities.

Also, consider what was happening in the world in earlier Jupiter in Capricorn periods because you'll probably notice patterns or happenings that provide insights. As ideas or impressions come to you, take note of them so you can reflect on how you might apply them personally or in any efforts to help your community, country, or the world.

January 19, 1984 - February 6, 1985
January 3, 1996 - January 21, 1997
December 18, 2007 - January 5, 2009
December 2, 2019 - December 19, 2020
November 15, 2031 - November 29, 2032

Jupiter In Capricorn

About Jupiter

Jupiter is our solar system's biggest planet, which gives a clue to its major theme: expansion.

Jupiter inspires us to explore (the world, ourselves, other people - just about anything), go on adventures (either through travel or on the inner plane, through religious experiences), and improve ourselves (often through higher education). All these experiences expand our beings and our world because they help us grow.

At its best, Jupiter helps maintain order and governs wisely and mercifully. It ensures good harvests and loves abundance because its natural tendency is to give generously.

When out of balance, Jupiter overreacts and throws lightning bolts to smite enemies or wrongdoers. Generosity morphs into extravagance or even decadence as it pursues a materialistic vision of "the best" and gets distracted by "bright, shiny things."

Jupiter "rules" the astrological sign Sagittarius. This rulership means that, no matter where Jupiter roams throughout the zodiac, it affects Sagittarian people, places, and things - and influences the part of your chart that holds Sagittarius.

In this case, with Jupiter in Capricorn, Jupiter's adventures will affect all things Capricorn, yet ultimately we're likely to feel or see the outcome or effect wherever we have Sagittarius in our lives, as shown by our birth charts. It also will affect the Sagittarius types of people, places, and things we encounter. You can find out what areas of your life Sagittarius oversees by getting a copy of your personal birth chart.

Jupiter also is associated with the ninth house, which is where we expand through travel, higher education, legal matters, and foreign cultures. Regardless of what astrological sign oversees your ninth house, you'll encounter Jupiter and Sagittarius themes in this area. You can find out about your ninth house by getting a copy of your personal birth chart.

You can find out much more about your personal birth chart - and how Jupiter and Capricorn fit into your personal astrology - with an astrology report. See our reports section for tips on how to choose one that's best for you so you can find out all you need to know about your chart and how Jupiter's adventures in Capricorn will affect your life!

About Capricorn

Capricorn is a sober earth sign, famous for its dedication to work and career.

As a cardinal sign, Capricorn begins a season: winter in the northern hemisphere and summer in the southern. Cardinal signs promote leadership and bring the energy to launch new endeavors.

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, named for the ancient god who fathered Jupiter (who later overthrew Saturn). This sign brings a stern, parental energy associated with fathers and demands that we do our duty - rather than what we want to do. Over time, Capricorn and Saturn teach us how to align our unique nature with our role in life so that our particular duty feels right and becomes enjoyable.

Capricorn's symbol is the Goat, sometimes depicted as a rugged mountain goat and other times as the "Sea Goat," which has the land animal's head and horns along with a fish-like tail allowing it to exist in water as well as on land. Symbolically, the Sea Goat represents the water of consciousness, rising up to inspire and assist us with our work on land (the material plane, while we're incarnated).

Capricorn is associated with the bones, knees and other joints, skin, and teeth, suggesting Jupiter's stay here is a good time to pay more attention to these areas of our bodies.

It's also associated with the element lead and the colors black and gray, pointing to this sign's reserved and stoic nature. Capricorn also tends to enjoy nature, especially on solitary walks, and is linked to pines, willows, aspens, and elms.

Time, deadlines, and punctuality also fall under Capricorn's governance. That's partly why this sign is linked so strongly with CEOs, business owners, and military and government leaders. This emphasis on "time is money" and "use time wisely" also extends to how we make the most of our lives, as Capricorn is associated with old people and old age - a time for reviewing life and taking action to finish projects or eliminate any regrets.

Capricorn And The Tenth House: Career, Reputation

Capricorn is associated with the tenth house, which governs our public life and how we're perceived by people who don't know us.

