Monthly Horoscope - September 2018

September horoscopes

Here is your monthly forecast for September 2018. This horoscope applies to all zodiac signs.

Your Month Ahead

Happy September, everyone!

After the past two months’ slower pace, thanks to having both Mercury and Mars retrograde, you likely are starting to feel ready for action once again now that these planets are moving forward.

New energies support getting back to healthful routines and constructive activities after enjoying extra rest, fun, and entertainment. Later in the month, love and relationships will take center stage, allowing you to sweeten your life through time with others.

Read on for details on September’s astrology. Draw on all you learned during the recent slowdown so you can apply it to the parts of your life you want to work better. Then, by month’s end, you’ll be able to look back on September with satisfaction at a job well done.

September Astrology - Headline News

Virgo: Self-Improvement, Service

September begins with a single planet in Virgo, the warm and powerful Sun, who always shines his light freely and generously to bring joy and optimism to our world. On September 5, Mercury, who governs thinking, communication, and commerce, will join the Sun and bring practicality along with mental playfulness and curiosity about improvement. Mercury rules Virgo, so its presence here brings strength and helps us take action on useful ideas.

The Moon will link with the Sun in Virgo from September 8 through 10, adding emotional sensitivity to prevailing energies before the Sun changes signs on September 22.

Virgo is an earth sign symbolized by the Virgin, an independent, self-contained individual who feels comfortable being alone yet enjoys the earthy side of being with others. The Virgin’s keen analytical skills find fulfillment in work that allows Virgos to see patterns, find flaws, and then take something and make it better. Reserved, modest, and connoisseurs of competence, Virgos can lose themselves in overwork or helping others who sometimes need to stand on their own. They also can be hard on themselves, expecting consistently stellar results and feeling continual worry at not being perfect. Virgos have a lighter side, though: ruled by intelligent Mercury, they have quick minds and an unpretentious and often funny way with words. Making the most of this sign’s energy means being practical, industrious, and useful while enjoying life as a journey of continual improvement rather than feeling the need to be perfect. If we do Virgo well, we can enjoy excellent health, the joy of honing natural skills to serve a greater good, and the great pleasure of humor and plenty of laughter.

Find out more about Virgo in my article, Virgo Time: See Details And Reap A Helpful Harvest. Also, you can tune in to this sign’s attention to detail, love of hands-on activity, and earthy sense of pleasure with The Virgo Meditation, an uplifting guided meditation.

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Libra: Marriage And Other Partnerships

On September 22, the Sun leaves Virgo for Libra, which will start the month of the Scales. You’ll feel the energies shift from the health conscious, "let’s make things better" world of Virgo to the tactful, relationship oriented realm of airy Libra. This annual change helps us soar mentally and embrace idealism, as routines make way for reflection, artistry, and socializing as well as enjoying love and pleasure in the quest for harmony and balance.

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Equinox: A New Season

Each year, around September 23, the Sun leaves Virgo for Libra, bringing us the start not just of a new astrological month but a new season. In the northern hemisphere, Libra coincides with the start of fall, while in the southern hemisphere it starts springtime.

This first day of Libra brings us one of nature’s two annual equinoxes, with the other occurring in March when the Sun enters Aries and begins a new astrological year.

On the equinoxes, the amount of daylight equals the amount of darkness, which means day and night last the same amount of time. In the ongoing story of light that we experience on Earth, this physical equality of sunlight and darkness offers a potent metaphor for spiritual Light.

Libra holds these polarities in balance, creating a harmony of opposites. Of all the signs, Libra is most associated with equality, reminding us that valuing all people constitutes our first step toward peace because it fulfills our natural sense of justice and fairness.

While Aries focuses strongly on the individual and personal desires, Libra prizes partnership and seeks cooperation rather than going solo on tasks. At the September equinox, we feel a greater urge to join with others, explore mutual interests, and work in tandem toward realizing our ideals.

Also, each equinox brings special energies that support spirituality and meditation. This year, on September 22, pause to feel this day’s power and potential as you reflect on how the relative amounts of light and dark have changed since the solstice in June. Set aside time for solitude to meditate on your closest relationships, your highest vision for how you interact with others, and your dearest dreams for peace and harmony.

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Plan Your Month: Important Dates In September

This month brings several key dates to watch as you plan your month. Mark your calendar and take action (or rest) as recommended on the dates listed here so your efforts can bring progress in all areas.

September 3: A sweet day linking our hearts with our minds. Enjoy loving thoughts and bring kindness to everyone you meet.

