Self-Mastery And Fate With The Cycles Of Life

Rose-Croix Journal Publishes Astrologer Anne's Article On Astrology And Cycles

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Besides radio appearances and readings, my astrology career has included writing and some major research projects.

One of my most significant research efforts focused on solving an old mystery that involved the 1929 book, Self-Mastery And Fate With The Cycles Of Life by H. Spencer Lewis. It became such an extensive project that I realized it merited creating a scholarly article so others could benefit from my research.

I'm pleased to announce that a respected scholarly publication, the Rose-Croix Journal, chose to publish my article, "Mystical Astrology Behind Self-Mastery and Fate with the Cycles of Life."

To see the complete journal, volume 16, containing the article, go to:

The Mystery

Self-Mastery And Fate With The Cycles Of Life has remained popular ever since it was published, even down to this day, because of its systematic approach to planning the hours, days, and years of our lives. (You can download a free copy of the book here: )

H. Spencer Lewis was a professional astrologer who consulted for some of the leading industrialists and other "movers and shakers" of the early 20th century. Even after Lewis made contact with the Rosicrucian Order in France and went on to establish the order (which came to known as "AMORC") in North America in 1915, astrology remained fundamental in his life’s work.

So why, then, did H. Spencer Lewis, a practicing astrologer who gave astrology a central role in AMORC’s formative years, disavow astrology in Self-Mastery and Fate with the Cycles of Life? Especially given the fact that this book is based on astrological principles and mystical astrology?

Solving The Mystery

Reading Self-Mastery and Fate and seeing Lewis deny astrology explicitly always raised questions for me. As an astrologer, I could see clearly that what he presented in the book depended on core astrological ideas.

So I set out to learn why he would have made such a decision.

The result was an intensive research project that took me into the past, especially the prejudice faced by astrologers and many others involved in charting the unseen world over the past few centuries.

Along the way, I learned about the legal and other battles so many astrologers and others faced, especially in the early 20th century.

After unearthing so much hidden history, so many facts about Lewis's system of cycles and how they work, I realized this information needed to be shared widely so others could benefit. I decided to compile the data into a presentation, which I gave for various Rosicrucian groups.

After that, I decided to turn the presentation into a scholarly article, so many more people could benefit from knowing about the cycles and the story behind them. (As well as the challenges so many astrologers, mediums, and other "light workers" have faced in the past.)

Inside Story On Lewis's Cycles, How They Work

The article unveils the most probable reason why Lewis denied astrology in his book on cycles.

It also gives the inside story on Lewis's system, including where the cycles came from and how they work. Throughout, it explains the mystical astrology that formed the basis for Lewis’s book, such as the cycle of seven, planetary cycles, and planetary hours.

The article provides several graphics and other images to help clarify the system and how to use it.

As an extra bonus, you'll find a color-coded key to the entire daily cycle system, complete with a mystical cipher phrase you can use to help you remember the different daily periods and associate them with astrological planets and principles.

See the article now.

Article Featured On Academia

In addition to inclusion in the Rose+Croix Journal, my article is featured on Academia, an online platform for sharing academic research.

Academics have uploaded 47 million papers to this site, and 89 million academics, professionals, and students read papers on Academia every month.

See my profile on Academia now, where you can read the article's abstract and download a full copy of it.

Find Out More About Cycles, Astrology

If you'd like to find out more about astrology as well as cycles, see the Learn Astrology section.

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