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Indra Natal Report

Astrology birth chart reports Indra Natal Report

The Indra Natal Report is the most comprehensive birth chart report available. It's the "gold standard" when it comes to in-depth detail and thoroughness. But it does require an exact birth time.

To get your birth time, see the suggestions in How Can I Find Out My Birth Time?

What You'll Find In The Indra Report

For the most comprehensive interpretation available in any computerized report, select the Indra Natal Report. It gives you full details about your birth chart and even teaches you about those mysterious astrology terms such as "houses," "hemispheres," and "aspects."

Here's what this report provides:

  • 12 sections or chapters reflecting the 12 basic areas of your life.
  • What each planet actually means in your life, based on its sign and house placement.
  • Your life's structure and intent, based on your chart's strengths and emphasis for hemisphere, quadrants, elements, and modes.
  • Your chart's "power points", the ascendant and midheaven.
  • How all your planets and points are related, based on the geometrical relationships or "aspects" between them.
  • A helpful, detailed summary at the end, telling you your uniqueness, your easiest areas of life, your challenges in this lifetime, and your karmic direction.
  • A table of definitions giving you a a helpful reference you'll return to again and again to see the significance of the planets, the signs, and the houses, and the aspects. Just reviewing this section from time to time will give you a wonderful education in the basics of astrology.
  • A complete list of all the positions for all the planets at the exact moment you were born. You'll refer to this list again and again, as you track the planets each day, month, and year - and see how the current planets' positions affect your birth chart planets and influence your life here and now.
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How The Indra Report Can Help You

This Indra Natal Report gives you an outstanding foundation for self-understanding. It presents a psychological mirror of your life by interpreting the astronomical symbols present at your moment of birth. It describes your basic motivations, perceptions, inclinations, and character from a number of different perspectives giving a highly accurate composite view of your life.

It also covers your contradictory urges and drives as well as your chief areas of focus. You'll find that you understand yourself better by studying your report. Your Indra report even gives you guidelines for personal improvement and self discovery.

Your life can improve quickly and dramatically if you apply the Indra Report's suggestions. You also can raise your aspirations as you seek a better life, enjoy a deeper self-understanding, and even resolve inner conflicts and contradictions.

You'll Need Your Exact Time Of Birth

You'll need your exact time of birth to get the Indra Natal Report. That's because the in-depth details it provides depend on having the utmost accuracy for birth time in order to calculate important astrology for you such as your ascendant and your midheaven (two of the "power points" in your chart).

If you don't already have your birth time, see the suggestions in How Can I Find Out My Birth Time?

See A Sample Report Now

You can see a sample of this report now. Visit our online astrology report and chart service and see the General Natal Reports section; see the Indra Natal Report and click the pink "View Sample" button to see a sample report.

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An astrology report can help you enjoy "living in harmony" by helping you know your personal astrology better. It's one of the best ways to understand who you are and why you're here in this lifetime.

And THAT gives you the precious gift of knowing how to be your very best self, living up to all that your soul yearns to express.

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Let the Indra Natal Report help you dig deeper into your personal astrology. As you refer to it over the months and years ahead, you’ll find yourself "living in harmony," easily, naturally, and beautifully.

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