Major Life Themes Natal Report

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The Major Life Themes Report gives you a brief interpretation of your birth chart and describes the major themes in your life. It's a concise yet in-depth report about your birth chart.

You don’t need your exact time of birth to get it, but if you have the time you’ll get a bit more data. To get your birth time, see the suggestions in How Can I Find Out My Birth Time?

What You'll Find In The Major Life Themes Report

With the Major Life Themes Natal Report, you get a short yet highly profound list of your life's key areas of focus.

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Here's what this report provides:

  • The top themes of your chart, presented approximately in the order in which they are a priority in your life.
  • The major planetary relationships in your chart, using a special system of mathematical relationships called harmonics.
  • Concise descriptions of each major three-planet pattern or relationship, giving you a great summary of important resources available to you in this lifetime.
  • A complete list of all the positions for all the planets at the exact moment you were born. You'll refer to this list again and again, as you track the planets each day, month, and year - and see how the current planets' positions affect your birth chart planets and influence your life here and now.
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How This Report Is Calculated

This report examines planetary patterns formed by the mathematical relationships among planets, based on how those planets are connected mathematically in terms of geometrical relationships within the circle of the zodiac. Each pattern consists of three planets, and the pattern provides a midpoint structure in which a planet forms one of the following aspects to the midpoint of two other planets:

  • Conjunct (in the same degree of the same zodiac sign) or opposite (180 degrees apart), with an "orb" or variance of 2 degrees
  • Square (90 degrees apart), with an orb of 1 1/2 degrees
  • Semi-square (45 degrees apart) or sesquiquadrate (135 degrees apart), with an orb of 1 degree
  • 1/16, 3/16, 5/16, or 7/16 apart with an orb of 30 minutes (half a degree)

Also, the three planets in each pattern are in a mathematical relationship or "aspect" to each other in the same harmonic.

The Major Life Themes Report analyzes the harmonics 1 through 64, and any doubling of these numbers, such as 120 which is a double of 60, up to 180. In total, it analyzes 180 harmonics. In the harmonic chart, all three aspects fall within a 12 degree orb. Also, this report interprets any midpoint structure involving a conjunction or opposition aspect that comes within a 1 1/2 degree orb, even if a harmonic triangle is not involved.

As you can see, this report uses a unique, in-depth technique. Yet the result is a short, easy to read document that can inspire a lifetime of reflection about your birth chart and your life.

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How The Major Life Themes Report Can Help You

This Major Life Themes Natal Report gives you a valuable resource that describes critical astrological influences in your life.

With this knowledge, you have the opportunity to express these energy patterns in the best possible way. You also have the tools you need to help avoid any tendencies to repress, block, or avoid important issues or to work against your own best interests.

You will find this report helps clarify issues in your life and encourages you to master your life rather than be a victim of circumstances.

Birth Time Not Needed - But Helpful If You Have It

You can benefit from this report even if you don't know what time you were born. But if you do have your birth time, it will provide a bit more information for you.

If you don't already have your birth time, see the suggestions in How Can I Find Out My Birth Time?

See A Sample Report Now

You can see a sample of this report now. Visit our online astrology report and chart service and see the General Natal Reports section; see the Major Life Themes Natal Report and click the pink "View Sample" button to see a sample report.

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Those details are life's keys to happiness. They're the precious knowledge you must have to be your very best self, living up to all that your soul yearns to express.

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Let the Major Life Themes Natal Report help you go deeper within. You'll refer to it in the months and years ahead, again and again. As you do, you’ll realize that you're living in harmony more and more—and so easily and naturally.

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