Jupiter In Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio graphic with planet and sign symbols

Jupiter in Scorpio is bringing abundant opportunities for all of us.

This cycle lasts 13 months, during which we can take a deep dive into Scorpio themes such as transformation, regeneration, and passion. This period also can support our quest for wholeness by looking within to the secrets and dark places we otherwise avoid so we can bring them into the light for attention, healing, and transcendence. In addition, this period draws us into our essential spirituality by fostering interest in mystical and esoteric topics.

Here's your guide to the Jupiter in Scorpio cycle, which covers:

  • Jupiter In Scorpio Dates
  • About Jupiter And Scorpio
  • Take The Plunge:Jupiter In Scorpio Themes
  • Jupiter In Scorpio Through The Zodiac: How It Affects Each Sign (includes highlights for all zodiac signs on areas you’re likely to expand)

Bookmark this page so you can return here for guidance throughout the Jupiter in Scorpio time. If your birth chart has this placement, return to this article periodically for ongoing inspiration.

Jupiter In Scorpio Dates

Here are dates for recent and upcoming passages of Jupiter in Scorpio. Think back to what was happening in your life during prior periods to decide how you want to use the current and future Jupiter in Scorpio opportunities.

Also, think about what was happening in world events during the most recent Jupiter in Scorpio period. Those occurrences offer clues to later cycles and may spark ideas you can apply personally.

November 26, 1981 - December 25, 1982
November 10, 1993 - December 9, 1994
October 25, 2005 - November 23, 2006
October 10, 2017 - November 8, 2018
September 24, 2029 - October 22, 2030

About Jupiter And Scorpio


Jupiter, the generous giant of our solar system, is named for the Roman king of the gods. It's the planet of abundance, harvests, affluence, and even extravagance. It loves "the best" and the biggest and brightest, whether that's on the material plane through money and expensive objects or on the spiritual one through personal spiritual progress, inner meaning, angels, or masters.

Jupiter brings a sense of protection because it operates as a source of good fortune and nobility. These traits can appear as inner qualities, outer conditions, or people who enter our lives to help and guide us. Teachers, benefactors, patrons, clergy, rich or wise people, judges, aristocrats, advisors, and other people we can learn from are associated with this planet.

Jupiter has an affinity with the zodiac sign Sagittarius, as it rules this sign. Sagittarius is a fire sign known for its optimism, honesty, adventurousness, love of freedom, and questing spirit.

In ancient times, before humanity learned about Neptune, astrologers also assigned Jupiter to rule the zodiac sign Pisces. In modern times, we can consider Jupiter a co-ruler of Pisces, giving us another dimension of this jovial, generous planet. Pisces is a water sign, renowned for its compassion, imagination, intuition, spiritual nature, and elusive personality.

Both Sagittarius and Pisces are mutable signs. That means they come at the end of seasons and help us make the transition between one season and the next. To do that, they carry strong powers of change, as indicated by the word mutable, which has the same root as mutation and transmutation and suggests their changeable nature. In general, mutable signs allow us to let go and move on, and they bring great flexibility and versatility to whatever they do.

In addition, Jupiter carries an association with the ninth house because its primary sign, Sagittarius, is the ninth sign and governs this area. The ninth house tells us how and where we expand, regardless of what sign we have in that house in our personal birth chart.

One of the most important ways we expand is through contact with people from other cultures and geographical locations. The ninth house governs all things international, helping us make contact with the big, wide world beyond our immediate circle of friends and local community. For example, it's associated with overseas travel, international cuisines, people from other countries, foreign exchange and trade, and the means we use to connect with all these opportunities such as visas and passports.

This house also concerns higher education, another important means to expand and broaden our horizons. All things involving advanced academics, such as colleges, universities, professors, degrees, and noted experts in any field come under this area. Religion, belief, faith, and philosophy also expand and change us, and these subjects are associated with the ninth house because, like education, they expand consciousness.

In addition, the ninth house governs large scale communication through broadcasting, publishing, publicity, and advertising. All these shape our perceptions and foster beliefs, for good or ill, making it important to question what we read and hear before forming opinions or making judgments.


