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Astrology reports based on your graduate's unique birth chart make great gifts for grads!

Graduation gifts shopping is easy with astrology.

An astrology report makes a great graduation gift. It's easy to buy online, and you can send it directly to your grad for immediate opening.

Here are ideas for birth chart astrology reports (and other gifts) perfect for anyone who's just graduated.

Birth Chart Astrology Reports - Great For Grads

Giving an astrology report as a graduation gift can be one of the most meaningful - and life changing - gifts you'll ever give to your graduate.

An astrology birth chart report is a written document that tells important information about an individual, based on that person's astrological birth chart. Although birth chart reports are based on highly detailed, technical calculations, they're written in plain language that's easy to understand.

Also, because reports are computer generated, they're super affordable and easy to get and give. You can keep them online, or you can print them to review at your leisure.

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Types Of Birth Chart Reports

We offer several types of reports. For all of them, you'll need your graduate's date and place of birth. If you have the time of birth, that's helpful - you'll have more reports to choose from!

Here are the reports we recommend for anyone graduating from high school, college, or graduate school:

  • A Vocational Guidance Report, which helps graduates find their purpose - so they can find the right career and job.
  • A "natal report," which explains an individual's birth chart, personality, and major traits (and makes job hunting and career choices easier). Choose the Major Life Themes Natal Report for an excellent overview of life purpose or the Life Path Natal Report for details about all the planets (and potentials) in your graduate's birth chart.
  • If you know what time your graduate was born, you can get the ultimate detailed report, the Indra Natal Report. (Also, you can get more details in the other natal reports by having a birth time - choose either the Major Life Themes Natal Report or the Life Path Natal Report.)
  • A forecast report, which looks at upcoming astrology and how it will affect your graduate - and helps with planning a job search. Choose the Starlight Solutions Forecast Report and select either the detailed 3-month option or the one-year highlights option for an excellent tool to plan ahead for creating a wonderful future.
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A birth chart report is a great gift your graduate will love.

If you want more information on how to choose which birth chart reports are best for your graduate, see our article on How To Choose An Astrology Report.

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How To Order Birth Chart Reports

To order any of our birth chart reports, you need your recipient's birth information:

  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Optional: time of birth

With that information, you're ready to order one or more reports!

To order, visit our online Chart Services. Simply click the "buy now" button for each report you want and then provide birth information in the screen that comes up.

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Free Birth Chart

While you're in the Chart Services area, be sure to get a free copy of your recipient's birth chart. You can get a free birth chart by choosing a "Chart Wheel" at the bottom of the Chart Services area and clicking on the "Click here for wheel" button.

While you're there, get a free birth chart for yourself, too!

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More Graduation Gift Ideas

Besides birth chart astrology reports, consider these other astrology gifts, which are great for graduates:

  • An astrology book - helps graduates learn all about their zodiac signs, so they can avoid pitfalls and make the most of their strengths. Follow The Sun: A Simple Way To Use Astrology For Living In Harmony also helps graduates understand and get along with other people in the workplace by understanding all the other zodiac signs. It's a reference they'll use for a lifetime!
  • A career reading - helps graduates get on their way to the careers they dream of by providing career counseling help from astrology. Astrology is one of the most reliable tools for figuring out the best fit for career, industry, and job. If your graduate has chosen a career or accepted a job, a career reading helps ensure he or she will be happy at a particular company, doing the type of work a job requires.
  • An astrology reading - helps graduates understand themselves deeply so they make smart career choices, both now and in the future.
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Get A Graduation Gift Now

Whether you choose a birth chart report, an astrology book, or an astrology reading, you'll be giving your graduate a gift that will pay dividends for a lifetime.

Order now and help your graduate get on the path toward career success and lifetime happiness and fulfillment!

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