September 5: Mercury joins the Sun, strengthening our call to embrace Virgo’s intelligence, competence (especially on the job), and ideas for better health. Use your mind constructively to improve some corner of your world and apply your talents to help someone else or make life better for a pet or other animals.

September 6: Saturn ends its retrograde period for 2018. Review your life since April 17 to see what you’ve learned, especially from older people. Apply insights in a disciplined way.

September 6 - 9: The Moon enters its balsamic phase, the "dark of the Moon" time before the new Moon. Slow down and review the past month since the last new Moon on July 12. Meditate, rest, and reflect on what you want to do in the coming month. Find out more about this mysterious monthly time in my Balsamic Moon Phase article. Also, this period is excellent for spiritual work, meditation, and prayer. See my article on How To Relieve Stress – Meditate At The Right Time for details.

September 7: Mercury makes ideal angles to both Uranus and Saturn, giving us strong support for innovative communication, practical steps toward goals, and strategic thinking. Meanwhile, the Sun challenges Neptune, creating fuzzy thinking, perhaps related to health or work.

September 9: A new Moon in Virgo offers opportunities to begin beneficial changes or better daily routines to support health, efficiency, and life balance. This energy will remain for the next two weeks, so plan what you want to tackle. Also, Venus leaves her home in Libra for the deep and powerful world of Scorpio, so enjoy desire and passion and explore your relationship with your inner self. If you’re in a creative field, seek within for inspiration.

September 10: Mars returns to Aquarius for the next two months, and you may find yourself going over old ground from earlier this year, perhaps related to a charitable project or friendship.

September 11: The Sun makes a perfect angle to Pluto in "feet on the ground" earth signs and a promising one to Jupiter in Scorpio. Power, vision, and practicality can merge and help you overcome a challenge or create exciting plans.

September 12: Jupiter nods to Pluto, sparking ideas on how you want to apply power in noble ways. Venus faces off against Uranus and shakes hands with Saturn, adding more good potential. Anything could happen today, so ride the waves and reap rewards.

September 13: Mercury echoes the Sun’s September 7 challenge to Neptune, bringing potential confusion. Put off signing papers or making final decisions.

September 15 and 16: Mercury links harmoniously to Pluto and Jupiter, amplifying opportunities from the Sun’s alignments on September 11 and favoring communication of all kinds. Powerful people may have good news, or you may sign an important agreement.

September 18: Mars will make a difficult angle with unpredictable Uranus. Use caution with this volatile energy, particularly while driving, and use diplomacy to maintain good relationships, especially if others seem more touchy or assertive than usual.

September 20: The Sun and Mercury meet up at the tail end of Virgo, helping you polish communication, perfect agreements, or research health concerns or assist pets.

September 21: Mercury zips into Libra, reveling in this air sign’s mental focus. Enjoy curiosity and playfulness in relationships, meet with business partners, or call your agent or other advisor to catch up.

September 22: The Sun leaves Virgo for Libra, bringing the equinox. Apply your highest ideals to all your one on one relationships, and if you’re in a committed relationship, plan sophisticated and luxurious outings with your sweetheart for the coming month. Enjoy the next month’s airy, sociable energies and be sure to meditate, as equinoxes are among the year’s spiritual power days.

September 23: Mercury aligns to perfection with Mars but faces obstacles with Saturn. Communication with older and more experienced people could face challenges, although interactions with younger people or related to sports will sparkle. Put off sensitive conversations with your boss or other authorities and use your energies for clear thinking and polishing documents and agreements.

September 24: A busy day, thanks to the full Moon in Aries. Energy may be high, so use caution while driving. A project may reach a milestone or completion.

September 25: The Sun and Saturn will be at odds, perhaps bringing extra demands at work or to help a parent. Be kind to yourself and loved ones by putting off anything that can wait so you can fulfill obligations and get proper rest.

September 27: The Sun links perfectly with Mars, providing ample energy to network, make a new friend, or enjoy plans with your partner. Accept invitations to mixers or fundraisers and be open to meeting new people.

September 30: Pluto ends its retrograde phase for this year. Powerful people may be more forthcoming with favors, and deep research or transformation you’ve been working on for the past few months can begin to pay off. Also, remember your soul’s desires and apply them somehow in daily life and your livelihood.

As you can see, September is filled with new energies to move forward as well as outstanding opportunities to channel your greater zest. Methodical devotion and an analytical approach can help you make great progress, and loving gratitude for your closest relationships will ensure you have plenty of people with whom to enjoy your success.

Bookmark this page and revisit September’s horoscope throughout this month to track all the many astrological happenings so you can be at your best all month.

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Happy September!

Happy September! I wish you a wonderful month!

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