The cusp (or edge where the tenth house begins) of this house is called the midheaven, which indicates where the Sun was at noon on the day you were born. The midheaven, therefore, is the highest point of the Sun's journey on your day of birth, so it shows where you can rise highest and be noticed, rewarded, or of service to others during your lifetime.

As a result, the tenth house figures strongly in how we make a living and turn it into a career - what we become known for. It also shows where and how we earn honors and recognition such as professional awards or honorary positions.

In addition, the tenth house suggests why and how we want to give back through service to others. Through this part of your birth chart, you can help your community or nation by volunteering or running for office or by mentoring others or building a business that will outlive you and provide for many others to prosper and provide their own service to the world.

Heavy Hitters: Saturn And Pluto Also In Capricorn

Two of astrology's heavy hitters, Saturn and Pluto, will make this cycle of Jupiter in Capricorn extra powerful, intense, and memorable.

This planetary pileup of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto brings extraordinary, longterm emphasis on all things Capricorn. It's like a cosmic billboard saying, "Pay attention! Get your feet on the ground! Invest in longterm solutions!"

With this combination, we have to operate step by step, and we must not cut corners nor accept shoddy work. The only way to win with Capricorn is to accept the need for discipline and consistent, sustained effort.

Also, anything we do or create must come from a spirit of integrity and be in alignment with our true nature. Otherwise, it will not last - and will create negative karma that Saturn and Pluto will see to it that we pay.

Saturn In Capricorn

Saturn in Capricorn will help us all do what we must because this planet rules this sign and loves being there.

Saturn is said to be "exalted" by rulership in Capricorn, meaning its powers and gifts can be expressed much more readily while traveling through this sign.

That means it will be much easier to embrace both Saturn's and Capricorn's best traits: patience, discipline, self-denial in pursuit of a longterm goal, stoicism, and maturity.

Saturn entered Capricorn December 19, 2018, so you're already experiencing this energy. It remains there until March 21, 2020, when it enters Aquarius. Saturn also will return briefly to Capricorn for a final gift of its ambition and integrity from July 1 through December 16, 2020.

Pluto In Capricorn

Pluto, the tiny but mighty planet of our solar system, also is moving through Capricorn.

Pluto in Capricorn brings tremendous power, determination, and focus to all that we do on the material plane.

This planet also is associated with the soul and life's deepest mysteries, suggesting the need to delve into our inner lives so we can align them with our vocation. Daring to dig and look at the dark corners of our inner selves (and all the darkness in the world) brings many rewards - including the will and the means to transmute darkness through the light of the soul (and hard work).

Pluto first entered Capricorn for this current cycle on November 26, 2008. It remains there until March 23, 2023, when it will enter Aquarius.

Because of retrograde motion, Pluto will return to Capricorn twice more before settling into Aquarius fully: June 11, 2023 through January 20, 2024 and September 1 through November 19, 2024. These two final tours of Pluto in Capricorn will help us finish up anything we must before moving on to Aquarian themes and work.

Capricorn And Sagittarius, Saturn And Jupiter: Reshape Society

The combination of Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn, coming on the heels of Jupiter's year in Sagittarius, will reshape society.

Saturn and Jupiter are known as the "social planets" in astrology because they express their energies through our relationships and interactions with other people, such as in our community, city, or nation (and the world).

Both Saturn and Jupiter drive us to come together in groups - often hierarchical ones such as the military, corporations, religions, or universities - to learn, teach, work, study, and grow up. In the process, we affect others, and they affect us. And along the way, we have opportunities to grow wise and rise into higher positions of responsibility to pass our gifts on to others through leadership.

In all these ways, we come together as social beings. Together, we change and grow in ways that change how society operates.

How Jupiter Expresses Itself In Capricorn

How Jupiter expresses itself in Capricorn can feel much more subdued than the wide open, "anything goes" quality of Jupiter in Sagittarius we've experienced over the past year. Jupiter has been very happy in this spot, as Sagittarius is the sign it rules and therefore the place it feels at home.