Jupiter can feel a bit constrained in Scorpio, a powerful sign that forces us to confront life's dark side so we can break through to the light of truth. Scorpio is a fixed sign, meaning it comes in the middle of a season and wants to manage, maintain, and control energies and can get stuck or fixated at times. Also, Scorpio is a water sign, which can dampen Jupiter's naturally fiery temperament.

Scorpio rules creatures many people hope to avoid, such as vermin and scorpions as well as reptiles and crustaceans.

Scorpio's colors are scarlet, blood red, and black, hinting at other areas it governs that we often avoid discussing: disease (particularly resulting from vermin or other pests and sexual encounters), surgery, dentistry, and death. Many Scorpio themes are considered "unsuitable for polite company", such as menstruation, sexuality and the body parts involved in enjoying this aspect of life, elimination and the areas of the body required to perform this function, sewage and waste management, killing and other cruelty, animal slaughter, and death and all aspects of handling the deceased's body.

Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, which gives this sign its intense "take no prisoners" approach to whatever it takes on. Pluto is the great transformer and detective, allowing us to dig for truth, which can set us free. Along the way, it forces us to change, which can feel like a kind of death and in fact is a form of killing off old parts of ourselves and our lives that no longer serve us. Without Pluto, we would not be as aware of what holds us back and what we must release before we can move forward.

Scorpio is associated with the eighth house, an area filled with yet more topics we'd prefer to avoid. A spouse or business partner's income falls under this house. Also, it governs shared finances such as alimony, child support, insurance, mortgages, credit card debt, loans, leases, and venture capital. It also brings taxes, bill collectors, and tariffs.

On the other hand, when we take care of the business of life by managing these eighth house matters, we also can receive life's blessings in the form of compensation. The eighth house includes inheritances, which come to us only when another person has passed on. It also brings money in lump sums, such as an insurance settlement for a car crash or work injury a health plan's payment for a surgical procedure. It bestows cash through gifts, bonuses, and commissions, too.

In addition, Scorpio and the eighth house are linked to our psychic nature. The ability to tune in to undercurrents and sense danger empowers us to protect ourselves as well as seize spiritual opportunity so we can transform ourselves into better, higher versions of ourselves.

Through Scorpio and the eighth house, we may be drawn to study the occult, paranormal and near death experiences, meditation, and mysticism. We also may feel connected to higher forces and begin serious study of our inner selves and mystical techniques to harness prayer and meditation for higher purposes.

All these areas will expand during Jupiter's sojourn in Scorpio so we can become aware of them consciously. With awareness, we have enormous opportunities to decide how to respond and where to focus Scorpio's gifts for transmutation and Jupiter's faith in optimism and a better future.

Take The Plunge: Jupiter In Scorpio Themes

How can Jupiter's nobility and opportunity to expand us and our horizons play out during its time in Scorpio?

This planetary placement asks us to take the plunge. Jupiter in Scorpio showcases difficult themes and social issues, pushing us to look at them so we can raise awareness and, more important, fix them. For example, in 2017, we saw this pair's trademark revelations of sexual improprieties that have brought many leaders' careers to a halt and forced them to look within, seek treatment, and reckon with law enforcement.

Jupiter in Scorpio also can fuel greater compassion for people around the world affected by disease, war, sex trafficking, and unjust monetary practices. Jupiter presses us to seek justice and inspires us to believe we can make a difference and create a better society.

Jupiter can bring the power of higher learning to bear on the world's most difficult conditions, applying university research to problems and encouraging faculty exchanges that create stronger ties among nations. Expertise also may assist horses, horse racing, and all other equine matters, as Jupiter carries associations with horses.

The movement toward vegetarian and vegan principles and "eat local" may grow, as Jupiter increases our sense of justice and Scorpio exposes the truth behind the world's food supply, what it takes to bring certain products to market, and the health consequences of genetic modification and pesticides.

