Horoscope Changes - 2019

I hope you've been having a good year so far.

I wanted to let you know about some changes coming for my horoscopes.

Horoscopes Going On Hiatus

I'll be taking a break from writing monthly horoscopes for a while.

While the horoscopes are on hiatus, be sure to bookmark your 2019 horoscope and the 2019 Trends article to keep up on what's happening this year. Check back frequently so you can stay on top of shifting energies.

New Readings Now Available!

Also, we've added some new readings.

In addition to my deluxe combined astrology and akashic records readings, we now offer an astrology reading and an akashic records reading. You'll find all three types of readings in the top menu under the "Readings" section.

A reading is a great way to get more in tune with your astrology and apply it more successfully in your life.

Sign up for a reading now to work with me one on one.

More Astrology Services, Products

Also, check out all the other astrology available here on the site:

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for updates!

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