Jupiter is a convivial, optimistic planet that wants to expand everything it touches. It's uncomfortable in Capricorn, however, because this sign forces us to contain our energy and regulate behavior. Capricorn seeks to apply order and structure and to eliminate waste and anything that's not essential, while Jupiter favors abundance and a process that can appear highly inefficient unless we understand its main goal is to maximize experience to help us grow, understand, and create meaning.

In Capricorn, Jupiter will need to direct its energies through established channels or organizations such as large institutions, government bodies, or big companies. Following rules and operating with integrity and a strong sense of ethics will be key. Rather than making things up as we go along, we'll get better results by taking everything one step at a time, according to a plan.

Along the way, it's possible that Jupiter's natural vibrancy and questing spirit may dim under the heavy burdens Capricorn imposes. We'll all need to keep Jupiter's bright light burning in our lives by remember the big picture and taking inspiration from the most visionary aspects of our work and lives to keep motivated and stay the course.

If we can do that, we'll keep Jupiter and its energies freer and more available to us. We'll also have the satisfaction of building something truly great and grand. Once we finish, Capricorn (and his demanding ruler, Saturn) likely will reward us. First, though, we must do the work!

Perhaps the greatest gift we'll earn: a deep sense of mastery related to whatever we focus on this coming year. So choose well and get to work - but remember to make whatever you do enjoyable by aligning it with your true self and heart's desires.

Think Big, But Get Real: Jupiter In Capricorn Themes

Jupiter loves what's big and bold, making it easy to think big.

All during Jupiter's time in Sagittarius (November 8, 2018 through December 2, 2019), we've been able to think HUGE because Jupiter rules Sagittarius and therefore is most at home, most happy here - and most apt to exercise its visionary power, exuberance, and optimism.

This planet also brings tremendous nobility and leadership to its mandate of expansion. Now, in Capricorn, those traits can find ways toward expression in the material world, where they can benefit many, many people and causes.

This planetary placement asks us to plow Jupiter's natural "can do" spirit, optimism, and lofty perspective into everything we undertake. Jupiter in Capricorn is our best opportunity in 12 years to apply formal education, life experience, and good will to the world's most vexing problems to create remarkable and elegantly simple solutions.

Jupiter also will expand efforts to improve our lives through streamlining (including shedding excess weight and unneeded or unused belongings) and using ingenuity and "do it yourself" to make do with less (even when we can afford to buy a product or solution).

Here are some Capricorn areas ripe for reform and renewed joy through Jupiter's ministrations and deep sense of ethics:

  • Conservation
  • Natural resources
  • Stewardship of Earth, especially its coldest places and mountain areas
  • Geriatrics and the role of elders
  • Old age and how we manage the body's natural decline and death
  • The hospice and funeral industries
  • Anything associated with time, "Father Time," including watches, clocks
  • Architecture and all building trades
  • Construction methods, especially for foundations
  • Historic preservation
  • Adaptive reuse, especially for deconsecrated religious sites
  • Mining, stone quarries
  • Big business
  • Government
  • Officials, politicians
  • The military (and all hierarchical entities)
  • Borders (including for countries), boundaries, gates and gatekeepers
  • Etiquette, courtesy, and customs to make relationships better defined and more formal
  • Personal habits, including more diligence to support health, stabilize weight
  • Public life

In addition, Jupiter's time through Capricorn will affect (and potentially improve or express) all things Sagittarian by focusing Jupiterian energies on realistic goals. Here are a few areas where we may see changes:

  • Higher education
  • Religion
  • Ethics
  • Teaching
  • Gurus, the New Age
  • Philosophy
  • Travel
  • All things international
  • Global politics, cooperation
  • Lawyers, courts, judges, and the legal profession
  • Horses, ranching
  • Publishing, Media, And Advertising

Jupiter In Capricorn Horoscopes

How Jupiter's Time In Capricorn Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

On a personal level, how Jupiter in Capricorn affects you depends on your zodiac sign.

