Astrologer Anne: Spotlight

Astrologer Anne - astrologer in the spotlight interview
Anne is featured in the latest Burgess Bulletin. Check it out for an "up close and personal" look at "Astrologer Anne."

Many of you know me as "Astrologer Anne" through my blog, radio appearances, and social media posts.

But who is the "Anne" behind Astrologer Anne? If you've ever wondered, now you can find out.

Burgess Bulletin: Interview With Astrologer Anne

My friend and colleague, Jeff Burgess, is a financial planner. Every month, he publishes the Burgess Bulletin, which opens a window onto his personal life - the things he enjoys outside the financial planning world.

"This bulletin is intended to catch people up on what is going on in my world and to highlight my passions," Jeff said. "Every month, I like to spotlight a professional in the community who's doing great work."

For January 2019, Jeff chose me for his spotlight feature, and I'm so honored to be included!

"I met Anne through a networking group and always remembered her as the life of the networking party," Jeff said. "She always impresses me when she guesses your zodiac sign and then remembers it, even years later!"

See The Bulletin - Enjoy The Pictures!

You can see the bulletin now online.

Jeff asked me some unusual questions I think you'll find interesting. I had so much fun thinking about my replies - and I think you'll find some of them surprising.

He also was kind enough to include several photos. You'll find fun pictures of me with my husband as well as my paintings and our cat, Sterling.

The rest of the newsletter has great pictures of Jeff and his family as well as his famous recipe of the month, as he's an avid cook (and loves fruit pies).

As Jeff said, "I am very thankful to have people I can share the cool things in life with. I hope the bulletin brings you a smile and reminds you that, even when life gets crazy, taking a moment to breathe can be so refreshing."

I second Jeff's comments!

Happy Reading!

I hope you enjoy the Burgess Bulletin and Jeff's spotlight of "Astrologer Anne." See the bulletin now online.

Happy reading!

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