Chaos - Or Opportunity?

Uranus Retrograde 2020

Pink Taurus the Bull watercolor with blue Uranus planet between its horns - text: Chaos Or Opportunity?
Uranus retrograde can feel like chaos. Lean in (rather than trying to avoid it), because that's where your opportunity - and freedom - come in.

Does life feel like a constant Mercury retrograde lately?

It's not your imagination - but (surprise!) it's not Mercury's fault this time.

Uranus Causes Chaos

Uranus is in play in a major way right now, and he's like Mercury on steroids.

You may already know how Mercury can disrupt life when he goes retrograde. Well, Uranus is just about to start his annual retrograde, and oh, can we feel it.


And personally.

It's Uranus's job to shake things up. Whatever you're not expecting, at a time you least suspect it'll happen, that's what Uranus brings.

So if you've had your share of shocks lately, you know why.

But, Wait: It Gets Even More Intense

When any planet is getting ready to go retrograde, it appears to slow down and stop for a while before reversing course. These stops pass fairly quickly for planets close to Earth (about a week for Mercury as it's getting ready to retrograde), but for the big outer planets they can last a looooonnnnnnngggg time.

When any planet is "standing still" in the sky (as Uranus is right now), it's at its most intense and powerful.

And that's a lot of power when it comes to the already powerful outer planets such as Uranus.

How Long?

As of July 5, Uranus entered the 11th degree of the zodiac sign Taurus.

August 15, he starts a retrograde that lasts until the middle of January 2021.

As he takes his time starting to move backwards through the sky, he'll end up sitting in that same 11th degree of Taurus until the end of September.

That's nearly THREE MONTHS in the same spot (versus about a week for Mercury).

How To Turn Chaos Into Opportunity

It's as if Uranus is standing there, rooted in steady, earthy Taurus, holding our feet to the fire to force us to change.

Life under heavy Uranus pressure can feel chaotic until we accept his challenge and change. That's what turns the chaos into opportunity.

The thing about Uranus: once you lean into necessary change, you find out how strong you are. You also realize how free you are from something that was holding you back, or down.

How To Get Started

What, how, and where in your life you need to change depends on your zodiac sign as well as where you have Taurus in your birth chart.

You may know already what's up and what's got to go. (Often, it's the changes we've been avoiding or putting off…sometimes for years.)

Get started now by revisiting my article about Uranus In Taurus 2018 - 2025.

See Your Uranus In Taurus Horoscope, Too!

And see your Uranus in Taurus horoscope, too.

You'll find helpful guidance for navigating not just the next several months but the entire era of Uranus in Taurus. (It's going to go on until 2025!)

Set Yourself Free

Check out the Uranus In Taurus 2018 - 2025 article now.

Act now and let Uranus help you set yourself free.

I wish you brilliant revelations (courtesy of Uranus) and the joys of new opportunity.

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