Scorpio Horoscope 2021

A Cosmic Love Letter To Scorpio

Scorpio Horoscope 2021 - red starry sky for Scorpio and A Cosmic Love Letter

Oh, Scorpio!

It's 2021 - are you all talked out now? Ready for some chill time?

Well, it's on the way!

Pluto, the tiny but mighty planet ruling your Scorpio zodiac sign, has been in Capricorn since 2008. He's forced you to evolve by upgrading the way you communicate and interact with your sibs.

Capricorn oversees your third house of communications, so when Saturn stepped into this house in 2018, the karmic call grew louder…and then became impossible to ignore at the end of 2019, when giant Jupiter blew into this same area and magnified it all for you.

You couldn't pretend anymore about whatever wasn't working: relationships with brothers and sisters (and maybe your cousins), a gap in your early education, the need to improve your writing or blogging skills, or figuring out how to get along better with neighbors.

You've worked overtime to close any gaps, make peace (or move on), and master new skills (or a new language). You were on call almost 24/7 to handle tech meltdowns, miscommunications, and misguided initiatives. And you had to do it with a willing heart and minimal complaining because you simply didn't have time for drama or games.

Mars tempted you sorely in the drama department. Because of his retrograde in 2020, this planet spent not the usual two months but SIX months in Aries, which handles your sixth house of daily work and routine. The retrograde ground projects to a halt, Mars's natural impatience morphed into frustration, and your ability to get anything done evaporated. It seemed nothing was moving, but you were busier than ever putting out fires and handling interpersonal situations.

Through it all, you learned how to keep your famous Scorpion stinger sheathed and leave sarcasm out of it. You couldn't even entertain a thought or feeling remotely snarky because other people would sense it, and you'd pay the price in some way. Instead, you took the high road, did the work, and reaped a precious reward: other people now count on you as a dependable, rock solid authority in your field.

Kudos, Scorpio. Kudos!

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As 2021 begins, we're in Capricorn season, so the Sun and Mercury are helping you clean up any communication bits left over from last year. Pluto will stay with you here until the end of 2024, helping you do something you LOVE: consolidate POWER. In this case, through smart, strategic communication and perhaps by teaching others (or helping those who do teach).

Otherwise, you're free to move on and start your next (very exciting!) cosmic assignment: doing your part to create the new Age Of Aquarius.

At the end of 2020, Saturn and Jupiter took their leave of you in the communication arena and brought their powers to Aquarius, which governs your fourth house of home and family. For the rest of this lifetime, Scorpio, your role in the new age will be based on what happens in this house and how well you can wield Aquarius's wild lightning bolts of "out of the blue" energy and opportunities.

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The fourth house helps you define what "home" means to you. It also gives you memories of childhood as well as distant, collective clan memories through elderly relatives' tales, family lore (and secrets), and genealogy. Cosmically, it connects you to spiritual roots lost in the mists of time, your links with ancient ways and starry wonders. As you already know, we're all made of stardust.

Jupiter and Saturn formed their famous grand conjunction in Aquarius in December, 2020, setting off a 20-year cycle in which human culture will change to become more altruistic, humanitarian, futuristic, and idealistic.

Your work involves making a home and family that reflect these new values. You must walk your most idealistic talk (and you're so much better at the "talk" part, now that you've completed all that hard work in the third house!). Your home might become a haven for Aquarian types of people who need a stopping place. Or, once health conditions permit, you might start an avant garde salon for leading edge thinkers or inventors or artists who are paving our way into the new age.

You also might create a home business along Aquarian themes, perhaps one that connects like minded people internationally or creates a foundation for good works. (Or, literally, a foundation for charitable giving and activities.)

How fabulous!

Even better, everything you do that aligns with Aquarian ideals and addresses home, family, and spiritual roots will benefit you personally. The more selfless you are, the more "yourself" will reap the rewards. You see, the planet that rules Aquarius is Uranus, and he's now in Taurus energizing your seventh house of marriage, business partnerships, and legal agreements. The energy and intentions behind your Aquarian assignments will flow directly to that seventh house, delighting everyone you work with most closely (in love and work life).

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The more others feel happy and inspired from your contributions, the more they'll sing your praises and act to support you. It can be a never ending loop of giving and goodness, as long as you keep feeding it with the best you have to give. Along the way, you're going to meet new (potentially "out there"!) people who will enrich this process.

During 2021, you can refine your cosmic mission by working carefully with Mercury retrograde periods. All three Mercury retrogrades will occur in air signs, starting with Aquarius at the end of January; the air signs uplift your chart's most spiritual, introspective zones (fourth, eighth, and twelfth houses), so take these periods seriously. Make time for reflection and use meditation to adjust your thoughts, emotions, and outward actions so they're more and more aligned with the best of Aquarius.

Also, keep an eye on these dates to keep yourself on track:

  • January 17 - Jupiter in Aquarius will make a tough connection with Uranus in Taurus. Could be a turning point - see what happens and make necessary changes.
  • February 17, June 14, and December 24 - Saturn in Aquarius will make that same tough sort of connection with Uranus in Taurus. More potential turning points! You might feel inner conflict until you have a breakthrough toward a solution. Spend extra time meditating!
  • April 26 - full Moon in…SCORPIO! Watch the days leading to this date and accept the truths about yourself revealed to you.
  • May 13 - July 28 - Jupiter zooms into Pisces, giving you a taste of next year's expansion opportunities, in a sign harmonious with Scorpio. Flow with opportunities.
  • July 23 and August 22 - TWO full Moons in a row…in Aquarius! You'll get data about your Aquarian cosmic mission, and things could get emotional. Stay calm, let the dust settle, then respond with a detached, altruistic heart.
  • October 22 - the Sun moves into Scorpio. Birthday season! Mark your calendar NOW and celebrate your achievements, which are going to be pretty cool by the time October gets here.

Oh, Scorpio, you're going to be the foundation for us all in this new Age Of Aquarius!

How we need you, and how thankful I am you're here, at this momentous time.

Thank you!

Happy 2021, darling Scorpion!

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