Health breakthroughs related to sexuality, reproduction, menstruation, and elimination may emerge, thanks to academic research. Also, Scorpio's laser focus can assist in overcoming diseases related to excess of any kind, such as obesity, sports injuries, high blood pressure, liver problems, and adrenal issues.

New laws or significant court cases related to inheritance, child custody, taxation, and contract workers may make news. Excess on the part of clergy or university officials may be revealed, too, and truths about the high cost of income disparity around the world and corruption by national leaders (especially monarchs) and the world's most materially rich individuals could come to light and force change.

In addition, Jupiter in Scorpio will supply inspiring energies for all humanity to go within to truly "know thyself." Prayer and meditation, guidance from spiritual teachers, and personally exploring the soul, psychic energies, and inherent spiritual powers will repay our efforts with greater alignment to our personal truth and spiritual purpose.

Jupiter In Scorpio Through The Zodiac: How It Affects Each Sign

On a personal level, how Jupiter in Scorpio affects you depends on your zodiac sign.

Here's what's in store in this period for each sign of the zodiac:

  • Aries: Take a good look at money, especially funds you share with your marriage partner and any business partners. Dig for details about your mortgage and any loans to see if you can get better rates or terms and increase insurance coverage if needed. If you don't have a will, find an attorney and create one, especially if you have children. If you're involved in a divorce or child custody negotiations, consider hiring a detective to unearth details about hidden assets or important factors you must raise in court. Also, open your heart to abundance through unexpected gifts, an inheritance, a spouse's raise, or a commission or bonus. Use this period to tap your spirituality through prayer and meditation so money matters align with your soul's purpose in this lifetime.
  • Taurus: Your marriage, business partnerships, and all agreements and contracts can prosper, thanks to Jupiter's benevolent energies. Your partner may be more tolerant and generous toward you, and you may enjoy overseas adventures together. Give your partner freedom to explore a personal quest, even as you gently help rein in extravagance or tendencies to overindulge. Expand your conception of partnership, sign with a new business advisor, or propose to your sweetheart if you wish to marry. Bring your soul's desires to your most important relationships and enjoy conversing about philosophy, taking a language class together, or trying a new cuisine.
  • Gemini: If you want a new job or greater authority and responsibility at your current position, you have excellent opportunities now. Polish your resume and meet with key contacts or make time with mentors at your current job to get on a track toward advancement. Your health and daily life management also can benefit at this time, especially if you avoid excess with sound nutrition and take up a new sport or fitness approach. If you need help for a medical matter, seek advice from a specialist, perhaps at a university research facility. As for your home life, if you want a pet, now is a good time to adopt an animal, especially a rescue or one from a shelter.
  • Cancer: Anything related to children, from fertility and conception to loving and nurturing them through school to helping them make their way in the world will grow this year. If you want to have a baby and need help conceiving, you can tap expertise from a specialist. Your children's activities may increase, and you can enjoy attending sports or arts events. Also, you may invest financially to give them new opportunities or could feel more generous about supporting them at college, a graduate program, or for study abroad. If you're involved in the arts, patrons may invest in your talent or you may meet a dealer or overseas expert who can help further your career.
  • Leo: Your home and family life can prosper. If you want to move, use Jupiter's energies to locate an excellent realtor, inspector, and mortgage professional to help make your dreams come true. If you want to improve your current home, expand your vision and look for flaws (especially in the basement) that need fixing before you undertake expensive redecorating. You also could benefit from investing in rental property or land. If your parents or other relatives need help, you may feel more inclined to assist financially or might invite someone to live with you for a time. This period also favors spiritual work at home, so make room for a personal meditation area.
  • Virgo: Every aspect of your communication can improve, thanks to Jupiter's benevolent energies. Take a writing or public speaking class to sharpen your skills and show off your abilities by starting a newsletter or novel or getting speaking gigs at work or as part of a volunteer project. This opportunity also affects research, how you learn, your body language, and how you think, and all these can grow and take on new meaning at this time. Relationships with siblings also can improve, so open your heart to an estranged brother, sister, or cousin if you want to reconnect or else work spiritually to release hard feelings. If you have sound ties with sibs, suggest a trip together or arrange more frequent socializing so you can enjoy their company.
