Float, Dream, Then Dare-Why You MUST 'Go With The Flow' Right Now

Colorful Pisces watercolor of two Fish swimming opposite directions with Pisces quote

Happy Pisces time of year!

Whatever your zodiac sign, you have watery, intuitive, and compassionate Pisces in your birth chart. For the next month, the Sun is lighting your way through this sign, somewhere in your chart!

That's why NOW is your best time all year to be like a fish: float in the water of consciousness and dream of the ideal world you'd like to see…you absolutely need this quiet, inward step before all the action and "I dare you!" energies coming our way next month.

Embrace Kindness, Compassion

When Pisces time arrives, we enter the home stretch of the astrological year. (Because the new astro year starts at the March equinox.)

So late February and much of March can feel like December, with its end of the calendar year quality.

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Take your cue from the wisdom of endings and closure: use Pisces time this year to embrace kindness and compassion - including for yourself. Look back over the year that started March 20, 2021: how did you do?

If you had dreams that manifested and made you happy, pat yourself on the back. Well done! If you also had your share of hopes and projects that didn't turn out as you wished or even some outright failures, allow yourself to mourn, celebrate what you learned, and prepare for the new beginnings coming after Pisces time.

Then extend all that love and kindness to the entire world and imagine everyone healed just like you: that's the Pisces gift, after all!

Go With The Flow: Dream Your Next Year Into Being

Pisces swims in the oceans of intuition and oneness. This sign just KNOWS how real the invisible side of life truly is and senses how everything is connected.

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That makes this sign super idealistic, with superpower levels of imagination and love and a heart that wants to give and save others on a grand scale. What a huge task: and why Pisces sometimes needs to escape into an ideal dream world or the joy of imagination through the arts. Let's all do the same this month:

  • Instead of pushing or forcing anything, go with the flow. Your intuition can guide you better than logic - if you'll let it.
  • Align with Fish wisdom by spending time in nature near water, watching videos of swimming fish, or taking a watercolor class. Also, try taking more baths instead of showers: turn your bathroom into a spa with aromatherapy, linger in the tub, and retreat into inner reflection.
  • Take your resting time and dream life seriously by starting a "time to go to bed ritual" that helps you wind down. Meditate before you turn in and keep a journal by your bed so you can record your dreams each morning. Also, use your journal to write down "aha!" insights, synchronicities, and other intuitive wisdom throughout the day. Your notes are the key to dreaming your next astrological year into being!

Tune In To Pisces

With all this floating and dreaming, it's helpful to have a bit of guidance to stay on track as we get closer to the new astrological year. Check out these two helpful Pisces articles to align with your inner Fish:

  1. The Pisces Time article
  2. The Pisces Guided Meditation

Both will smooth your way into the Fish's watery realm and make it easier to access its mysterious powers to improve your life (especially your spirituality).

Bookmark the article and the meditation and return to them throughout this month for best results.

Happy Pisces time!

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