Jupiter In Sagittarius - Dates, Details, Horoscopes

Jupiter in Sagittarius graphic for horoscopes with planet and sign symbols
Sagittarius is associated with amethysts and turquoise as well as jewel like colors including purple and rich red. Shown here are Jupiter's symbol in purple and Sagittarius's symbol in red, against a turquoise background.

Jupiter in Sagittarius takes us out of Scorpio’s intense depths and into a new cycle of optimism and adventure.

This cycle lasts 13 months, giving us a time to lighten up and think big as we explore Sagittarius themes such as joy, truth, and freedom. This period also can support our quest for meaning by seeking understanding, creating a grander vision for our lives, and taking a good look at what we believe and why. In addition, this period reminds us how important faith and hope are and how we honor them through spiritual traditions, higher learning, and connections with cultures different from our own.

Here’s your guide to the Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle, which covers:

  • Jupiter In Sagittarius Dates
  • About Jupiter, Sagittarius, And The Ninth House
  • Jupiter In Sagittarius: A Word Of Caution
  • Think Big: Jupiter In Sagittarius Themes
  • Jupiter In Sagittarius Horoscopes (see how it will affect each sign of the zodiac)

Bookmark this page so you can return here for guidance throughout the Jupiter in Sagittarius time. If your birth chart has this placement, return to this article periodically for ongoing inspiration.

NOTE: For a refresher on the previous cycle, when Jupiter made its way through Scorpio, see my Jupiter In Scorpio article now.

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Jupiter In Sagittarius Dates

Here are dates for recent and upcoming passages of Jupiter in Sagittarius. Think back to what was happening in your life during prior periods to decide how you want to use the current and future Jupiter in Sagittarius opportunities.

Also, think about what was happening in world events during the most recent Jupiter in Sagittarius period. Those occurrences offer clues to later cycles and may spark ideas you can apply personally.

December 25, 1982 - January 19, 1984
December 9, 1994 - January 3, 1996
November 23, 2006 - December 18, 2007
November 8, 2018 - December 2, 2019
October 22, 2030 - November 15, 2031

About Jupiter, Sagittarius, And The Ninth House


Jupiter, the generous giant of our solar system, is named for the Roman king of the gods. It’s the planet of abundance, harvests, affluence, and even extravagance. It loves "the best" and the biggest and brightest, whether that’s on the material plane through money and expensive objects or on the spiritual one through inner work, personal progress and mastery, spiritual meaning, and attunement with angels or ascended masters.

Jupiter brings a sense of protection because it operates as a source of good fortune and nobility. These traits can appear as inner qualities, outer conditions, or people who enter our lives to help and guide us. Teachers, benefactors, patrons, clergy, rich or wise people, judges, aristocrats, advisors, and other people we can learn from are associated with this planet.


Jupiter has an affinity with the zodiac sign Sagittarius, as it rules this sign. Sagittarius is a fire sign known for its optimism, honesty, adventurousness, love of freedom, and questing spirit.

In ancient times, before humanity learned about Neptune, astrologers also assigned Jupiter to rule the zodiac sign Pisces. In modern times, we can consider Jupiter a co-ruler of Pisces, giving us another dimension of this jovial, generous planet. Pisces is a water sign, renowned for its compassion, imagination, intuition, spiritual nature, and elusive personality.

Both Sagittarius and Pisces are mutable signs. That means they come at the end of seasons and help us make the transition between one season and the next. To do that, they carry strong powers of change, as indicated by the word "mutable," which has the same root as mutation and transmutation and suggests their changeable nature. In general, mutable signs allow us to let go and move on, and they bring great flexibility and versatility to whatever they do.

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The Ninth House

In addition, Jupiter carries an association with the ninth house because its primary sign, Sagittarius, is the ninth sign and governs this area. The ninth house tells us how and where we expand, regardless of what sign we have in that house in our personal birth chart.

One of the most important ways we expand is through contact with people from other cultures and geographical locations. The ninth house governs all things international, helping us make contact with the big, wide world beyond our immediate circle of friends and local community. For example, it’s associated with overseas travel, international cuisines, people from other countries, foreign exchange and trade, and the means we use to connect with all these opportunities such as visas and passports.

