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An astrology report for your birth chart is one of the best investments you can make. Find out why - and see the different types to decide the best one for you.

Karmic Past Life Report

What you don't know about your karma and past lives can hurt you in this lifetime. Get the details (including your blessings from "good karma") in the Karmic Past Life Report.

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Birth Chart Reports - The Top Three Kinds

Your birth chart is filled with mysterious symbols. But what do they mean? A personalized astrology report can help you understand your chart and its symbols. Find out the top three kinds of astrology and horoscope reports.

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How To Choose An Astrology Report

An astrology horoscope report helps you plan your life, based on your birth chart. Natal, compatibility, forecast: which type is best for you? That depends on what you want to learn. Here's my advice on how to choose a report.

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Business Compatibility - Cosmo Compatibility Report

For career success, you need good working relationships. You can create great ones by using the Cosmo Compatibility Report to manage challenges while building on your mutual strengths.

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Vocational Guidance Report

For getting ahead in your career, you need a specialized astrology report. The Vocational Guidance Report helps identify your true vocation, perfect career, and best job! It's indispensable for career happiness.

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Many Happy Returns Solar Return Report

Your birthday brings a super powerful time because you start your new personal year then. That makes it a perfect time for a horoscope report. Try the Many Happy Returns Solar Return report and make this your best year ever.

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Starlight Solutions Forecast Report

Astrology can be incredibly useful because it helps you plan ahead. The Starlight Solutions Forecast Report gives you the details you need for planning your life and work. Get the 3-month detailed version or 12-month highlights.

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Cosmo Compatibility Report Love Forecast

Get an astrology love forecast for you and your partner and see what you have in common. The Cosmo Compatibility Report compares your charts to show strengths as a couple, best ways to have fun, and how to overcome differences.

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Life Path Natal Report

Getting in depth details about your birth chart usually requires an exact birth time. But the Life Path Natal Report is different: you don't need your birth time to get deep data on all planets, signs, elements, and aspects.

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Indra Natal Report

The Indra Natal Report gives you the "gold standard" when it comes to comprehensive astrology birth chart reports. It gives you 12 chapters filled with details about your zodiac sign and chart—plus all planet positions.

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Major Life Themes Natal Report

Find out your life's biggest themes so you can create the best life possible. The Major Life Themes astrology birth chart report uses a unique, in depth technique to identify the main areas for you to focus on in your lifetime.

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