How Do I Use The Simplified Birth Chart?

If you are unable to obtain your birth time, you still can benefit greatly from astrology. In this case, you still would use the birth chart calculator on our website, but you will create a simplified birth chart. (For instructions on creating this type of chart, see How Do I Get A Simplified Birth Chart For An Unknown Birth Time? in our FAQ section.)

Guidelines For Using Your Simplified Birth Chart

With this type of chart, any astrological interpretation must be more general, and some astrological analysis tools and methods will not be available. Here are some simple guidelines for using this type of chart:

  • A simplified birth chart can tell you which signs the planets occupied on the day you were born.
  • On your chart, find the symbol for the Sun (a circle with a dot in it) and look at the degree number, zodiac sign, and degree minutes next to the Sun symbol. It will say something like this: "15° (zodiac symbol) 41'. Then look at the numeral in the inner wheel for the "slice of pie" of your chart; that numeral tells you what house (or "slice of pie") your Sun occupies. These are the values you'll see in the example chart on our Free Birth Chart page, and they mean that the Sun is at 15 degrees, 41 minutes in the sign Aries. Because this is a simplified chart, you know that the sign of Aries is correct, but you must disregard the house number - for the Sun and for all the planets - because there is no way to know house positions without an accurate birth time.
  • There are two other points you may hear about in birth charts: "AC" and "MC." The AC means the ascendant or rising sign, and the MC means the midheaven. Without an exact birth time, neither of these will be correct, so you must disregard any specific information about the sign or degree of either of these points in your chart.

Get Your Simplified Birth Chart Now

You can get your simplified birth chart now with our free, instant birth chart calculator.

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