This house also concerns higher education, another important means to expand and broaden our horizons. All things involving advanced academics, such as colleges, universities, professors, degrees, and noted experts in any field come under this area. Religion, belief, faith, and philosophy also expand and change us, and these subjects are associated with the ninth house because, like education, they expand consciousness.

In addition, the ninth house governs large scale communication through broadcasting, publishing, publicity, and advertising. All these shape our perceptions and foster beliefs, for good or ill, making it important to question what we read and hear before forming opinions or making judgments.

All these areas will expand during Jupiter’s sojourn in Sagittarius so we can become aware of them consciously. With awareness, we have enormous opportunities to decide how to respond and where to focus Sagittarius’s visionary gifts and ability to grow and Jupiter’s faith in optimism and a better future.

Jupiter In Sagittarius: A Word Of Caution

Jupiter loves being in Sagittarius, its own sign and the place it feels most at home. Jupiter oversees all things Sagittarius, and in astrology we refer to any planet overseeing a sign as being its "ruler" or "ruling planet."

A planet in the sign in rules carries great power because it has freedom to express itself fully. It doesn’t have to answer to any other planet to help carry out its wishes or work through any other zodiac sign or other house in a given astrological chart or horoscope to express its powers and potentials.

At the same time, we need to keep in mind that a planet in its own sign can act as a double edged sword. Although its strength can bring exceptional expression of the planet’s most noble and constructive potential, that same strength can make it too easy to operate unconsciously or fall into bad habits. If we're not paying attention, we could manifest frivolous, negative, and even destructive thoughts, words, and actions if we give in to the planet’s or sign’s extremes or lower tendencies.

For example, both Jupiter and Sagittarius are associated with abundance. When Jupiter travels through Sagittarius, we have an opportunity to direct these energies benevolently by thinking and speaking well of others and their virtues to create abundant good will and even greater virtue through setting a fine example. Or by sharing what we have generously with friends and family and even strangers to ensure all enjoy the spirit of plenty. We also can think on a grand scale by applying generosity to philanthropy through serving on a non-profit board of directors, endowing a scholarship, supporting scientific research, or donating regularly to support worthy religious and educational institutions.

On the other hand, if we take our good fortune for granted, come to expect it as our due, or judge others who have less, we may lose some or all of our wealth by failing to exercise gratitude, modesty, and good stewardship of all we have been given. Also, abundance can turn into excess if we focus only on increasing some aspect of life without careful thought on why, what it means, and how it can benefit others as well as ourselves. Think about what it feels like when you overeat rich food, which can cause discomfort and eventually health problems. That same experience applies to anything that we overdo, and both Jupiter and Sagittarius have strong tendencies toward excess.

As you read the rest of this article, pay attention to the most constructive, beautiful opportunities the next 13 months will offer and seize them however makes sense for you. In each case, consider the potential downside of an opportunity if you take it too far or fall into old habits or negative thinking. Resolve to avoid these traps so you can enjoy life’s highest and best expressions.

Also, set aside regular periods for reflection and meditation over the next 13 months to tap into your higher mind and wisdom. Seek guidance and new inspirations in solitude and turn within when you need to feel uplifted.

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Think Big: Jupiter In Sagittarius Themes

How can Jupiter’s nobility and opportunity to expand us and our horizons play out during its time in Sagittarius?

This planetary placement asks us to set aside gloomy, fearful thinking and embrace optimism. Jupiter in Sagittarius is our best opportunity in 13 years to be receptive to inspiring visions, the greatest good for all, and natural urges toward philanthropy and devotion.

It’s time to think bigger than we’ve ever allowed ourselves before.

Belief, Faith, And Wisdom

This year, take a look at your beliefs. For many people, that means religious beliefs, and Jupiter and Sagittarius are both linked to morality, religion, clergy, and houses of worship. If you’ve never examined your faith tradition, now is your opportunity. As you explore, see if your beliefs and traditions still have power and meaning or whether they feel like empty rituals and ceremonies. Also, do you seek meaning outside yourself rather than within, or do you look to others, especially those in positions of authority, to tell you what to think and believe instead of making up your own mind? Whatever you learn in your reflections, use it to strengthen your inner life and refine your thinking and actions to support higher good. If you do this work well, you can avoid empty dogma and turn inherited beliefs and superficial faith into a powerful, living, spiritual experience of the divine and its capacity for leading you toward tolerance and wisdom.