Here's what's in store from December 2, 2019, through December 19, 2020, for each zodiac sign:

  • Aries: Your career and reputation can expand dramatically, Aries, thanks to Jupiter and the other planets in Capricorn. Already busy at work, you'll become even more in demand, perhaps with a book deal or extra visibility as a guru in your field. You may travel more, perhaps to scout locations for expanding your business or to meet with joint venture partners overseas. You may grab attention through media appearances, press interviews, or other publicity, and your exploits could earn you bigger recognition, so apply for a prestigious award or other honors. Remember to give attention to family and friends, no matter how busy work becomes, because loved ones will help you stay happy and healthy on your climb to the top.
  • Taurus: Controlled expansion will win the day, Taurus. Jupiter joins Saturn and Pluto in your ninth house, the area naturally associated with Jupiter and its sign, Sagittarius. If you want to get a degree, enter an elite graduate program, or teach at a university, take action because these planets will support your efforts. Otherwise, you'll buckle down happily to make progress on international concerns related to business, marketing, the legal profession, or big media. You may travel more for work or go on more vacations, perhaps working ones. If you've written an article or book, seek introductions to publishers; you'll work hard to please them, but you'll reap lasting rewards.
  • Gemini: Money, money, money! Gemini, Jupiter brings its growth orientation to your eighth house of shared money, helping you cultivate financial success in new ways. If you're involved in a legal matter, perhaps related to child custody or an ex, do the work to work it out so you can put this chapter behind you after this year. Otherwise, use Jupiter's broad vision to rethink everything from insurance and credit card debt to mortgages and other loans. Find a new finance professional if necessary, or get an introduction to a new attorney so you can redo your will. Think long term, and get good advice before signing anything, especially if you earn money through commissions or royalties, because what you agree to now will have far reaching consequences.
  • Cancer: All the planets in Capricorn will stack up in your marriage and partnership house, Cancer, so if you're in a relationship your partner may be consumed with work demands this next year. Besides long hours, your spouse may need to travel more, and you may need to handle more duties at home; make the most of this situation by going along on trips if you can. Otherwise, keep romance warm and take your beloved's mind off career pressures by meeting for lunch or late dinners for intimate date nights when the work is done. If you're not in a relationship, use Jupiter's energy to meet someone new, perhaps an older person from another country or culture. Otherwise, Jupiter's vibrations can help you find a new business partner or advisor such as a corporate attorney or CPA.
  • Leo: Leo, this year is your chance to get ahead at work, as Jupiter will bring enthusiasm and bigger perspective to your job house. Set new and much higher goals, then use all the Capricorn energies to go after them steadily and methodically. Streamline all work processes and, if you run your own business, take your time and study the numbers intently before buying anything new or expanding your office. Get serious about saving for retirement - hire a financial planner to help. These energies also will help you organize your daily routine and improve habits to support excellent health, so upgrade nutrition and exercise and see dental and other health practitioners as needed.
  • Virgo: Of all the zodiac signs, Virgo, you're most likely this year to see the upside of the extra demands and hard work Jupiter in Capricorn will bring. Jupiter will energize your pleasures house and bring greater warmth here to balance the sobriety of Saturn and the intensity of Pluto. Tap Jupiter to rewrite old scripts about duty and make new meaning from being responsible, mature, and ethical. Use this year to uplevel whatever you do for fun, from hobbies and sports to concerts and plays. More serious entertainment will appeal. You may take on new responsibility by having a child; if you already have children, they may become more independent or leave the nest. If you want a relationship, you might attract someone older if you grow into your best self or work dating sites or apps diligently.
  • Libra: Home and family will preoccupy you all year, as Jupiter joins your crowded fourth house of home. Jupiter will increase your ability to handle responsibility and remain unruffled, so you might oversee major construction or remodeling to shore up your home's foundation, finish the basement, or get your place ready for sale. You also might enter the real estate business or buy an investment property. If you have extended family nearby, you might take on hosting family holidays to relieve elderly parents or other relatives; enjoy their stories of the old days and consider starting a family history. Conducting business at home also will find favor, so if you work for someone else, make your case to work at home or create a plan to start your own company.
