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Perspective from the stars from Anne Nordhaus-Bike, the award winning "Astrologer Anne."

I write about current astrology, everyday life, and how to bring the wisdom of the stars into daily living. Come here to get my unique point of view and for all my important news - including advance notice about media appearances.

Birthday Wishes To Our Aquarius

My father-in-law, an Aquarius, just celebrated a birthday: he turned 96 this month. My husband and I celebrated with him on a recent visit, giving rise to some reflections on Aquarius, birthdays, aging gracefully, and gratitude.

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Astrologer Anne: Spotlight

You know me as "Astrologer Anne," but who is the "Anne" behind the public astrologer on radio and online? I'm featured in an interview that takes you "up close and personal" with surprising answers to unusual questions plus photos.

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Happy New Year 2019!

It's nearly 2019! A joyous spirit will make this a much more optimistic time than last year. So it's time to pat ourselves on the back and check out the astrology trends that will help us move along faster toward exciting goals!

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Get Live Astrology, Mercury Retrograde Update Sun. - Dec. 2

Live horoscope readings Sun., Dec. 2, when Anne returns to WGN Radio with details on the fiery Mercury retrograde. Stream it live—or tune in WGN Radio in Chicago. Call or text for a chance to get a personal reading.

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Horoscope Changes

We're updating the Astrologer Anne horoscopes, with a relaunch coming in 2019. Until then, check out our other astrology services - get your free birth chart, try a personalized astrology report, or get a custom reading!

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Monthly Horoscope - September 2018

September's thoughtful, methodical energies can help you get back to healthful routines and constructive activities. Later in the month, focus on love, relationships, and cooperation. See your monthly horoscope for details.

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Astrology Workshop July 12

Why do astrologers do what they do? How does astrology fit with spirituality? Find out at a special workshop July 12, featuring an in depth interview with Anne, audience Q&A, and a meditation about your sign, spiritual path.

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Get Live Horoscope Readings Tonight Wed. - Mar. 28

Live horoscope readings Wed., March 28, when Anne returns to WGN Radio with details on full Moon, Mercury retrograde. Stream it live—or tune in WGN Radio in Chicago. Call or text for a chance to get a personal reading.

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Massage Spa Day

When the Sun is in Pisces, it's a great time to seek healing and pampering—no matter what your zodiac sign is. A spa massage is a great option: an escape soothing on all planes, it combines health with beauty, pampering.

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Renoir - Pisces Painter

As a Pisces, Renoir came into the world with natural talent and a love of colors and subjects dear to the sign of the Fish. See how his zodiac sign inspired his work, helped him create some of the world's most beloved paintings.

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Get Live Horoscope Readings This Sunday - Feb. 4

Get free horoscope readings live, on air, Sunday, February 4, when Anne returns to WGN Radio. Plus 2018 astrology. Call or text the show for a chance to get a personal reading. Stream it live—or tune in WGN Radio in Chicago.

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Plan Your Life With Astrology

With a little knowledge of astrology, you can plan your life more accurately and make great life choices. We're here to help make it easy for you to do just that, so you can live the very best life and self you can imagine.

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