Gemini Horoscope 2021

A Cosmic Love Letter To Gemini

Gemini Horoscope 2021 - yellow starry sky for Gemini and A Cosmic Love Letter

Hip, hip, hooray, Gemini! It's 2021, a shiny new year just for you.

Are you ready?

Then let's roll!

First up, pull out your favorite "device" and open your 2020 calendar. Yep, last year! Before we move on, you need to do a last little check on what you did with what (and who) passed through your life. And remember: you're good at this backtracking and analysis because your planet, Mercury, goes retrograde the most often. You've got this!

What was that deep soul work you ended up doing? I know there's something: you had not only Pluto but Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn, making you work really hard on all things eighth house: karma, deep spirituality, intuitive gifts, and psychic knowledge. Also: intimate sharing, from sexuality to money, and the deepest levels of healing resolved through surgery, purging, or psychological or mystical support.

Speaking of money, how's your fiscal health? And how do you feel about it?

Last year, all three Mercury retrogrades happened in the water signs Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. Those three correspond with the areas of life that help you earn money and use it to make a life: Cancer for job, earned income, and possessions (and the value you put on possessions and values that govern your life); Scorpio for everyday work experiences on the job plus interactions at the office; and Pisces at the top of your chart for career, life achievements, and rewards and recognition for a job well done.

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Unlike a few other signs I could mention (these water signs, for example, and the earth ones), you're not very comfortable with emotions. You also may squirm when you have to talk about money. Last year, you had to get over that and really FEEL everything that bubbled up in these areas. You couldn't rely on your comfort zone of mental analysis because emotions kept taking over. By the end of 2020, you likely have a better alignment between your head and your heart when it comes to money, career, and values. Excellent.

Even better, you're more empowered than ever when it comes to sharing money with others, both personally (joint expenses, agreements with an ex) and professionally (joint ventures, profit sharing). Also excellent.

OK, now let's get cracking on 2021!

As the year starts, the Sun plus Pluto in Capricorn are helping you clear up some financial and "deep meaningful" items left over from last year. (See above.)

But Jupiter and Saturn have moved on. Oh, have they moved on! To Aquarius - ushering in our new Age Of Aquarius. In your case, they're electrifying your ninth house, which is all about thinking big, Big, BIG! For the rest of your lifetime, our time in human history will emphasize Aquarius, and you'll be part of this breathtaking story via expansion, exploration, and maybe even an expat experience or two. (You DO love things that come in twos!)

This part of your chart involves travel, all things international (from food to people to projects), faith and philosophy, and higher education. Also big media, such as broadcasting, large publicity campaigns, and publishing. Which one of these excites you? Or do you have another secret dream or wish you want to work on? Get started - the sooner, the better. And the more selfless and interesting, the easier it'll manifest.

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It's all about using your gifts to help others now, Gemini.

For you, that's harnessing your curiosity, playfulness, and youthful vitality (no matter what your chronological age) to have a blast while doing something that matters to our collective evolution. How super fun is THAT?

You're so smart. A genius, really. Ideas are going to arrive, and you need to record them and work them into whatever you're cooking up.

Also, with the planet associated with Aquarius in your most private house (the ultra personal 12th house), you may need to work secretly on your brainchild. Perhaps it's an invention? Or an "out there" way to reorganize higher education or international travel? (Oh, could we ever use that!) Or maybe it's a virtual reality experience that will take armchair travel out of the chair and into the holodeck, for real! Think big, think exciting, think FUTURE and FUTURISTIC!

This year in particular is your time to put a personal stamp on the new Age Of Aquarius with your Gemini smarts and nimble way with words and the mind.

That's because the north node (one of the two points in space where the Moon's orbit intersects the Sun's path as we see it from Earth) is in YOUR sign. The north node coincides with the signs in which we experience eclipses, and it's an indicator of our collective direction toward our best destiny.

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The north node will be in Gemini until January 18, 2022, so you have this year to capitalize on this opportunity. It's as if you'll be the face of humanity's forward momentum - when we're at our best, evolving along toward the noblest expression of ourselves and the new Age Of Aquarius we can muster.

So BE that playful, Gemini face of the future. Your sign harmonizes perfectly with the airiness of Aquarius, so all the new age vibes are putting the wind in your sails. Be your absolute best self and put your personality and all your vitality into whatever you take on because you can help change the world now!

Throughout the year, keep an eye on Mercury, especially when Mercury is retrograde. All the retrogrades are going to be in air signs this year, starting with…yep, Aquarius. At the end of January. All your brain cells will be in overdrive, analyzing at peak capacity during the retrogrades to improve whatever you're doing whenever Mercury is going forward this year. Take notes! Act on what you learn!

Here are some important dates to watch (get them into your online calendar now):

  • May 20 - the Sun enters Gemini, giving you your annual chance for a personal reset as of your birthday.
  • June 10 - a new Moon with solar eclipse in YOUR sign, opening a door to something fresh and exciting. Walk through it! It's the only eclipse in your sign all year, so take this opportunity seriously.
  • May 26 - a total lunar eclipse in your opposite sign and current site of the south node, Sagittarius. Something's finished and ready for you to close it out. Do so.
  • December 4 - a new Moon and total solar eclipse in Sagittarius, bringing a new era in your relationships. People (both personal and professional) will come into your life. Welcome them in and have fun together in partnerships that help move your life's work forward.

Rock on, Gemini! We're counting on you - and I know you'll come through.

Welcome to 2021!

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  1. Anne. thank you so much for your insight. you were spot on with all the financial stuff that bubbled over in 2020 looking forward to learning more about what the future will bring. thank you for sharing your gift.

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