  • Scorpio: This year may find you on the go constantly as Jupiter revs up your house that oversees communication, siblings, and short trips. You may travel more for business to nearby towns, or the need to help a brother or sister could have you shuttling to a sib's house frequently to check in. Jupiter will add spark to the other planets here in Capricorn, Scorpio, giving you a flair for the dramatic in all communications. You can develop impressive public speaking and writing skills this year, so consider taking a class or hiring a coach. Your emails and texts may become more formal, and others could see you as more reserved, but embrace this chance to step into greater gravitas and make your mark through the written word.
  • Sagittarius: Sagittarius, Jupiter is your guiding planet, so however he goes, you go, too. With Jupiter in Capricorn, joining sober Saturn and persistent Pluto, you'll have all you need to improve your bottom line, as Capricorn oversees your earning power and personal spending. Where Saturn and Pluto can do without and even enjoy austerity, Jupiter needs some fun in life, so you'll strike a better balance between strict adherence to a budget and occasional mini splurges to remind you why you work so hard. Jupiter will expand whatever you focus on, so put your mind on worthy goals at work and use Capricorn's dedication to stay on track. If you want a raise or promotion, revisit the value you bring to your company and then make your case. Invest in art while traveling or special items related to your spiritual path - buy the best you can afford so they'll last a lifetime.
  • Capricorn: With the pileup of planets in your sign, Capricorn, you'll project a mighty aura that commands respect and could win you a leadership role at work or in the community. Jupiter in your first house of personality and presence will help you avoid any temptation to pursue goals at any cost, making it easier to take your time and remain philosophical about your career and life goals. Remain in integrity, whatever you do this year. Jupiter's energies, combined with Saturn and Pluto, may inspire you to become more involved in large efforts to improve society, perhaps through philanthropy or else by running for office. Consider a makeover or wardrobe upgrade to reflect new and lofty goals. Persistence will pay off, even if it takes time!
  • Aquarius: Most of the action will be behind the scenes this year, Aquarius, with Jupiter and the other Capricorn planets energizing your twelfth house of privacy. If you're not already spending more time alone, Jupiter's presence will press the matter, prompting you to take a retreat (perhaps at a mountain hideaway). These planets also will demand you get serious about spirituality and make time for meditation or journaling. With your own planet, unpredictable Uranus, in your house of home, you might move or remodel so you can have a meditation space. The Capricorn energies also can help you boost career goals by working secretly to develop your own business or oversee a hush hush project for your boss. Give everything you've got, and more, because hard work will earn rewards down the road.
  • Pisces: Pisces, friends and acquaintances will help you go places this year! All the Capricorn planets will fill your friendship and networking house, turning relationship building into a major pastime. Everything you do to build ties with others can help your career, so go to industry events, business networking groups, and charitable activities and mingle with everyone you encounter. If you want to join an exclusive professional club or other organization, use Jupiter's luck and Saturn's savvy to apply for membership. Make time for friends, and apply Capricorn's streamlining gifts to organize your contacts and stay in regular communication with pals as well as work connections. If you travel, socialize because new connections may play key roles in the future.

NOTE: For a refresher on the previous cycle, when Jupiter made its way through Sagittarius, see my Jupiter In Sagittarius article now.

Jupiter In Capricorn: Time Of Destiny

This is our time of destiny.

It's time to walk our talk and put our philosophy, faith, and big ideas into practice.

The past year of Jupiter in Sagittarius helped all of us expand on every plane - including growing our vision for how we want our lives and our world to be.

Now it's time to get down to work to turn noble ideas and just truths into reality.

All the Capricorn energy will mean we must work steadily and hard, avoiding quick fixes or short term thinking in favor of systemic changes and devotion to worthy, long term goals.

Jupiter will help us keep the faith and remember the purpose behind all our efforts, while Saturn and Pluto will give us the strength and patience and endurance to finish the job.

By the end of 2020, our lives, communities, and the world at large will appear quite different. Let's make this tour of Jupiter through Capricorn one we can be proud of - and one for the history books. Just imagine our descendants looking back on our work and marveling at what we had the courage to undertake and accomplish.

Embrace your destiny. Together, let's see what we can build!

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