  • Libra: Jupiter can bless your ability to earn money and afford a higher standard of living, so go after new clients and business and expand opportunities with existing customers. If you're not self-employed, expand your financial life with a better job or a promotion at your current job. VIPs will favor your abilities, so chat up mentors and bosses so you can get in on opportunities and get on track for leadership. Remain conscious of budgets, as Jupiter can promote overspending, and indulge within your means. But do allow yourself to enjoy pleasures and a dash of excess at times, as Jupiter wants you to enjoy this period and have a bit more of the good life. In addition, explore your values so they align with your work and give satisfying meaning to your life.
  • Scorpio: Grow your optimism and faith related to health and your personality by getting outdoors to enjoy activity and seeking help from a medical expert if you need one. Jupiter in your sign can increase your tendency to indulge (and your clothing size), so keep an eye on nutrition and fitness. Instead of overconsumption, enjoy a university class or lecture, study meditation or any topic that interests you, or pursue the projects you're passionate about. Also, Jupiter in your sign begins a new cycle of abundance and benevolence, so think about your character and personality and see how you want to upgrade them to reflect your ability to be kind, generous, and tolerant toward others. Increase charitable giving and volunteer more to give your life meaning.
  • Sagittarius: Jupiter in Scorpio gets you ready for the coming year, when your ruler enters your own sign and becomes super strong and highly auspicious for you and your entire life. Use this time to attend to health concerns, especially ones that affect your psychological health, tendencies toward addiction or escapism, or that require extended time for rest and recuperation (perhaps at a rehab facility or retreat center). This period also favors expanding your consciousness and spirituality, especially through dreams and studying the unconscious. Read books or attend lectures on these topics or search the internet for interesting and reputable information. If you need to create something and don't want to announce it yet, this is your best time to work behind the scenes before making something public, such as for a new business or important project.
  • Capricorn: Networking can take on a life of its own, with your contact list growing by leaps and bounds. Get out and meet new associates by attending every mixer and industry event you can. Follow up promptly by putting new contact management systems and processes in place so you can leverage these new connections for mutual benefit. You also may decide to join an exclusive club or industry association or affiliate with an organization related to your community or industry. You also likely will feel more generous and charitable, so consider endowing a scholarship, volunteering, joining a nonprofit board, or helping on a major fundraiser for a cause you care about.
  • Aquarius: Your career can take off, thanks to favor from VIPs at work and throughout your industry. Leverage your increased confidence and optimism to improve your professional life with a leadership position or powerful promotion and burnish your industry standing by applying for a major award as you have supportive energies for recognition now. You also may feel a greater sense of authority that others will notice, so accept invitations to serve on committees, lead projects, and take on community responsibilities to make your world a better and more just place. Consider running for office, whether local or national, as your gifts can assist others now. In addition, think about the legacy you wish to leave and take steps to make it a reality.
  • Pisces: With Jupiter in your ninth house of travel, you may pack your bags for a long trip this year, either for business or pleasure. Take this time to savor the sights and sounds of your destination, even if you must work during your travels, and enjoy the new people you meet. If you want to earn a degree, your chances of being accepted to the program of your choice are higher now, so apply and connect with mentors and academic contacts who can advise you. As for international matters, if you've been working on something related to visas or passports or want to expand your international presence in business, these activities can find success now. Also, use this period to study a culture that interests you, attend events at an embassy or international arts center, or try new foods or restaurants with dishes you've never tasted before.

Go Deep And Go Far

With Scorpio accentuated at this time, we have important opportunities to go deep in any way we choose.

At the same time, Jupiter encourages us to go far: literally, by traveling long distances and figuratively by expanding our inner horizons with study and soul development.

Jupiter brings joy, and regardless of the darkness we may encounter through Scorpio, joy can shine through and bring us to a brighter future.

Here's to your depth AND breadth. May you enjoy the process and the fruits of your digging, diving, and delving!

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