Learning And Teaching

If you never had the chance to go to college or finish a degree, take this powerful opportunity to go (or go back) to school. If you already have one or more degrees, or are not interested in higher education at this time, Jupiter in Sagittarius offers a potent chance to adopt the spirit of lifelong learning through new experiences, people, and places. Take a class, travel to a far off place, research other cultures, try foreign foods, or volunteer to teach others such as helping immigrants learn your country’s language. You also may decide to share your business or other professional experience by teaching at a local college, becoming active in an alumni organization, or taking a position in an industry group or scientific society. As you share with others, especially young people, you will learn and probably find you receive far more than you give. This cycle also offers a perfect time to explore the higher mind, metaphysics, science, and intuition as a prelude to creating your personal philosophy of life. You may enjoy learning about ancient philosophers at this time to see which ones appeal to you most.


Keep an eye on your health. More people may experience concerns related to areas associated with Sagittarius: the hips, liver, thighs, sciatic nerves, sacral area, arteries, and blood pressure. As Jupiter magnifies these concerns, we could see new research to help overcome them as well as breakthroughs on diseases related to excess of any kind, such as obesity, sports injuries, high blood pressure, circulation, liver and gallbladder problems, and adrenal issues.


Interest in legal matters may run high. With Jupiter, Sagittarius, and the ninth house strongly linked to law, including arbitration, the courts, trials, juries, and high courts such as America's Supreme Court, we may see a rise in new laws, legal actions, or significant court cases affecting all things Sagittarian, from travel and higher education to publishing and media to immigration and international business and tariffs. At their best, Jupiter and Sagittarius help us seek not simply the letter of the law but its spirit and even its merciful soul and higher justice. In your own life, act justly, with transparency, to avoid disputes, and if you ever need to take action to right a wrong, consider ways to promote the best interest of everyone without going to court. If you’re ever involved in legal matters, conduct yourself with dignity and truth and visualize the best outcome for all parties as well as reconciliation among those who disagree.


Sagittarius, the Archer, is a centaur, a being who’s half human and half horse, giving this sign and its planet their associations with horses. All things equine, such as horse racing, stables, jockeys, and racetracks, may make news or experience growth. Wild game and hunting also may receive new emphasis or publicity, as these are covered under Sagittarius’s energies.

Publishing, Media, And Advertising

Jupiter’s tour through Sagittarius also may bring greater focus on publishing and the media as well as new ideas to expand both. Desire for truth and justice may yield more exposes, either articles or books, as well as celebrity "tell all", scientific, legal, and religious books. Writers could see bigger advances, and editors may seek philosophically minded experts to pen new works. Also, advertising falls under Sagittarius’s realm, so we could see more of it, or more overly optimistic claims for products that don’t live up to the hype, or greater tendencies to believe ad pitches that are "too good to be true." Excess may spur calls to limit advertising or improve the industry to serve higher ideals.

International Scene

All things international will be open for growth, providing ample opportunities to expand or extend global commerce, immigration, foreign policy, vacation travel, international relations, diplomacy, joint projects to improve conditions around the world, and humanitarian and philanthropic initiatives. In all cases, university research may contribute valuable data or methods, and faculty exchanges could create stronger ties among nations.

Jupiter In Sagittarius Horoscopes (How it will affect each sign of the zodiac)

On a personal level, how Jupiter in Scorpio affects you depends on your zodiac sign.

Here's what's in store in this period for each sign of the zodiac:

