Friends, Philanthropy, FUN: Why It's Time To Be Different

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Happy Aquarius time of year!

Whatever your zodiac sign, you have airy, genius-y, and electrical Aquarius in your birth chart. All this month, the Sun is warming up this sign, somewhere in your chart!

That makes NOW your best time all year to leverage your Aquarius superpowers: take on tech and triumph, get philanthropic, and spend time with pals.

Be Different!

When Aquarius time rolls around, it's time for all of us to be different.

Think different.

And think waaaaayyyyy out of the box.

Aquarius is the original "far out" sign - so far out it's "outta sight!" Comfortable with tech, gadgets, and the big wide universe (and often sci fi), this sign can see panoramically and well beyond just our planet.

So all this month, become an Aquarius kind of person: let your real self come out (at least in the area of your birth chart that has this sign). Also, think big and differently than usual: open up to offbeat ideas, people, and places.

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Save The World - With Help From Your Friends

Aquarius also loves fixing and improving things on a grand scale.

That's a lot to take on, which is one reason this sign is so great at making new friends and putting together group outings - or group anything. Philanthropy and fundraising are natural outlets for this grand, visionary energy. So this month:

  • Get back in touch with friends.
  • Make some new friends - especially online. Grow your contacts, followers, likes, and anything else you can that involves other people.
  • Tune in to your highest ideals. What do you wish were better? How do you want to save the world - or at least your corner of it? Take some steps toward making those ideals REAL! (Hint: Tech and online networking can help - try a Kickstarter campaign or start a virtual group.)

Tune In To Aquarius

As you expand your connections and sense of higher purpose, use these two helpful Aquarius articles to align with your inner Water Bearer:

  1. The Aquarius Time article
  2. The Aquarius Guided Meditation

Both will make it easier of channel the highly electric, inspiring Aquarius energies and make them a more conscious part of your personality.

Bookmark the article and the meditation and return to them throughout this month for best results.

Happy Aquarius time!

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