Massage Spa Day

Massage spa dressing room with orchids and towels

It's been years since I've enjoyed a massage spa day.

But with the Sun in Pisces right now, I finally decided it was time to treat myself.

Pisces is one of the zodiac signs associated with health. It loves beautiful settings, holistic care, and compassionate service: all components of a good massage experience.

Massage Spa Holiday Gift

My husband gave me a gift certificate for a Swedish massage this past December as a holiday gift.

I had wanted to use my certificate soon after the holidays, but we've had some unforeseen situations arise that needed our attention. So I had to put it off for a while.

Once the Sun moved into Pisces late last month, however, I was really feeling the need for some pampering to de-stress.

So I called the massage spa place and made my appointment for today.

To help set a relaxing tone for this experience, I journeyed to the spa soon after breakfast, leaving plenty of time to arrive early so I could take my time.

The Dressing Room

After arriving and checking in at the spa, an employee brought me to the dressing room.

It's still winter here in Chicago, so I had a heavy coat, scarf, and hat. Plus a purse. And my cowgirl boots. And a shopping bag, as I had stopped to pick up a couple things before going to the massage spa.

I ended up needing two lockers to store everything, which the massage therapist found amusing.

Each locker contains a plush spa robe, a big bath towel sort of body wrap with velcro to hold it in place, and a pair of rubbery slippers. I undressed, donned this massage gear, and locked my belongings inside my lockers.

The Massage

The massage therapist then took me to her treatment room. She instructed me to lie face down to start.

The heated massage table felt wonderful, as did the soft blankets and towels covering the table as well as my body, because temperatures remain in the low 40s here and I felt cold when I arrived.

What followed was a typical Swedish massage, with relaxing, long strokes across my skin in the area being worked on. When the therapist finished an area, she covered it up and then uncovered the next part of my body.

She used coconut oil, which felt soothing and had a gentle aroma.

Throughout the massage, we barely spoke except for necessary information. "How does that feel?" she asked occasionally. I specifically requested someone who would focus on the massage rather than socializing, and I was really pleased with the woman who helped me today.

She did a wonderful job and was very kind. By the end, I felt more relaxed and certainly wonderfully pampered.

The After Massage Steam And Shower

Massage spa pampering - water with lemon slices

After my massage, I took the opportunity to linger by heading to the steam room. I hadn't indulged in one for some time, so I stayed a while, then went out to drink some water, and then repeated that process twice for a sauna and water trifecta.

After that, I got new towels and enjoyed a leisurely shower with good smelling body gel and shampoo.

Then it was time to dry off and get dressed. Afterward, I opted to extend my visit a little longer by enjoying a cup of herbal tea in the lounge.

They even had a bowl of apples, and by then it was well past lunchtime so I enjoyed two of them.

And then it was time to head home after nearly three hours of resting and relaxing.

Pisces Peacefulness - Massage Calms On Every Plane

Relaxing at massage spa with apples and orchids

My husband had chosen to buy my gift certificate from this particular massage spa because I've mentioned to him how nice it is when I've gone occasionally for other services.

Today was no exception.

Besides the massage itself, which was exactly what I'd hoped for, the entire spa experience reflected the kind of Pisces peacefulness I was looking for.

The setting was pristine clean and included fresh flowers throughout, luxurious robes, and ample towels. The massage oil and other products worked perfectly with my sensitive skin, which I appreciated.

Also, the lounge was filled with little touches that made for an overall restful and delightful experience: low lighting, flickering lights that mimic pillar candles, lavish coffee table books on beautiful topics, fresh apples, gourmet tea, and two cold water containers (one infused with sliced lemon, the other with cucumber slices) with goblets.

The spa also plays calming music offering a mix of flute pieces, ethereal sounding vocals, and other restful compositions.

By the end, I had a new appreciation of Pisces peacefulness. That feeling of being at one with everything. And I felt restored on all planes: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Continuing The Pleasure - Enjoying Spa Massage At Home

NOTE: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.

The day reminded me how simple it can be to bring these pleasures and attention to detail to everyday life.

Here are some suggested ideas for treating yourself to an at home experience:

Spa massage at home can be easy with

Do enjoy your own bit of Pisces healing and peacefulness—whether it's Pisces time or any other time of year.

I wish you peace and deep relaxation.

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