  • Aries: Jupiter will move through your ninth house of travel, so you may take a long trip this year, either for business or pleasure. Enjoy your destination, even if you must work during your travels, and talk to new people. If you want to earn a degree, aim high and apply to a top program because you have a good chance of getting in; connect with mentors and academic contacts who can help with pave your way to admission. In international matters, if you’ve been working on something related to visas or passports or want to expand your international presence in business, take action because have greater than usual chances of success. Think big but stay practical about details and follow up as needed. Also, use this period to study a foreign culture, attend events at a university or international arts center, or taste new foods or visit restaurants you’ve never tried before.
  • Taurus: Focus on money, especially funds you share with your marriage and business partners. Cultivate optimism, even as you help others channel grand visions into pragmatic plans. Look at your mortgage, loans, and credit cards to see if you can get better terms or more credit. Increase insurance coverage if needed. If you don’t have a will, hire an attorney and create one, especially if you have children, to plan for educational expenses. If you need a lawyer to help with a divorce or child custody negotiations, ask for references and stay grounded in your expectations. Visualize abundance, which may come through unexpected gifts, an inheritance, a spouse’s raise, or a commission or bonus. Also, use this period to tune in to higher mind and spirituality through prayer and meditation so money matters align with your soul’s purpose in this lifetime.
  • Gemini: Marriage, business partnerships, and all agreements and contracts can prosper, thanks to Jupiter’s benevolent energies. If you’re in a relationship or have a business partner, that person may become more outgoing or visionary. You also might travel to a faraway place together, especially if your beloved wants to pursue a personal quest such as a global service project or a spiritual study adventure. Do watch tendencies toward extravagance overindulgence and work together to take a middle course. If you need a business advisor or agent or want to marry, you may do so this year, thanks to Jupiter’s kindly energies. Bring your most idealistic visions and a spiritual devotion to your most important relationships and enjoy talking about science, the law, philosophy, or foreign cultures.
  • Cancer: Your work life likely will grow in some way. If you want a new job or greater authority and responsibility at your current position, you have excellent opportunities now. Review your resume, call your best contacts, or ask mentors to help you get on track toward advancement. Also, health and your everyday routine can improve, through positive thinking, especially if you avoid excess, focus on good nutrition, and take up a new sport or enjoyable fitness plan. If you need to overcome a medical issue, get advice from a specialist or visit a university medical center. At home, now is a good time to adopt a pet, particularly a rescue animal or one from a shelter.
  • Leo: Anything related to children, including fertility and conception, can find favor. If you need help conceiving, see a specialist. If you have children, they may be involved in more activities, which you will enjoy attending. You might change your investments to give young people new opportunities or could feel more generous about supporting them at college, a graduate program, or for study abroad. If you’ve never invested in stocks before, this may be the year you start, so find a qualified professional to help. Jupiter also will smile on all pleasures, from going to plays and concerts to starting a new romance to expressing your creativity. If you want to date, you have good odds of meeting someone. If you work in a creative field, patrons may invest in your talent, or you may meet a dealer or international expert who can help further your career.
  • Virgo: Anything involving home and family life can prosper. If you want to move, Jupiter’s energies can help you find an excellent realtor, inspector, and mortgage professional. If you want to stay in your current home, you may have a grander vision for your space and decide to remodel or redecorate. This energy also could inspire you to buy rental property or land as an investment or to help improve a property or neighborhood. If you have elderly parents or other relatives, you may feel more generous and want to help them financially, or you may decide to open your home to foreign exchange students. This period also favors meditation and study at home, so create a space where you can read textbooks or pursue spiritual inquiry.
  • Libra: Relationships with siblings can become more easygoing and tolerant, and you may travel overseas with your brothers and sisters or spend more time together. Jupiter also will inspire you to improve any aspect of communication you wish, from work proposals and reports to social media and publicity campaigns to fundraising and presentations for a charitable organization. Try a public speaking or writing class to hone your skills, start a newsletter or novel, or write your memoirs or some travel essays. This opportunity also affects research, how you learn, your body language, and how you think, and all these can grow and take on new meaning at this time.
  • Scorpio: Jupiter will grant greater ability to earn money and afford a higher standard of living, so pursue new clients and business and expand opportunities with existing customers. If you work for a company rather than yourself, improve your financial life by seeking a better job or a promotion at your current job. Your talents can gain favor from bosses, so stay in touch with mentors and higher ups and keep alert for leadership opportunities. Watch budgets, though, because Jupiter could tempt you to overspend. At the same time, though, remember Jupiter does want you to enjoy this period and have a bit more of the good life, so indulge in a little excess on occasion and have fun doing it. Also, use this period to explore your values and align them with your work so your life has meaning.
  • Sagittarius: Jupiter on your sign will bless just about anything you focus on. Cultivate optimism and faith about health, enjoy outdoor activities, and seek help from a medical expert if you need one. Refine your character by cleaning up your habits and working on your personality so it serves your higher goals rather than causing obstacles. Jupiter in your sign can increase overindulgence (and your waistline), so be mindful about nutrition and fitness. Redirect your time and consumption toward higher learning through a university lecture, meditation, and working on projects you’re passionate about. Also, Jupiter in your sign begins a new cycle of abundance and benevolence, so be kinder, more generous, and more tolerant toward others. Give more to charities and volunteer more to give your life purpose and meaning.
  • Capricorn: Jupiter in Sagittarius will prepare you for next year, when Jupiter will enter Capricorn and bring new meaning and blessings to your entire life. Use this "get ready" time to clear up health issues, especially anything related to psychological health, tendencies toward addiction or escapism, or concerns that will need extra time for rest and recuperation (maybe at a retreat center or rehab facility). Also, you have excellent opportunities to expand consciousness and spirituality, especially through dreams and studying the unconscious. Go to lectures, read books, or find a private teacher or online course to explore these topics. At work, if you’re assigned to a confidential project, this is your best time to work behind the scenes before making it public.
  • Aquarius: Your contact list can grow dramatically, both personally and professionally. Embrace all forms of networking and accept every invitation to meet new people, make new friends, attend industry events, and volunteer for chamber of commerce meetings or other business building activities. Create a good system to follow up promptly so you can make the most of these new connections and create winning results for all. If you want to join an exclusive club or industry association or become allied with an organization in your community or industry, your odds will be good for that to work out well this year. Generous feelings likely will grow, making you more charitable and philanthropic. Research scholarship endowments, serve on a nonprofit board, or work on a fundraiser for a cause you care about.
  • Pisces: Get ready to take center stage in your career. Your reputation will grow, with some seeing you as an industry guru, or VIPs may come forward to help you get ahead. Others will notice you have more confidence, so you may attract leadership opportunities or a promotion. You also could win industry or community recognition, so apply for awards for yourself and your department and company. Your growing authority also could lead to invitations to serve your community by running for office or heading a committee that will make your corner of the world a nicer and more enjoyable place. In all you do, visualize your potential to inspire others and seek ways to mentor younger people or create a legacy that will live on after this incarnation.

