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Make it easy on yourself in these challenging times. Turn to astrology for help and answers to life's questions - both big and small. Our astrology website redesign makes it fast and easy to find what you need.

In these unusual times, we need astrology more than ever.

Fast And Easy Astrology Website

As of today, I'm taking steps to make it fast and easy to apply astrology in your life - and career.

I've been working behind the scenes to make the Astrologer Anne site a fast and easy website so you can find what you need quickly.

How Astrology Can Help You Now

Astrology can help you significantly now, especially when we're all facing so much uncertainty in the world around us. Here's what you can achieve when you use astrology in your daily life:

  • More self-understanding so you'll know you're making the best choices for you
  • More sense of your strong points so you can find work and a career that suit you well
  • Knowledge of your personal challenges (and personality quirks!) to steer self-improvement in the right direction
  • Insights about others so you can create happy relationships
  • Knowledge - and acceptance - of cycles (like the one we're all in right now) so you can work with them instead of fighting the tide

How The Astrologer Anne Website Has Improved

Even before the current coronavirus challenges, I had started a project to upgrade the technology and platform I use to build and maintain the Astrologer Anne website.

I wanted this site to run faster and offer a smoother and more fun experience for you.

I'm really happy to tell you I've accomplished both:

  • Several of the site diagnostics are showing the site is much faster now.
  • I'm using new website technology that makes it easier to design posts and pages that look better.
  • This new technology also is allowing me to reorganize all the information on Astrologer Anne so you can have what you need at your fingertips. Literally: with lots of easy clickable buttons for important items.

New Personal Astrology Section, Step By Step

Besides all the tech innovations, I've reorganized and added to the astrology information on the site.

There's a new personal astrology section on the home page that will lead you through the most essential steps and tools you need to benefit from astrology.

All you need to do is scroll the steps and click!

New Career Counseling Astrology, Step By Step

Business and career astrology are one of my specialties as an astrologer. I've seen first hand, both in my business and in my clients' careers and businesses, just how much astrology can contribute to job satisfaction and career success.

On this new site, I've gathered together all my best resources for career counseling and packaged them in the same easy, step by step format as you'll find for personal astrology. You'll find these steps right on the home page.

Just scroll and click!

A New Look

Finally, I've updated the look of the site dramatically.

The design features shades of blue and various cloud images to lighten up the look. I wanted the concept of hopeful "blue skies" to be part of this new Astrologer Anne site so that every time you visit you'll gain a feeling of hope and optimism.

Also, the layout is different because there's no longer a sidebar and the menus are simpler. So instead of scrolling through lots of links in menus, sidebars, and at the bottom of pages, you can find almost everything in one of two key spots:

  • The home page, which leads you through the journey of astrology and has easy to click yellow buttons and blue buttons so you can get to anything you want
  • The new Learn Astrology page - which is in the top menu and filled with both personal and career astrology tools that I have personally hand picked and curated to make it easy for you to bring astrology into daily life

A New Goal

And, as you'll see throughout the site, Astrologer Anne has a new goal:

"Get The Life You Want And The Career Of Your Dreams"

As an astrologer, it's my privilege to work with you and share astrology to help make your life better. Especially in these often difficult days, we all need something heartfelt, hopeful, and lofty to which we can aspire.

I know astrology changes lives, and I hope this new site will help you change yours in magical ways. My wish for you is that you find the life you want and create the career of your dreams.

Astrology can help.

Have fun here! And do check out those two key pages I mentioned:

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