NOTE: For a refresher on the previous cycle, when Jupiter made its way through Scorpio, see my Jupiter In Scorpio article now.

Help Others, Go Adventuring, And Seek Meaning

With Sagittarius in the spotlight, thinking big will come naturally and spur us to invent new means of helping others. Along the way, we’ll experience a grand adventure and find greater meaning in life.

Jupiter will encourage us to go far: literally, by traveling long distances, and figuratively, by expanding our inner selves and desire to make bold visions a reality.

Whatever we encounter during Jupiter’s time in Sagittarius, we’ll have this planet’s trademark joy and optimism to carry us forward to a brighter, bigger, more meaningful future.

Here’s to our personal quests and collective adventures! Enjoy the Jupiter in Sagittarius journey and grow yourself and your life well!

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  1. Interesring and hopefull info. Will Virgos have this oppourtunities in the first term of 2019 or second term if i may ask? am from 1st of september 1970 @5:30 am in Malindi Kenya.

    1. Hello, Francis. Jupiter's energies will be available to you in the areas described throughout its time in Sagittarius. (So, for you, in your fourth house, for your solar chart.) It also will be available in the areas where you have Sagittarius in your personal birth chart, calculated for the exact date, time, and place you were born. NOTE: You can get your birth chart for free here on the website: https://astrologeranne.com/181/free-birth-chart-service/

      See the graphics and tables on the free birth chart page for details on how to read your chart. Also, consider getting one of our astrology reports to help you interpret your birth chart: https://astrologeranne.com/category/astrology/birth-chart-reports/

      If you have planets in Sagittarius in your personal birth chart, or if Jupiter will make important exact aspects to any of your natal planets, those also are influences you will notice. The forecast reports (Starlight Solutions, Many Happy Returns) cover those aspects: https://astrologeranne.com/category/astrology/birth-chart-reports/

      So glad you found this article hopeful. Jupiter brings optimism, and I wish you much of that as you make your way through the coming year!

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